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Map Info

GametypeUT2k4 Other
Date Added03-16-2006
File Version1.00
File Size19.24 mb
Player CountUnknown
Map DescriptionThis is a Matinee Movie about Lars the little polarbear. It is a birthdaypresent for my 5 years old daughter, so do not expect any sex´n´violence.
I hope somebody else likes it.
Dialog is in German, but there are English subtitles.
Length is about 8 min.
The zip file does include two complete custom characters (Prof. Farnsworth by Greg Fisk and JayHawk by Jeff "Ffejnosliw" Wilson).
There is also a custom Gametype (or better Moviemode) included, basically it is the same as the assault mode, but the intromovie is without the filmgrainoverlay (I did not use Matineemode because it does not support subtitles).
For detailed information take a look at the readmefile.
Review Rating --
User Rating9.5
Overall Rating --


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Map Comments

03-16-2006 11:50 AM MST
what is this? the screenshot dont show too much

03-16-2006 05:58 PM MST
Downloaded it.

Then when i opend the ZIP i found that it was containing 7 folders. Please mylevel it all.

03-19-2006 05:27 PM MST
Rating: 8 
Has alot of packages, but fine for me. I liked how you made it for your daughter, I actually thought you to be around 20 or 18 or so, not married with children. I mean, I'm only 15 (barely), which is bizzare. I like to make movies similar like this, matinees. I have made movies on India (which can be found at this site,) and am currently making a Ammon Story movie, which is basically a movie made after a story in the Book of Mormon for seminary at school. I like your meshes and anims. I didn't like how Lars is only in space for maybe 20 seconds, then they go back. Also didn't see much point in the skaarj and female opening the door and farting, but I suppose that part will remain insignificant and humerous to your daughter. Some parts looked like they could use more decorations, like the area by the cave they slept in. I thought it was a little corny to include that old guy from Futurama, and a jedi master, but once again, your daughter shouldn't care about that, she probably thinks its laughing out loud funny. well, I wish I could speak german, for I can only count to 1000 in it, not speak words. Overall rating for matinee and all is about 8. needs more things and stuff, but also need to keep in mind that it is designed specifically for your daughter.

I have the exact same graphics card as you, and that dont happen. It could be your motherboard or myabe some other hardware. I have an error where I have to shut my comp down by using the off/on button, rather than turning it off from the start menu.

03-17-2006 02:25 AM MST
Polar bears are the best. It's too bad your five-year-old probably won't realize how much work you must have put into this. ;)

03-20-2006 09:58 AM MST
Seems I am quite a dinosaur in the community with my age ;-).
There are quite a lot packages but this was easier for me to handle, also there are some which are not made by me.
I had some more ideas for the movie, like Lars putting on a spacehelmet and flying arround in space, ... but there was not enough time, so I skipped it.The original movie does also contain a scene, were the animals are singing "Happy Birthday" but this is a bit to private.
The thematic inconistence of the character was no problem for me (nor for my child), just like these characters, I just does not know if anybody else knows Lars (except you like childrens movies ;-) ), he is always meeting some strange guys...
Same goes for the farting scene, it was easy to made because it is only of retailstuff, and it is just for the hell of it,...
It is my first Matinee, so I am glad how it is, unless it is not perfect.

What happens to Skaarj and Satin is a misery left open to the fantasy of the audience (maybe they stay on the planet to observe mankind, or they are beamed up later,....)
Technically spoken, the actor has been set hidden and destroyed after the scene,...
For your UT2k4 problem I recommend: Ask in a forum like here at Nalicity or at, it is easier to discuss such troubles there.

03-18-2006 07:41 PM MST
Dopn't feel bad Chavez, I'm going on 30 myself this year. (October 10th maggots, so get those cases of shipped out.) I've got 2 kids of my own here, and another on the way. (My wife is hot, I couldn't help myself... no matter how much I miss spending days playing PC games all day... sigh.)

Anywho, this video was adorable. :) This type of project shows the Unreal engine is good for more than just shooter games. :) FAR more.

03-20-2006 07:19 PM MST
Rating: 10 
What a brilliant little film.

Aryss Ska'Hara
03-21-2006 07:01 PM MST
Rating: 10 

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