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Mon, June 27, 2022
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Map Info

GametypeUT2k4 Deathmatch
Date Added04-28-2006
File Version1.00
File Size3.67 mb
Player Count2 - 6
Map DescriptionThis is a medium sized FUNNEL style map, intended as part of a 3 map workflow showing how I feel the gametype should progress. Note - The name is intentionally bad.
Set in an alien citadel, I tried to keep this map true to standard gameplay but with better visuals and build quality.
I realise these maps are not popular with many people so please read the readme.txt included in the zip before criticism (it explains the gametype and my project). Thanks!
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Map Comments

04-28-2006 06:19 AM MDT
Discussion of gametype at

04-29-2006 02:03 PM MDT
Funnel is not considered a gametype here and only telling the wisdom I`ve been taught i can re-citate if it comes to Funnels, Scavenger hunt or GMC Arenas: "Nalicity is not the place to upload maps like taht." Meanwhile some people do neverthlessly. It*s a bit adventurous to start a discussion about it here and I wish we*d met earlier.
EDIT: Sorry sounded like a flame :( It was rather me trying to indicate i*m coming from your side of mapping. I*m very tolerant to gamestyles and for a long time, I mapped funnels too. Even with all of my heart and dedication, as some where made for friends. I once was having the same ideals and ideas like you, to bring more gameplay and tactical elements into them. Off the spam principle, towards more design and gameplay, multiple spawning areas, etc. From that experience I can tell you get no acknowledgement from mappers but flames for whatever your funnel may look and what ever number of traps triggers/actually neat features it has as it does not have the floor layout they understand a DM to be, and derision for mentioning your map having not one but two spawning areas. On the other side you won*t find the expected acknowledgment either: The crowd playing funnels told me they prefer BetaFunnel III over what I created because mine wasnt straight enough (Spammy, chaotic), too complex. Which made me realise indeed, putting work in a funnel (by it*s audience being happy if onle they can spam like dumb), every detail you put in design is throwing pearls to the pigs. Unfortunately. So, from my personal experience I can recomend - dedicate your mapping time to another style, or map funnels with details because you like to spend time on that. Don*t expect to get any feedback from the players for the design, strangely, they don*t even really notice. Wat I*m trying from what my 2 years of funnel design gave me - You don*t get much out of funnel design in the end, except your own work being remixed, I think the theory of FUnnels is - build them for fun (quickies), play them for fun. That*s the impression I got. No one seriously analyses a funnel for design and stuff. Sad but true :'(
BTW I set up a little page about funnels like 1 week ago. Maybe you surf in. :)

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