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Wed, January 16, 2019
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Map Info

GametypeUT Deathmatch
Date Added03-17-2006
File Version1.00
File Size2.07 mb
Player Count4-16
Map DescriptionThis a my first map, a Deathmatch map, best to play in Tournament Deathmatch and Tournament TeamGame.
As my first map it isnt perfect but i still am very proud of it!
The Temple Of Nox contains many secrects >> try finding them all
made by Kasper "Coreper" van de Laar, [that isnt noted in the map itselve] the screenshot might not be so good, but the map is really great!
Review Rating --
User Rating2
Overall Rating --


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Map Comments

03-19-2006 02:41 AM EST
Rating: 2 
It needs lighting bad, keep working at it.I see you learned some things but it aint very good for gameplay, and the lighting.

03-21-2006 05:13 AM EST
i know, its a while ago that i made this map [my first one] {i aint changing it anymore}, but a new map i am working on is becomming way better!
BWT: the screenshot isnt up-to-date

Agent X
03-21-2006 06:58 PM EST
Yeah, work on the lighting for your next map. It'll make your maps look a lot better. Try combining warm colors such as orange... around 28-32 for hue, and cold colors such as blue... around 148-164 for hue in the editor. Choose a saturation for these at about 120-180.

And if you want add some nice red lights. Hue = 0 for those. That is a good way to make pretty lighting. Red lights look good with a small radius and a saturation of 0. (Max saturation)

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