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Fri, May 24, 2024
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Adding Maps to NaliCity

Use the FTP info below to upload maps to NaliCity. Before maps will be listed on the site, maps must be claimed by users and approved by admins. Once claimed a map will be added within the next 36 hours, mostly same day. Zips must meet specifications for admins to approve maps. If a map meets specifications, it does not mean the map will be added to NaliCity. Zip packages that do not meet specifications for submitted files will be discarded. Mappers should consider the Screenshot Code of Conduct created by NC users.

Specifications for submitted files:
  • Map cannot be an alpha, beta, or other unfinished version.
  • Zip must be a valid ZIP archive.
  • Zip must have a valid filename containing only alphanumeric characters, dashes(-), underscores(_), and a .zip extension.
  • Zip must contain a valid unreal map.
  • Zip must contain a readme (.txt file preferred).
  • Zip must not contain files other than valid unreal packages*, a txt file, or a jpg picture.
* Unreal packages are .unr, .utx, .umx, .uax, .u, .int, .ut2, .usx, .ogg, .ukx, .un2

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