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Thu, July 18, 2024
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The official Nali City IRC chatroom is located on the Enter The Game network, port 6667, channel #nc3.

If that sounded like gobbledegook to you then you're not familiar with IRC. IRC chat predates the Internet. It was the ORIGINAL instant messaging; you can form rooms to chat with people with similar interests, private message people, and even send and receive files! When you join Nali City's IRC chatroom, you don't know what you'll find; maybe some of the admins and reviewers hanging out or discussing new site ideas; maybe members of Nali City's Clan {NC} setting match times or practice; maybe some Nali City visitors yakking it up; or maybe you'll spot us goofing off, which we do often. It's a lot of fun in there sometimes, so be a part of it!

To get started, download an IRC client such as mIRC, install it, and set up port 6667 as a server. After you finish connecting, type "/join #nc3" (minus the quotes) and you're there! For more IRC information including links, read mIRC's Intro to IRC Chat and get yourself started.

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