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Tue, December 5, 2023
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Mappers in NC3
Adding a Map
Use the Submit Maps button on the top menu bar or the link in My Nali to go to the form to submit maps. Submitted maps must:
  • Be zipped. The Zip must contain:
    • The map.
    • A readme.
    • All required packages.
  • Have the level info filled out (Map Name, Author, Player Count).
    • This information will be used to verify the owner.
Editing a Map
Go to the map by searching or by the map listing. Click the Edit Map link on the right of the map's info.

If you add a screenshot to your map, the file size is limited to 150 kb. Width and Height must be less than or equal to 256x256.

Updating a Map
To update your map, you should upload the map to the NaliCity FTP again and claim it with v1.1 (or whatever version it is) in the map title. You do not need to remove your current map to update it.

Removing a Map
Go to the map by searching or by the map listing. Click the Remove Map link on the right of the map's info.

Screenshot Code of Conduct v1
The purpose of this Code Of Conduct is to help people in deciding whether or not to download a map by looking at the in-game screenshot(s) provided. As of now, all maps should follow (please!) these new guidelines to ensure that people with a 56k do not get stuck downloading maps that have invalid pictures. This will also encourage mappers to make good pics of their maps so that a person with a 56k modem, or lazy people, will end up downloading the map! Ok, here goes...

Mandatory Requirements
1. There must be a picture for each map so that people have an idea of what they are getting into. (What the...! No level screenshot available? Argh!)
2. The picture must be a picture of the map itself. Imagine waiting a half hour on a 56k for the map to open a useless piece of crap.
3. The picture needs to be an in-game screenshot. Anything else is uncivilized.

Optional Requirements
1. Take a picture of the main fighting area. If I am going to be there most of the time, it would be helpful to see the surroundings before downloading.
2. Multiple pictures? Hey, if you got the time for it, I am up for more than one pic. It helps me visualize more of the map that way.

End Credits
To conclude with this SCOC, I would like to thank Cryss (came up with the name Screenshot Code Of Conduct) and Vertigo. Written by scsumofo, who has no affliation with NC.

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