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Map Info

AuthorUP Timewarp Crew
GametypeUT Deathmatch
Date Added03-24-2006
File Version1.00
File Size26.73 mb
Player CountUnknown
Map DescriptionA bunch of six maps for UT DM.
It was originally planned as a smaller 1on1 Package, but it turned out to be a bit bigger and containing larger maps.
Within this first of two parts you will find 6 Maps ranging from ancient egypt to hightech space bases.

DM-FoT-Devil'sVengeance by cooloola
DM-FoT-Erebus by Revelation
DM-FoT-Ithaqua by milb
DM-FoT-Netu by Rakiayn
DM-FoT-Styx by Swanky
DM-FoT-Tlector by Nix

Part 2 is to follow when it's done.
Have fun.

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Review Rating --
User Rating8
Overall Rating --


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Map Comments

03-24-2006 05:55 AM MST
Damn, those level screenshots make UT2004 look like it's older than UT99...

03-24-2006 09:04 AM MST
Woohoo! Been waiting for this for a while now!

03-24-2006 10:00 AM MST
some stunning maps there , they are all very nicely done :)
netu is my fav with nice atmosphere and intense gameplay . ithaqua2 is way better than the first version ( though theres a couple of bsp holes i didnt see in the beta ).
Tlector is quite good in gameplay . Styx have great visuals and innovative layout and ideas . Erebus is quite a refreshing map , hence the theme and layout :). devilsvengeance is also very well done ( i saw this map growing since its first version , cooloola improved a lot on his mapping skillz :) )

great job so far guys , thats really a bunch of good maps , now lets the second pack coming :P

03-24-2006 10:41 AM MST
Nice job guys.
Devil'sVengeance was nice. Simple layout and reminded me a lot of Cityzen - probably because of the textures. I found gameplay mostly was focused on the lower level.
Erebus: OMG, a new theme! I really like the texturing. A little tight in areas, and some of the doorways were sticky, but I was duly impressed by the effects.
Ithaqua: Nicely executed, but a little homogeonous, IMO. The terrain area is a death trap and there were some collision issues, but it was pretty, good variable zaxis, and the bots did well.
Netu: Layout felt a little 'helter skelter' and the bots loved to fight in the middle center area, but overall a nice egyptian map that doesn't seem cliched.
Styx: Smells like Folos, but I can see this time. :) Good gameplay, but a bit favorable toward hitscan. A little too large, but not unpleasantly so. And excellent brushwork as usual.
Tlector/Chloraseptic: The gameplay was almost always in the low center area and visually it wasn't very impressive. Trim was chunky and the outer ramp areas were a little too tight. Not a bad map, but I think the weakest in the pack.
Overall, a fine collection to add to one's collection. A reccomended download, IMO, and thanks to the mappers for your hard work. :)
Looking forward to part II.

03-31-2006 05:24 AM MST
Devil's Vengeance: No comment ;)
Erebus: Very nice theme and great gameplay
Ithaqua][: All improvements are for the best
Netu: Nice egyptian map with great layout and great Z-axis
Styx: Visuals seemed repetetive and it was a bit too big for my taste. Still a great map.
Tlector: While visuals are average gameplay is great though it seemed too open at times
What do you mean by optimization?
Cause i think i'll release it as a stand alone and make some improvements.

03-30-2006 05:16 PM MST
Rating: 6.5 
Very odd you say that because I like them as well, those 2 maps tlector has the best layout.And Netu has somthing about it wich looks right.
The others seem to be all convoluted ramps and too big or too dark or run slowish.
Not bad all around.

I see the ".U" files and they all seem to be just deco.Those definitly should have been myleveled.
If it was a mod or a healthy chunk of programing I wouldn't mind, but just deco ain't such a good idea.

03-25-2006 04:26 AM MST
devilsvengeance: very nice theme, has changed since the last beta version i saw,new music and better shadows I believe , to bad it has a little more bad frame rates since the last time, but thats just my crappy machine
layout is good

erebus: my favorite: plays really well ,looks nice and clean and a great new theme

ithaqua: one of my fav, looks best of all ,truelly a peace of art

netu: no comment

styx: looks cool,but kind of big, there's a cool suprise there too

tlector: improved a lot since I last saw the beta version
archi is simple and clean wich looks good
the layout is good

03-26-2006 11:31 AM MST
Styx, Netu and Tleclor were most enjoyable for me. Well executed maps with good gameplay, no annoying blockages or obstacles (like on Devil'sVengeance - no fun, but nice look).
Erebus has the aspiration for great duelmap, but some bothering elements lowered the cast imo.
Ithaqua is true masterpiece, in look, which is awesome - yeah, but gameplay suffers a lot imo. I prefer another milb's masterpiece - Epitow.
All maps are made solid, advanced stuff from experienced guys. The lighting is great, especially on Ithaqua and Netu, also Devil'sVengeance has a very good look, but optimization is not acceptable. Layouts sometimes suffer.
Next time, please put .u files' stuff into MyLevel.

Styx, Netu and Tleclor were most enjoyable for me also because of their acceptable fps rating (polys/optimization) which was also well balanced on Erebus despite of its high polycount (over 700 at one spot). This factor made Devil'sVengeance, where optimization could be much better, almost unplayable.

@Revelation: As Pomperi wrote:) You can put almost everything into MyLevel this way.

03-25-2006 11:38 PM MST
Nice pack! Downloading now! :)

03-26-2006 04:32 AM MST
Rating: 8 
Very nice mappack!

Devil'sVengeance: Nice theme and visuals, but the gameflow is a bit crappy imho.. but overall nice work (performance could be better)

Erebus: Interesting theme and layout, I like it..

Ithaqua: One of the best looking ut maps I've ever played. A bit darker than the old version and the red bricks doesn't fit in the theme 100%ly, but still masterpiece ;)

Netu: Nice map. Good gameplay imho..

Styx: This map is one of the reasons why you have to download this pack. The big size, nice architecture and perfect lighting makes this map to one of the best ut maps ever. Great work Swanky! Keep it up!

Tlector: Don't know why, but this map is not my taste. Gameplay is okay, but the whole map is very cubic and lighting is kinda boring (srry). I don't like urban theme.. :/

I'm looking forward to have partII.. :)

03-26-2006 02:16 PM MST
@Charon: If you can tell me how to put meshes (like Erebus' weapon-bases) into MyLevel, I will do. The only little problem is, I think this is impossible^^

@Pomperi: WOW, yeah! THX!! I'll use this next time^^

03-26-2006 06:25 AM MST
Nice mappack guys! Can't say I have any particular favourite map; all maps are quality stuff. Impatiecently waiting for volume II ;)

@Revelation: Make sure your mesh is in UnrealTournamentSystem, then type obj load file=MyMesh.u package=MyLevel in the editor console, preferably before you load the map itself. Your mesh should then be in your actor browser ;)

03-27-2006 02:02 AM MST
Rating: 8.5 
Thanks for a cool pack. Generally the standard here is high and keeps the gears shifitng on good ol' UT.

Ithaqua I had seen before and is quite good. I thought Erebus and Styx Reactor really made it too. Overall a good job.

03-28-2006 08:01 PM MST
Looks like a good pack! Gotta download this one!

04-04-2006 02:20 PM MDT
Rating: 8 
Good job in this pack

i dont really like to comment mappacks (to much writing :P, but i do it this time becuase this 1 is realy great (and a ''m8'' of mine is also in this mappack)

DM-FoT-DevilsVengeance 8.5
Good map ;) nice architecture and lighting, good theme
but there is 1 thing, at the ''window'' if i walk to that, my weapon becomes really bright

DM-FoT-Erebus 7
The same as DevilsVengeance, but there is less decoration in it, thats the only bad point

DM-FoT-Ithaqua 8.0
Very good theme, like it :P
to bad there are some BSP bugs :(
Really like the plants :D

DM-FoT-Netu 8.5
i REALLY like egyptian/ancients theme maps :D, and this one does have it all
new meshes ;)
it really looks like a old tomb
didnt found bugs yet

DM-FoT-Styx 8.5
Also nice ;) nice team, and i love that ''beam'' but i had the same idea for my MH map :(

DM-FoT-Tlector 6.5
hmm its a pretty nice map ;) but a lot of people can make one like this i gues

8.5 + 7 + 8.0 + 8.5 + 8.5 + 6.5 = 47
47 / 6 = 7.83
7.83 > 8

keep doing the good work

04-03-2006 04:20 PM MDT
I love all those maps.
Devil'sVengeance is a fun little map, it has a bit of oldschool feeling and the atmosphere is quite cool.
Erebus is kinda different. I like that map, also the small trap is pretty neat.
Ithaqua, huh. Once you get used to the gamestyle it makes fun. Seriously.
Netu is the incarnation of egyptian maps. Never saw one looking that good and playing challenging at the same time. I wished there were more good egyptian maps like this one.
Won't comment on Styx as it is my creation.
Tlector is that urban warehouse, I really like the gamestyle and the improvements from the beta. One to be proud of, niX.

Thanks for all the comments, too. Look out for Part2 which will come when it's done. But surely before Duke Nukem.

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