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Sat, March 2, 2024
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Map Info

GametypeUT2k4 Assault
Date Added01-28-2006
File Version99.99
File Size13.45 mb
Player Count12
Map DescriptionThis was originally designed as an onslaught map, with very little water and a limited biosphere.
This one is large with a recommended player count of 12 or up.
Review Rating --
User Rating6
Overall Rating --


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Map Comments

01-31-2006 08:12 PM MST
Rating: 4 
Edit: Aarg, tried unzipping in different way, must not have worked as expected. My bad.

Edit 2 review: It's always good to see people attempt an AS map and wish more would and hope you continue to in the future.

However, there are many improvements this map could use:

1) The biggest issue is the very long Spawn to Objective distance. It takes forever to get to the Objectives and most of the way is open to Snipers making it much more difficult than it should be

2) The order of the Objectives doesn't make much sense IMO. The first Objective is to destroy the Sentry guns, the second to take a tunnel under the walls and where the Sentry guns would have no effect, the third is to open the Gates. It seems more logical to destroy the Sentry guns after opening the Gates as that is when the Sentry Guns become an issue needing to be dealt with.

3) Eyecandy/Architecture: There's a lot of room for improvement here, from Terrain to the Buildings/Rooms, to the Theme.

The Terrain isn't too bad for a first timer(assuming ;)), some of it seems to have some extra attention paid to it, but there's a lot of spikey Terrain that doesn't look right.

Buildings/Rooms: The exteriors of the Buildings are pretty good at the Defenders Base and I especially like the fortress Wall, Walkway, and Towers(rooms on walkway).

The Interiors are very plain in spots and have a inconsistency in Decoration. One Hallway was nicely decorated, unfortunetly most of the Interior isn't decorated near as much or in a similar theme. The Attackers Main Base is plain throughout and has lighting issues in an important area where it's completely dark and makes exiting the building difficult as one can't see where to go. In both thhe Attackers Base and Defenders Base I found myself getting lost as there's no indication which way was which. Part of getting lost was again to do with long distances needed to go anywhere.

Not too bad for an early effort in Mapping and we all have made similar Maps early on. I hope you keep Mapping despite these comments, as you'll only improve as you keep trying and learning as you go. :)

02-21-2006 04:03 AM MST
The "Missing" files are in the zip file (I just looked), the OnsBPtextues file shouldn't be overridden, as it is a "Gimp" and nalicity wouldn't accept the map without it
As for the trees in the air, that would have to be the terrain missing from the map. Make sure the fuker_Tex.utx is in your testure file (as that is where the terrain map is) Actually, make sure ALL files are where they should be.

Edit:: As for the order of objectives:
I figure the player would want to confront the sentinals befor they become a problem (and the walking dist.: thats what the scorpion is for)
I'm still working on this one,doing some more decorating and working on that damn player spawn bug
(Still can't get the fu**ing thing to reset. (mabe they hate me or somethin) I'll update this as soon as the bug is resolved (That's ALL I have left)
If anyone knows how to resolve it, please let my know
as I'm 'bout to throw my computer through the fu**ing window...

01-29-2006 06:26 PM MST
Rating: 7.5 
This map worked just fine for me. I played this and noticed a couple of things wrong:

1. Player starts don't reset after attacking
(Although they work fine if i defend, then attack)

2. The bots are more concerned with destroying the turrets that trying to complete the second objective (They will blow the tunnel open eventually)

3. If the bots fall behind the stairs after you first walk in, they just walk around and do nothing.

4. The mover at the rebel base need to be fixed or something

All that aside, and being assault, i give it 7 1/2

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