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Sun, June 16, 2024
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Map Info

AuthorCyrss's Female Dog
GametypeUT Deathmatch
Date Added01-31-2006
File Version1.00
File Size14.83 mb
Player Count8-10
Map DescriptionCity-side Deathmatch complex used once to experiment on dis-factionary Mongers.

As we all know...Llandri takeover for ''DeathMatch'' purposes..

14mb filesize due to .utx files inc SGtech (again).

Hope you like it.
Review Rating --
User Rating5.5
Overall Rating --


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Map Comments

02-01-2006 05:04 AM MST
Rating: 4 
very bad mirrors

Cyrss's Female Dog
02-03-2006 03:28 PM MST
The Mirrors are ok jordi.

EDIT: Nahand..I have downloaded SGtech1 many times,I said something on the Forums about it...someone said 1 in a 1000 or somewhat so I also included it.

If I didn't 'one' User will say 'SGtech1? where can I d/l that?'..funny world

ScreenShots dark(er) because otherwise the Level could look like it's made using playdough as many can..

I have GOTY,it didn't have SGtech1.utx included

02-05-2006 09:37 AM MST
...INFO: SGTech1 is a UT BonusPack 4 feature. DO NOT include it with map downloads. That taxes people with UNNECESSARY bandwith use.

'Oh, but who cares about BP4? It's too big!' - BP4 is an [almost] obligatory download for UT users...

EDIT: meh... i know... but i keep my stance.

02-01-2006 10:14 AM MST
Very dark screensots :(.

02-01-2006 12:02 PM MST
it would be nice to lighten up the screenies before putting them on the site. UT brightens everything up alot, so screenies come out looking very dark when you view them anywhere but in game.

02-05-2006 07:53 AM MST
Nahand: BP4 is not in GOTY.

Charon: You're a funny boy. BP4 was released after GOTY.

02-03-2006 06:19 AM MST
Rating: 8 
Nice work! Impressive...

02-03-2006 01:06 PM MST
Rating: 5 
Rob: Files from all official Bonuspacks should be included in GOTY. If they are not - it is not GOTY. Simple.

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