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Map Info

GametypeUT Capture the Flag
Date Added03-11-2001
File Version1.00
File Size3.06 mb
Player Count8-8
Map DescriptionNone
Review Rating7
User Rating7
Overall Rating7
NC2 map imported without screenshot.

ReviewerQualthwarOverall Score: 7/10
DateNC2 03-11-2001

At first, I found this map to be vexatious. Why? Because it's not a straightforward map, it's a bit complicated. So I went into god mode and flew around the map to learn what to do. After educating myself, the extra challenge built into the map became fun. It's one of those maps that offers more the more you play it.

The bots demonstrated to me that there are more ways than one to return the flag. They will use alternate paths if being chased, they'll seek out the hidden grotto for the kegger, but I never saw them going for the redeemer or the thigh pads. They might have been too busy doing other things.

A long bridge joins the bases, which gets a little hairy running back with the flag. I loved the missiles flying past my head while I was zigzagging across the bridge. If you prefer, you can leap down and run the length of a crescent, make your way up through a building, then emerge for the last leg of your journey back for a point. Underwater is also an option. There is scuba gear to assist you, and you'll probably want to use it since the swim is rather long. I didn't try the underwater route, but the bridge, and the crescent route is harsh.

The visuals are pretty good as well. You have lots of custom textures, plus some scripting for the flags which bangs home the theme with an exclamation point. Custom music and many sounds are incorporated into the symmetrical layout. Lots of ambient sounds with their radii attended to nicely, triggered sounds, lift and mover sounds, just the way I like it. The skybox looks a little funny if you're up high in the nuke tower looking down, but I was usually too busy guiding my nuke to notice it. You face away from the enemy base in the nuke tower, so you sail a missile out the window, then loop it around and head it toward the enemy base looking for doomed red dots.

The shieldbelt is in the middle of the long bridge; good luck getting it if you're playing with a bunch of bots. Other goodies are all spread out, and there is just enough ammo to make the charge for the flag, so don't get trigger-happy. The lifts are rather slick: There are sliding bars covering some lift openings, and they will spread apart so you can access the ride. The z-axis is there as well, so snipers should have fun.

I'd say the greatest appeal of the map is it's different. The long haul over the bridge is a no-brainer, yet treacherous, but the haul around the perimeter, and underwater adds a nice twist. It's a bit like Face with the long haul outdoors and the sniping/z-axis stuff, but there are far more things to do and see. Play it with at least 8.

Map Comments

BangOut_[EH] Rating: 7 
plays well, looks pretty good... must be the Admin juice he's drinkin'

hackr86 Rating: 7.5 
Twrecks, that is sweet. Multiple paths and stuff. and the music! just my liking. good work!

WOW, I think I just got a high score from nobody :) Not really a 10 map, but it's mine. Thanks for the reviewage Q.

C.H.U.D. Rating: 7 
I liked the map, but it isn't worth an 8, which is a score for maps nearing pro quality.

Qube808 Rating: 9 
but what does vexatious mean!? ah! found it... 'lastig' and it really is!!

Wiz Rating: 7 
an 8 seems to high its a really good map but nothing really special (but still good)

_UE_Hunter Rating: 7 
I agree with everyone else. Its a fresh change of pace, granted, but the layout could be more effective. Watch it with those polys.

Shock6822 Rating: 4.5 For once, Da....I mean nobody is right

Varpu Rating: 8.5 
++ layout that enables thinking + space + ambient stuff - some bot-stupidity -- music that must be turned off

garrett Rating: 6.5 
my ears are bleeding :P

Aegeri Rating: 7 
What I gave it originally, despite the fact the maker is a moron.

Ebola Rating: 5 
Nice, new ideas. Confusing layout, polys could have been better. Yo, T, I replaced that .umx file you put in there with Rim.umx. House music circa 1984 just don't do it on a map for me. :(

Blooddog_sweden Rating: 7 
I agree with C.H.U.D and Mapped.This is a 7.

forskin Rating: 9 
Love this map. It's got unique gameplay with the crescent and the bridge. Also flying under the crescent-island with strangelove is great.

FlakHarvester Rating: 7 
great map, but loses points as i had no mention in readme. lucky i don't do much play testing anymore anyway. :)

theoldchap Rating: 7 
's an OK map I guess. It is a bit confusing though. But, If you're one of those people who dedicate all of their time to a map until they have mastered it, change this rating to a 8.0 . P.S. Nice touch, putting the anti-grav boots on that Island, them being the only way to get off of it.

Fluffy Rating: 5 
Toooooooooo looow framerates!!!!!

[OMC]Xylander Rating: 3 
hey trwecks even you would have rewieved this map as shit

Platinum[STS] Rating: 7 
nice map, could have been better in places. didnt like the long underwater part. didnt like the get off elevator, get in elevator part. but overall pretty nice map.

Mike3894 Rating: 9 
Frickin cool.

Sykus Rating: 10 
I love this map! One of the very best I've ever played!

bradmc88 Rating: 6.5 
Not the best but good. I suggest this map to other admins. Since I got a fast machine it runs fast like hell. Nice job. :)

02-21-2003 05:12 AM MST
Rating: 7 
Excellent map. I really like the idea the author had of placing the flags in a different spot.
I would have given it a 9 if that underwater tunnel would have been left out of this map. The underwater tunnel is too long, which messes up the flow a bit if you go in there to get the shock ammo or rifles. The bots never use the underwater tunnel. Can't blame them for not using it. Also the bots get stuck,for a few seconds, in the waterpool.
It would be nice to see these quality maps re-released for UT, but with all the bot bugs gone and improved flow. Maybe one last UT mappack? For those of us who still enjoy playing UT.

12-06-2004 03:16 AM MST
Rating: 7.5 
Im surprised this map never made much impact, its a good CTF map though you can't exactly tell from the screenshot.

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