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Wed, January 16, 2019
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Map Info

GametypeUT Other
Date Added03-03-2006
File Version1.00
File Size7.78 mb
Player CountUnknown
Map DescriptionHere is a link for the Trailer of the map, 135MB but its worth it, please give it a try :)
Review Rating --
User Rating8.5
Overall Rating --


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Map Comments

03-04-2006 08:43 PM EST
Looks very promising. But what does BNG stand for? Not some obscure mod I hope... *downloads*

Edit: This is not a CTF map. Why is it posted as one and how are we supposed to know what to do with it?

Edit 2: The readme says, This is demo map on a new project called : Bunnytrack Next Generation (BNG). Oh , right. Thanks for the info. Well, it's not working anyway (unless everyone, red and blue alike are supposed to spawn in the same room).

@Corey: Are you serious? It's not even playable here... everyone spawns in some underground room that there's no way out of (well, there is a tunnel but the mover that lets you cross the lava is broken, as well as the lift that takes you up to the higher levels). I had to ghost my way out just to take a look at the rest of the map. Which is farily good looking but seems to serve no real purpose. Traps and funky movers everywhere. And, more importantly: not a flag in sight. Like I said, this is not a CTF map and I don't understand why it's labeled as one (let alone how you got it working, Corey).

@Sicko Teddy: Don't you understand! - that map works like a SINGLE PLAYER advebture game. Bots should be set to 0.

No, I didn't understand that. How am I supposed to know what to do with the map if it says CTF and it isn't CTF... what am I, a psychic? I think the author should have provided some info on what the heck this is all about.

BTW, I've removed my 0 rating since I'm not able to rate this gamestyle. If I want to jump and duck I'll go play Tomb Raider.

04-01-2006 07:00 AM EST
Rating: 9 
The best BT map so far. And really fun =)

and BNG means Bunnytrack next generation. I don't think you'll need any extra files for it, maybe something to record your time...

EDIT: Blitzy is going to upload a movie soon. So you can see a bit of how it should be done.

And about parts of the map that don't work. That might be just one side, atleast one side should work.

I'm afraid that's true... But that's why it's called BNG because it's next generation (wich means: BETTER!!)

EDIT 2: If wanted I could make a small DEM file of me playing the map.

03-08-2006 03:38 AM EST
so i removed my 0 question :P

03-03-2006 06:00 PM EST
West: Bunny Track is basically Unreal Tournament played as though it were a platformer rather than a first-person shooter. The object is to reach the flag by navigating the various traps and tricky jumps and such (and there are flags in the map, and you can get there without ghosting, but it's not easy). Typically the map consists of two identical and separate sides, one for each team, so the teams never even meet, though they may see each other through windows or other impassable barriers. I don't know why the PlayerStarts for both teams are in the same room in this one; it seems very odd.

03-03-2006 06:13 PM EST
Rating: 6.5 
I gotta tell ya I was a bit lost as to what this was all about. I thought someone was winding every one up :)
Thanx to Ironblayde's explaination, I now get it.

Unfortunately I think it suxx0r as a game type
Its a real lame attempt at an adventure..
The mapping aint that bad actually, But everyone starting in a hall, DODGY!
I managed to make it outside to the seethru statue :)

For the mapping I would give a 7 and the game type
a 1...So I guess a 6.5 is in order.

Sicko Teddy
03-04-2006 07:00 PM EST
Rating: 9 
The PPL above got real silly. Don't you understand! - that map works like a SINGLE PLAYER advebture game. Bots should be set to 0.
You are suppose to go through the map , solving various puzzles and traps.
The CTF gametype is used because there isn't any other gametype that would work for this purpose. (only Assault might work).
The map seem to be well put together. Visuals are great. what have bugged me though is that if I die almost at the end of the level, I start ALL the way in the beginning of the level!!! IT IS HORRIBLE!
After 5 tries, I gave up and flew through in ghost mode to the points where I was killed before. :(

You should of made the halfway savepoint, or two.(like in As-Overlord- when players take over the boiler room.)
I realy liked the conveyor belt bridge! It was fun!
Also the cannons that shoot the blades toward you. that was great!

nice touch with the 4 secret switches. I have missed the first one, outside. Found it later. The porn room was just a wrong idea! (isn't it enough of it online anyway!?!? ) I would rather put something funny there or some to pickup. Otherwise that secret was a bit pointless. (much easyer to google up similar pictures :)))))))

anyway. Real nice level. it is hard, fun ennoying, but pretty.
BTW- add UT monsters next time so they appear from nowhere, and attack you. and ADD FREAKING WEAPONS IN! AND HEALTH! it got boring to see pistol and translocator in the hand all the way through.

Hope to see more :)

Nice vegetation models and skins! 100 times better then default ugglya$s palm trees from deco pack !

03-04-2006 05:23 PM EST
It was probably easier to make the map in a particular gametype rather than redoing a pile of code.
Also by calling it a default "DM" "CTF" it makes it easy to load and find map and run on a server.
CTF probably cators to the game he was making run in a certain way, but the screenshots alone are worth more than a zero,even if it didn't work.

03-04-2006 07:46 PM EST
OMG! Those screenshots say this is the best BT map I've ever seen! Through all these times BT has been dominated mostly by maps constructed in below-average manner. Can't wait to see this in-game. *downloads*

Vatcilli zeitchef
04-01-2006 01:48 PM EST
Looking good.. especially for a BT map :)
I'll download it and take a look... Just hope BNG will be mapped for by people who do have experience in UEd... pll like you ;)

Hmm it seems that a lot of parts cannot be finished in classic mode.. Your readme did not say that.. yes I also think there should be a fallback route and set neutral zone to true along some parts of the map or ppl just go killing eachother

Ahh looked at the great trailer and now I understand it should be played with the matrixmoves mod.... I knew I was missing something.

03-05-2006 06:23 AM EST
Rating: 8.5 
Anyone who plays BT should know that this is the real deal. Good visuals, nice atmosphere, and most important of all; great gameplay. The traps uses lots of variation, and are well blended into the maps theme. The secrets is a good addition, and quite fun to search for.

Blitzy: Wasn't this project supposed to be released as a mappack? :/

Daramus Research
03-05-2006 04:55 PM EST
Rating: 8.5 
And so , this is... Unreal Engine 1 ?
Author , you da'man , dude !! Map flyyy !

03-07-2006 11:21 PM EST
Rating: 8 
Lol I though BNG stands for Big Naughty Gay...

Ok I was joking but Are those 2k3 or 2k4's Screenshot??? It's so pretty on UT1 Engine.

oh and make AS , dm or DOM mode please :D

Edit : I can't stans for SP maps...:(

03-22-2006 01:55 PM EST
Rating: 10 
This is the best map i've ever seen. There is everything perfect and there are no bugs. I'm a mapper too and i know that this map took some moths hard work. This map is amazing im recommending it every1 who plays BT. Blitzy is the best mapper so i give it a 10/10

03-22-2006 03:38 PM EST
Rating: 7 
single player? sure! adventure? u gotta be kidding me :S 7 for the beautiful mapping i gues i like bunnyhop more than bunnytrack

04-10-2006 03:32 PM EDT
Rating: 8 
Okay, I've changed my mind.

I initially thought that this was a stupid gametype, but I have to admit that it is kinda fun once you figure out what the traps do. It takes time though, and some spawnpoints halfway through the map would've been nice.

If you don't like the Mario-like gametype, you should at least download this map for the visuals.

05-17-2006 03:43 PM EDT
Hey thnx for all the comments, i have uploaded a movie trailer of the map on,

It shows some gameplay and tricks for the map for people who get stuck and dont understand the gameplay.

EDIT! You can now download the good qualty version

I think after seeing this movie more people will get intressed for this new generation of bunnytrack.

Enjoy the movie and good luck with surviving the map ;)

03-31-2006 05:02 AM EST
For the architecture Iíd give it 8.5. For the gameplay, however I wonít give any score because I couldnít pass even the first obstacle. I ghosted my way from obstacle to obstacle just to find out that I am able to play through very small number of them. I mean Ė why so hard? Some are virtually impossible in my opinion. I watched the video and saw that it is possible somehow but I still donít know how exactly. Are you using something else than keyboard and mouse?
The other thing is that this map uses some ideas and sounds from my AS-IndianaJones3, although I donít get even a tiny credit for it.
As for the secrets, I found the first secret button on my own and the rest looked for in the editor. The secret is worth finding though. Good picture choice.
And for the video Iíd like to mention that I enjoyed it a lot. Itís like watching a trailer for some Matrix style movie. The music fits it perfectly.

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