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Thu, July 18, 2024
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Map Info

GametypeUT2k4 Bombing Run
Date Added12-28-2005
File Version1.00
File Size421 kb
Player Count2 - 8
Map DescriptionThis is an arena BR map I built in about an hour just for fun. It is meant to be played in low grav 135 speed instagib, and people who don't like that most likely wont like this. I did include weapon pickups and such for those who like thorms style maps. I hope you enjoy, this is my final tribute to the iBR community that thaught me how to game.

To play the map you must have the BP2 bonus pack installed, as the level uses assets from one of BP2 maps.
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Map Comments

12-28-2005 09:03 AM MST
Failed to enter C:UT2004MapsBR-Sullen.ut2: Can't find file for package 'CTF-BP2-Pistola'

I'd assume you used content from this level.

EDIT: i know it is coming from the CBP2. Somehow, it seems like it use contents of that level.

12-28-2005 08:21 AM MST
You need to have Bonus Pack 2 installed. Should be in readme. ;)

12-31-2005 11:47 PM MST
luckily for me I have all bonus packs and UCMP packs! I'll check out the map. ....never mind I dont have BP2... THERE IS NO MAP PACK CALLED BP2! Theres a CBP2. This means the map will not work. plz fix it and resubmit.

12-28-2005 04:45 PM MST
I didn't download to see if that texture utx is in this map, but it might be.

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