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Tue, January 22, 2019
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NaliCity Mothership




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Map Info

GametypeUT Deathmatch
Date Added02-17-2006
File Version1.00
File Size1.45 mb
Player Count8 - 16
Map DescriptionNone
Review Rating --
User Rating5.5
Overall Rating --


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Map Comments

02-17-2006 12:05 PM EST
Rating: 10 
Excellent i just say. Congratulations my friend you get 10 here

02-17-2006 07:54 PM EST
He must be your real 'friend' man. Don't be funny...

02-18-2006 07:27 PM EST
Rating: 3 
helghos (and some other commenters too) i suggest you read the nc review schema and try to rate maps that way. And dammit, play some maps by mappers like kaMI, paranoid, swanky, weasel (big long list)! note the reviews and scores those maps get. You'll see why your score is meaningless, in fact, you might be hurting, not helping your friend.

As for the map, a good effort, but it's just not executed well at all. far to many mistakes and bad choices to list here. i would suggest you post the map for beta testing so you can get advise and help with development. the map would have been much more complete that way. you need to practice more with lighting techniques - the lighting and scaling of objects is bad, trims are needed, i could go on and on. next time have a beta first. trust me you'll be thankful. btw gameplay and flow need to be there before decoration, otherwise there no point - etc.
btw, please don't make lame remarks in your readme (like blaming OpenGL for your bad lighting - I use OpenGL all the time and it works great. Maybe you should go and get a newer OpenGL driver).

You get a 3 from me because you tried a lot, worked hard, but designed poorly... good luck with your next one :)

*EDIT* That's a good attitude :) before you release your next map please read this tutorial: Everything you need to know is explained. You can fix your maps so they are better and then re-release them as version2. You have "greening" because the brightness, hue, sat, radii, and ambient are all wrong for the textures you used. How to do lighiting correctly is explained in the DavidM tutorial. Hope you can learn from it :)

02-19-2006 11:16 AM EST
Rating: 4 
good map, a 4 at least imo.

02-18-2006 02:53 AM EST
Rating: 4.5 
I don't know why but the map reminds me of my PS1 days. ;) I like a few parts but the mixture of lights and textures makes my eyes dizzy... I give it a 4.5 though. Just try better on your next map. ;)

02-18-2006 06:02 AM EST
Thaaanks for the comments!

Next time I'll try to make smaller and more detailed enviroments... oh and a more interesting map flow!
For the OpenGL thing, I don't know, in game I got all strange greenish lights, in UED, with software rendering, the lights are all blinding! (I made the screenshots with the software ren.)
My objective was to create something original (that EOL.utx package is used very rarely), so I forgot the more important part, the map layout! (that is disgusting =D)
Unfortunately (lol) I got a nearly finished map that is like this one (same design style)... yeah, I think I'll upload it XD

However, for who will play this map, remeber to find all the secrets and tricks that I put there!
btw forgive my english, I suck speaking it, lol
Helgso, well...100$ ok? lol

thanks to all again !!! ;)

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