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Sun, June 26, 2022
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NaliCity Mothership




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Map Info

GametypeUT Deathmatch
Date Added02-02-2006
File Version1.00
File Size189 kb
Player Count20
Map DescriptionNone
Review Rating --
User Rating4
Overall Rating --


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Map Comments

02-03-2006 07:52 AM MST
I thought that you couldn't upload beta's at NC3

02-03-2006 02:40 PM MST
Rating: 0 
i hate maps like this. They look like shit and they arent fun to play

Master roshi
02-03-2006 05:52 PM MST
These maps are indeed very simple and flat but they are not beta. Beta is the name of the series of maps.


These maps appear on dm servers alot. Until i saw these beta funnel series maps I did not know that there were so many ways to make 1 map.

02-03-2006 08:00 PM MST
Rating: 0 
Won't play - corrupted map file.

D/L file from 3 different sources & same thing.

02-06-2006 03:20 PM MST
Rating: 6.5 
no pathnodes no bigger score! anyway this funnel map is WAAAAY better than those other lame funnel maps. this one's lame too, but beter

02-07-2006 10:35 PM MST
Rating: 9 
GRrreat funnel map !!!

05-04-2006 08:38 AM MDT
I am sorry that nnock cannot open the map. I too get a problem with my works PC in that the trigger lights dont work (some on some off). However, this is a PC problem and not a map problem.

I prefer this to my evo map as it is different to all the other Funnel_II derived maps that I have seen.

And yes, it is (relatively) easy to make but it takes a good player to get a high score.

05-05-2006 03:31 PM MDT
Roshi: From a mappers point of view, "Beta" isnt to be called the series of the funnels as they are uncredited remix crap of what actually was a beta once. Just the map that it should become NEVER was finished.The story behind it is - these maps were beta stadium segments Voxel experimented with, merging stuff that should be duplicated later and form a shape like Sharko*s original Funnel map, but Voxel never finished/succeeded. Instead, randomly, by putting weapons inside it, he discovered it had a funnily chaotic gameplay he released for fun as the actual map never would be released. This gameplay found potential players and the output was what people call funnel maps today. All these maps are uncredited remixes of Voxels beta release and i collected more than 300 maps of this type, there are more beta funnel remixes than deck 16, and they all have in common that they are remixes of someone elses work without credit given. Once i released a SH conversion for this map but i gave credit.

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