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Map Info

AuthorUP Timewarp Crew
GametypeUT Deathmatch
Date Added04-29-2006
File Version1.00
File Size49.63 mb
Player CountUnknown
Map DescriptionThis Package is Part 2/2 of the FragsOfTime DM Package for Unreal Tournament, it contains
7 maps by 7 authors.

DM-FoT-Atlantis by Derdak2Rot
DM-FoT-Fadea by MisterRioes
DM-FoT-Lumor by L.J. Paranoid
DM-FoT-Nyx by Revelation
DM-FoT-Rodin by milb
DM-FoT-SimpleX by FragnBrag
DM-FoT-Zahri by cooloola

Note that some of the maps are fairly highpoly and require (very) fast systems to run well.

Be also sure to check out Part 1 here:
and the FlagsOfTime here:
if you haven't already.

The UP Timewarp Crew wishes you fun playing our maps. :)
Review Rating --
User Rating8.5
Overall Rating --


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Map Comments

04-29-2006 02:43 PM MDT
Looks very cool ;)
I love your work and I'll download this gem very soon.

The first screenshot reminds me DM-LastCrusader][ by KaMi. And the third is awesome with this fog ;)

04-29-2006 05:44 PM MDT
truly quality mappage ;)

05-16-2006 12:15 PM MDT
I just had a short look at all the maps, and I can say clearly, this is the better half!
My jaw stills lies on the desk after looking at SimpleX, this is truely a masterpiece!

@Rioes: Thx, nice to hear;)

@Larkin: Nice "review" man. Although I don't think my Nyx deserves a higher rating than Lumor or Atlantis, I'm glad people like it. But: The map was MEANT to look a bit like Erebus, feel free to check Wikipedia who Nyx and Erebus are.^^

@Dymitry: Well, there must be something wrong with your connection or Browser or whatever, the doanload works for me from all mirrors. I just tried again.

04-29-2006 07:30 PM MDT
Rating: 9 
Absolutely amazing!

SimpleX clearly the best map in the pack!

Hortons Who
04-29-2006 09:42 PM MDT
Rating: 9 
These are all very well done, congrats to all of you.

But I have to hand it to FNB, Simplex is simply better by several orders of magnitude. Brilliant texturing, execution of theme and gameplay. I've played just about every UT map out there and reviewed many of them as well. Simplex is one of the most thorough and well-executed maps for UT99 I've ever seen. With Simplex FND achieves an "wow" that previously only Nathilien had been able to achieve. Start talking to the big boys now about designing for UT2007 for $$$, FNB.

Again- good work all. :)

And to Scirmast's comments below? How powerful is your rig? Mine's going on 2-3 years old and has no problems with Simplex... in fact I find it masterfully optimized.

04-29-2006 08:37 PM MDT
Very solid maps all around. I've only played each map a little, but so far I have to agree that SimpleX is the most impressive. Great stuff from FnB, as usual. :) The only one I didn't enjoy was Lumor, which is very attractive and might even be fun to play, if only I owned a goddamn supercomputer. On my machine it's absolutely unplayable.

04-29-2006 08:37 PM MDT
I have to say that nyx is my favourite overall concerning gamplay ... simpleX simply rocks on visuals but it's just unplayable on may old rig ...

but still this mappack kicks ass good work ya'all

I'm very proud that my map is part of this topnotch mappack ...

looking forward to some new collaborations with you if planned ... rock on

04-29-2006 09:15 PM MDT
Rating: 8 
I must say, the maps are very good quality in general.Thumbs up for creating such great themes and layouts.

But the polycount issue is hitting hard on me. I play competitively, and I cannot stand framerate drops :( I think that games like UT are for improving your skills and beating others. Framerate drops must make the game a waste of time (yes this sounds very harsh I'm sorry :( ). Around 50 is something all computers should be able to do in every map, but unfortunately this is not so.

Devils Vengeance, Fadea, Ithaqua, Lumor and SimpleX are the worst cases here. You need to fix these ASAP! Well, I understand if SimpleX is something you cannot fix, but the rest seem very much fixable.

Some other smaller things:
- Weapons should be in spots where they can be used. The position of some weaker weapons should be though more.
-Lumor is too small for serious duels (and frames too).

If these were fixed, I'd give 9 or more for sure. I really hope and demand you will make some second releases.

04-30-2006 08:41 PM MDT
Rating: 7.5 
This is a great mappack made by the best mappers out there for UT. All these maps look great and to the most part have great gameplay. The ones that don't have great gameplay, it's because of framerates.

DM-FoT-Atlantis by Derdak2Rot

This is really good, but for Derdak2Rot I kind of expected more somehow. Maybe it the lighting, or maybe it's the cave that doesn't seem to fit theme of Atlantis. But I guess I just got spoiled by DM-CTC-Eldora. Score: 7

DM-FoT-Fadea by MisterRioes

The red light seems forced like they were put there in an attempt to not just have one color light in the entire map. Also it seem like a remake of your last map. But somehow I still like it. Score: 7

DM-FoT-Lumor by L.J. Paranoid

Really great. Except the place is way to small for even a 1-1 match, the butterfly's have some weird yellow box around them and the framerates suck.
Score: 7.5 Without problems 8.5

DM-FoT-Nyx by Revelation

There's really nothing wrong with this map. My only complaint about this map is that it looks to much like DM-FoT-Erebus. I might as well play Erebus. Score: 8.5

DM-FoT-Rodin by milb

Hom's on the rock's, bad terrain and just feels to rushed. Although it great to fight in.
Score: 6.5

DM-FoT-SimpleX by FragnBrag

This is why I downloaded this map pack. (My Favorite) But framerates kill the experience. The door opens way too slow leading to the small room. Running into a door while it opens or waiting for a door to open sucks. Also, the texture choosen for the ground in the distance looks way to flat. But other then that its still the best map in the pack by far and beats the crap out of pretty much any map out there. Because of the framerates I lower my score of this map to a 8.5 other wise it would be 9.5.

DM-FoT-Zahri by cooloola

This is my second favorite map in this pack but unlike the others there is nothing wrong with it. All I can think about is good things. The shadows, the jumppad instead of an elevator those cool blue light things on the ground. Which I acually thought you made some new pickup or something because I went over there and tried to pick them up and found myself with nothing new. I know how noobish of me. Score 8.5

@scirmast: You can't demand anything. Try Please instead. Or maybe even Pretty Please with a Cherry on Top :)

@Revelation: Actually I've played Erebus and Nyx again and I must say that I was mistaken. Nyx doesn't really look alot like Erebus at all. The only thing that seems to be similar is the overall theme,pickup meshes and the color and feel of the textures.

One of the biggest differences I can see is the overall flow of the map. While Erebus is a tight 1-1 map, Nyx is a big open environment were three can fit with no problem at all, and suprise attacks are a very big possibility.

Oh and to answer your question about why I scored your map higher then Atlantis and Lumor. It basically boils down to is that Atlantis has theme problems and poor looks for a Derak2Rot map and Lumor has poor gameplay and some stupid mistakes. If Atlantis was by someone else I would definitely scored it higher about a 8. For Lumor without the mistakes I would have score it an 8.5 or maybe a 9.

Thanks for the link and I understand now. But it was really not a problem.

@FraGnBraG: I am very interested in the other SimpleX maps. Yeah it would be perfect for DOM. Cann't wait! Your my favorite mapper.

05-15-2006 02:03 PM MDT
Just keep up the good work everyone.
My favs were Nyx (altough I disliked the Damp), Fadea, and Atlantis (which IMO is the best map in AVA, yes even better than Lumor)
I turned down resolution to 640*480 and texture and skin detail to medium and turned off dynamic lighting and still got FPS between 5 and 15 during fire fights (average about 25-30 FPS). And i don't know about you but i'd much rather have someone critique my map then someone just come up and say "great map dude!!!".
And about your map, you should be used to the different as people were also very divided about DW too. Anyway I'm sorry if i seemed a bit too harsh. And I would really appreciate any help on perfo enhancing tips just remember I can't use OpenGL, just PM about it.
Well L.J.'s map is beautiful and plays pretty well (I turned off volumetric lighting and reduced some graphic settings) but layout was a bit tight and the water looks weird I appreciate L.J. trying togo for a reflectio effect but it isn't done well check AugustMoon for reference. But next time please don't use so many perfo killer effects.
@who ever said Atlantis had weak them and visuals
Atlantis is very thematic; it's an ocean floor water treatment plant. And the visuals are just amazing just try looking at the map in Ued; the architectural detail and consistency are just amazing. Lighting is also top notch with a beautiful variation o
Don't use eDome use the other mirrors.

05-05-2006 01:32 PM MDT
hey thanks for the comments u guys - all comments are good, positive or negative :) i haven't had much time yet to spend playing the mappack but have played all at least once and I have to say GJ and "wow" to every mapper :D All are exceptional maps imo, and there's something for everyone in the packs - GJ to everyone!

** EDIT **

- a minor tweak this evening on my P4 system
just gave me 3 x 30 minute matches in SimpleX with 7 inhuman bots @53-56 FPS - not great, but not bad - best was Milb's map @90+ FPS (heh, look in ued, it's easy to see why :)

@Charon and @xyz8000 thanks for the comments, points well taken by this particular mapper :D
@horton - thx, u rock as always :D
@redfist - there are no winners - this is not a mapping contest, it's a variety of maps assembled for the community to enjoy. Thanks for your views.
@cooloola - re "critiquing" maybe i was a bit harsh :/
you are enthusiastic and that is good :D i don't care that much what anyone thinks about _my_ maps, i am glad many people appreciate the work i do, likely just as many hate them - we do what we do, eh? I think i was more annoyed at the rap on LJ - his map is wonderful work IMO, but like myself, lust for details would be better served mapping for another (newer) game ...

i am a bit perplexed at folks system "troubles", you may not see it that way, but to formulate a judgmental opinion based on how a map plays for you for with no regard for the stated requirements of operation - ie. minimum computer, driver used, other parameters, that's not right, IMO, especially when _I_ myself have and obsolescent P4, and also an Obsolete P3 that all these maps run acceptibly on both pcs (well, one struggles a bit, but still works ok !!!

Please see Derdak2Rots link at UP (to the BU renderer vote/discussion) good info is there... One of the guys has all the openGL ini parameters as descriptions (provided for a torrent). You need to set your GPU to "performance", not "quality" for all the features possible. i can help you if you want? just let me know :)

Finally, thank you Milb and thank you Swanky for all your efforts, and thanks to everyone who contributed - they are all good maps! FNB

05-08-2006 11:43 AM MDT
Rating: 8 
Great Mappack... for who has got a Top-Notch PC.

Atlantis 8.5/10

AWE 2.5/3.0
BUILD 3.0/3.0
CAST 2.5/3.0
USER +0.5/1.0

Some anti-flow things. It can be good for 1on1. And some bastard camper spots...

Fadea 7.0/10

AWE 2.5/3.0
BUILD 2.5/3.0
CAST 2.5/3.0
USER -0.5/1.0

Too many Lifts and bad optimization... and some Anti-flow things...

Lumor 6.0/10

AWE 3.0/3.0
BUILD 2.0/2.0
CAST 1.5/2.0
USER -0.5/1.0

A piece of art, but it cannot be played.

NyX 8.0/10

AWE 2.5/3.0
BUILD 2.5/3.0
CAST 2.5/3.0
USER +0.5/3.0

Good gameplay, but the bots aren't too good and the doors can be done better (Flow...).
And it can be zoned.

Rodin 7.0/10

AWE 2.5/3.0
BUILD 2.5/3.0
CAST 2.0/3.0
USER 0.0/1.0

I don't like it too much, and there are some BSP errors (You placed some blockPlayers for the non-solid pillars, but...). The weapon placement can be better (all the best weapons are too near, and some jumppads aren't well placed). And the PathNodes can be placed better (and place more than 65 PathNodes...)

SimpleX 7.5/10

AWE 3.0/3.0
BUILD 3.0/3.0
CAST 2.0/3.0
USER -0.5/3.0

Stunning visuals, incredible brushwork, 1700+ Lights, 12371 Surfaces, Constant Lag. Big map (4 Players? Here?).
I played it at 320x240 and I can say that there are some troubles: JumpPads can have a bigger angle, there are a lot of places where some NICE players can hide in LMS, Doors can be faster, there are some anti-flow things. For the lag, maybe you can make a low-poly version with few details.

Zahri 7.0/10

AWE 2.5/3.0
BUILD 2.0/3.0
CAST 2.0/3.0
USER +0.5/1.0

Some BSP Errors, Flow don't seem to be excellent, health must be placed better. And the SWJumpPad isn't perfect for angles bigger than 80°, so you can fly away... luckily you placed some BlockPlayers... And kill those birds!

All the maps are above average, but some maps can be optimized MUCH better. Atlantis and Nyx are my favourites, with solid Gameplay and good Optimization.
I hope that FragsOfTime (or FlagsOfTime) ][ is coming...

.:| EDIT |:.
A MH by FNB? It will be the chance to see more than 100000 polys (not per view!) in a map!
For who hasn't got Monter Hunt, you can download it here:;3939986;;/fileinfo.html

And you can find some other maps at NC.
It was a new gametype similar to Cooperative SP.
Sadly there aren't a lot of new maps.

04-30-2006 12:55 PM MDT
Rating: 9.5 
normally im an ass,
but this time im going to be nice.
enough very unique and creative material,
some maps less some maps more.

none the less,

04-30-2006 04:17 PM MDT
Hope some of these will be released as single maps. With e-dome not working, am forced to use Explorer for downloading from NL, and can't stay connected for 49mb's.

05-02-2006 06:23 PM MDT
I've checked this stuff at last.

Well, technical execution of maps is just great and visuals are stunning. But something is missing on this maps.
Sorry dudes, but I was a little disappointed again.

It's great pack of very cool-looking maps, but imo cast of maps is unfortunately low, like in the first part of pack. I woudn't expect someone putting them on servers, so pity.

The most enjoyable for me were Atlantis and Fadea, and the second one I'd call the best map in whole FoT.
Zahri, Nyx and Rodin are also not bad, but some different issues make them just little less attractive (terms of gameplay - execution is unquestionable).

Well, a strange case of SimpleX. I've felt "where do I have to run?" syndrome. I've got a feeling that layout is little chaotic, for some reasons it's diffucult to learn the map. Maybe I didn't spend enough time on this one, but I feel it often on dark maps. Another feeling - layout could fit better in UT2k4.

And the last one... Lumor is really beautiful map, but it's totally unplayable.
It's not a case of my 3-year old rig, I think. Map is just overloaded with performance-killing features. I could switch all those things off in ini's, but would it be still so sexy?? I think not. If I want to play, sorry Paranoid, but I would run Fadea instead.

One word about performance-killing maps. Guys, its not important that you've got 30fps on your new machine. I ran Lumor on Athlon 1.2, 512DDR and Radeon 7500 and I had 13-18fps. I think map is unplayable, despite of my old rig. If you put map like this on a server, you will be able to notice that it is uplayable online then. To play map online, it cannot be overloaded. If it is - it can be only spectated as a "piece of art" or played with Novice/Average bots.

I cannot imagine playing most of this maps (except Atlantis and Fadea, maybe Nyx, and "lesser" maybe Rodin) with advanced bots or human players.

Well, the final words... Visually great maps from experienced authors. Highest possible quality. But something is missing in all of this. I would even said - someone. A player.

I had to say this: "oldschool, come back!".
I still prefer these ones, for example (by ?mid=): 1815, 1863, 1700, 2272. All time classics, despite all those years passed.

@FraGnBraG: I simply didn't want to put full links. IDs are shorter:) These maps are: DM-Agio, DM-Amon, DM-1on1-Revenge and DM-Chronos. Maybe not best from those authors, but definitely - keepers imho.
About maps on servers... You're not in wrong places, and it hurts, but this is truth. And this is the main reason for us to not forget about online playing. I think it is possible to make a decent map with a furious gameplay (i.e. subz's DM-1on1-Sph3res) and we should try to do everything to show those people that they're wasting their time playing the 1000th time on Deck16:).

05-05-2006 04:13 PM MDT
Rating: 8.5 
All maps are definitly no lower than a 7.
the one I like the best DM-FoT-Atlantis by Derdak2Rot,has the right feel and look for gaming and looks.

Next best is DM-FoT-Fadea by MisterRioes, just has it's own feel and nice layout.

DM-FoT-Lumor by L.J. Paranoid and
DM-FoT-Rodin by milb, both bother my eyes and are ramped, hallwayed, no good plan for strategy for DM action, too many ways to go don't look right or feel right.

DM-FoT-Nyx by Revelation, the only best thing I liked was that thin blue lined texture, the rest might be ok for 6 or 8 players, but it seems people are trying to make maps look like ut2004 ,all too big and clumbsy,lumor up there is trying to be like rankin.

I dont classify DM-FoT-SimpleX by FragnBrag as the winner, and low fps don't bother one bit.It should be a single player map, or mabye even a monster hunt map.
If the map had a goal rathter than dom ctf or dm it would be a very usefull TON OF WORK not going to waste.
Please turn this into a single player map.
Oh and a hell of a job,I would be affraid to look in the editor man.

DM-FoT-Zahri by cooloola, I agree stop making coola pickups that you can't pickup.Those purple things, again map it too big to be fun and has that ut2004 influence. Some coola spots in there though, I would reduce the map size and it would be pretty damn good.

I like them all, some really good lighting color schemes in ALL the maps.Was worth the download and having mappers like yourselve spend all the time ,especialy being free maps.
Oh the FPS, there was no map wich went kurchunk kerchunk, slideshow, mabye a few sticky spots here and there but none was worth complaining about, Man you guys need 4000fps or its slow, sheeesh.
And all but atlantis are too damn big to be fun,how people can say too small for the other maps is not right.

@FNB, well I didn't particularly mean winner, but what I think is most practicle for gaming and looks combined.

ADD again
I fully agree with FNB about the FPS,none of the maps were that bad, and i run AMD 1.1ghz 100mhz buss.

05-01-2006 03:49 AM MDT
Rating: 8.5 
Generally another quality pack. Simplex has one of the best skyboxes in UT, period.

I didn't have any performance issues.

Good job.

05-01-2006 09:14 AM MDT
Great pack
every map is just great and unique

simplex is by far the best map I have ever seen and gives such a different feel thenall other great map
Simplex has a great design graet lighting and texturing
I expected it to run like crap but it has been greatly optimized with about 300 polys avarage
fadea has a great theme although imo opinion the polys where to high ,
the polys in fadea are higher then in simplex but simplex looks better

fadea has a nice theme and feel gameplay is good but it doesnt run al that smooth unfortionattaly

lumor is a real peace of art but runs like crap :(

atlantis is next to simplex my fav,
great theme and strong atmospheer combined with good looks and nice gameplay + its a unique map
great sound effect

NyX had the best game play and run the smoothest and is unique

Rodin has a great gameplay after nyx and I really liked the theme you almost freeze over wenn you play the map


great theme but lighting was to colorfull imo plus there was a constant bird sound that would drive you mad

05-05-2006 08:25 AM MDT
I wish i had UT99....

05-16-2006 12:50 AM MDT
Wait, you all managed to actually download this pack without the transfer freezing at 92% each time and refusing to resume? Perhaps the file has somehow become corrupted in the past few days?

I hope this can be fixed because I did like the first part of the series and the second certainly looks promising.

Edit: Thank you for the suggestion, but I had already tried the other two mirrors and they did the same exact thing.

06-05-2008 08:12 PM MDT
These maps look absolutely delicious.

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