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Sat, September 18, 2021
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Map Info

GametypeUT Capture the Flag
Date Added01-01-2006
File Version1.00
File Size197 kb
Player Count4-10
Map DescriptionThis is an 'andACTION' Class map, Fast paced, and open, But its not just a single room with a pole like andACTION, it has seperate bases, and 2 ways to get from one to the other, each base and side are exact mirror images of each other, I made it cause I was bored one day and needed to pass an hour, it turned out better than I expected it to.. now I just need a good idea for a next map :)
Review Rating --
User Rating4.5
Overall Rating --


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Map Comments

01-01-2006 09:09 PM MST
Wow, Ghozer put out a map, cool man.
(@G ?)

01-02-2006 07:12 AM MST
pwnage is just the most stupid word i ever heard
it is types wrongly of OWNAGE because the P and the O are next to each other

01-02-2006 09:52 AM MST
no shit sherlock ;)

01-02-2006 06:48 PM MST
yes, yes, yes, I made a map ;) -- Its actually my second map, my first map is on another site (might post it here for a laugh) :) - *waves* to all the WGn/UTc lot ;P
(@G ftw!!)

R3plicant -- lol.. Im a Half Life mapper really, I recreated deck16][ for half life, and I swear you wouldnt beable to tell the difference -- I did some UT mapping a while ago, but forgot it all when I started HL mapping :/

01-02-2006 01:18 PM MST
Rating: 2 
Damn ghozer, you have a fair amount to learn about mapping, though I confess I see potential. Keep at it and you might be as good as me one day soon,.. ;o)
Played this map for an insta game last week (Dec 05), too simple, but for a second map, it's just about acceptable; get learning! ;o). 2/10

Cyrss's Female Dog
01-03-2006 08:40 AM MST
Rating: 3 
Better screenshot could have been nice.
Played it...basic game,but it works.

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