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Thu, January 17, 2019
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Map Info

GametypeUT Capture the Flag
Date Added12-29-2005
File Version3.00
File Size12.88 mb
Player Count10-20
Map DescriptionLarge Starship-themed CTF for 10-16+ players. Theres lots of room to manouver and lots of levels for xloc and boot jumps. Warning: Low-grav upper outside area might be slow-going if you have an old P3, sorry :) Thanks to SabbathCat for all the custom meshes :) NOTE: This is the same map that came with Swanky's "Flags of Time" CTF map-pack originally released in August 2005. The map is available now for anyone who could not download the pack or wishes to have a stand-alone copy of the map for whatever reasons... Happy Fragging!

** EDIT ** December 28, 2005.
I have just uploaded a V2 of this map that fixes a problem with the bot-pathing in V1. It should be here in a few days - For anyone interested, please delete your version 1 map and replace it with the new one!
I hope the map is more enjoyable now and thanks for the feedback :)
Review Rating --
User Rating8.5
Overall Rating --


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Map Comments

John DiFool
12-28-2005 08:37 AM EST
Did the problems with the botpathing get fixed?

12-28-2005 09:47 AM EST
Rating: 8 
awesome map ! never seen a ship like that in any games .
archi very well done , texturing is almost perfect and gameplay is great with lot of different of ways to reach the flags . you will need a huge load of bots here , up to 20 its better , hehe .
nice job again , Frag !

12-28-2005 09:47 AM EST
Wondeful geometry!

12-28-2005 05:14 PM EST
Got enough thrusters on that ship?

BUT, with all those thrusters on, it looks like it's pointing at the sun or a star.
I hope the crew won't vaporise.

12-28-2005 10:55 AM EST
Rating: 8.5 
Well that IS a big ship, of course it needs alot of thrusters....


12-28-2005 07:13 PM EST
Thanks for the nice comments guys :) yeah, the bots WERE not too great in this map - they're better now :)

@john: to answer your question, yes, i re-pathed the map in V2, a wee bit of testing has shown significant improvement of FC behavior ...


12-28-2005 09:59 PM EST
Rating: 9 
ownage map imo

12-29-2005 12:37 AM EST
You can't rush perfection. Another grand slam. I really liked this map. What the heck...i usually never give a score but in this one case i will. 10 out of 10. I loved it.

12-29-2005 09:43 AM EST
Rating: 9 
nice map!, only bad thing that it needs is , invisable collision hulls in some places but other than that nice!

12-29-2005 10:15 AM EST
Rating: 8 
Technically the best map in the FoT pack (although for some weird reason I preffer Krogaar)

Cyrss's Female Dog
12-29-2005 04:06 PM EST
Rating: 6.5 
I liked this map.
The Bots are ok.

12-29-2005 08:39 PM EST
Rating: 8.5 
all 'round great ctf level. perfect layout for a large number of players NW or iG.
very large map, but every part of it is wonderfully built, textured and lit.
having played v1, there is a big improvement in bot behaviour in v2, GJ!

03-21-2006 12:43 AM EST
Rating: 10 
DOWNLOAD…FragnBrag’s maps are huge and amazing. This map is the biggest map I have ever played and by far the best. I actually felt as though I was in a real ship. It’s a 10+.

03-21-2006 02:33 AM EST
Pretty damn cool. Nobody does giant CTF maps like Frag.

03-21-2006 09:44 AM EST
the bigger the map the higher the rating. pffffff

03-21-2006 04:19 PM EST
Rating: 9.5 
i luv this map it is wicked plays quite well except outside but that is understandable coz of the skybox wich is brill if u ask me, structure is brill and the rocket room werks so well i luv it :):):):):)

03-21-2006 10:23 PM EST
Rating: 9.5 
After having seen this one I find myself asking myself who was Mark 'OZ' Austin again? o_O
I really wish this was an DM map as I h8 CTF but ignore - breathtaking work! The far stars texture is blur and they are too big imo (too close) but apart from that it is pure virtual reality proving what the old engine is capable of. Seriously, this would*ve made one of the best Unreal SP places, a SP mapper is the king of mappers to me because he must be creating a lifelike place. If it doesn*t cause a specific mood, the map can be nice as it wants but will be boring. I think of how often I just fire up Unreal to step out of Vortex Rikers and listen to the music change. Your map causes a mood and an own architectural style, looking at the countless pickup installations, and this all without a single BSP hole... make a SP spaceship map next time, you got what it takes, worth every kilobyte.

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