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Sun, June 16, 2024
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NaliCity 3 Review Schema by Twrecks

Review scores are the sum of 4 catagories at NaliCity. The first 3 are assigned by the NaliCity Reviewer for a score of 0 through 9, the fourth, and final determinant, is assigned by the public through the User Comment feature.

The NC 3 (0-9points) Maps are broken down into 3 primary catagories that are scored by the NCReviewer:
  • AWE (0-3points)
    Visual effects accomplished with Texturing, Lighting and Architectual Theme. First impressions are lasting impressions, and that will be reflected here.
  • BUILD (0-3points)
    Sound, Brush-work, Zoning, simple AI, T-ports, triggers and movers are all examined. BSP errors, HOMs and other defects will weigh against this score.
  • CAST (0-3points)
    Gameplay and Playability (FPS) factor strong. Includes GameType specific AI, Flow and Item placement. Most of all, does the map fullfill its intended purpose?
User Score (-1/0/+1points)
Or the "FUN FACTOR". NC Users, not NC Reviewers, determine the final points given. The User rating entered with comments will directly effect the overall score: An averaged User rating higher than the NC Reviewer score will result in the Overall score being shifted by +1, likewise, an averaged User rating lower than the NC Reviewer score results a -1 shift. No User rating, or an averaged User rating equal to the NC Reviewer score, will have no effect on the review score.

Overall scores cannot drop below 0 and max out at 10. Maps that have no screenshot or non-retail required package(s) may result in a ZERO score. Reviews are only opinions of the NC Reviewer and are subject to change without notice. User Comments are monitored by Admins with God-like powers, Flame/Spam at your own risk.

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