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Thu, January 17, 2019
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Map Info

AuthorVatcilli zeitchef
GametypeUT Monster Hunt
Date Added12-24-2005
File Version2.00
File Size5.05 mb
Player Count2-6
Map DescriptionA medium size Monsterhunt map with a christmas theme. I put a lot of effort in it to get it to look nice, be fun and last but not least, Ready before X-mas

Special thanks to
Memsys for the final house,
Derdak2rot for the special textures and bugfixing on the map,
and Cardiologist for testing and support

The story:
Yeah that's right!..

The skaarj are back, once again trying to terrorize earth!
When they tried to kidnap our World leader however they took Santa...
Yeah what else did you expect? he has the technology to travel across the globe in one night! So he had to be our leader, At least that's what the skaarj thought...... Now they are holding him prisoner and threw away his sled and presents in fear it could be weapons. We gotta save christmas!
And this time Rudolph will be of little use!
What we need is someone who knows how to kick some skaarj @$$!

We need you guys!
save Santa and find his stuff, Or the little children will have a horrid christmas

-=CPT R4nd0mk1ll3r=-

Review Rating --
User Rating8.5
Overall Rating --


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Map Comments

12-25-2005 04:30 AM EST
Rating: 8.5 
Hey Vatcilli zeitchef

First i have to say, MERRY CHRISTMAS
But further with your map, as usually you got a very original map, and there are good points and bad points

Good points
-VERY original theme
-The story of the map ''worldleader santa'' :D
-GOOD lighing, Dark and blue, it realy fits the map
-MedBox look like presents :)
-Like the Ice at those Behemoth
-Architecture of the mountains/terrain looks good

Bad points
-The bots DONT find santa always
-Santa must be a FAT guy, but he is a bit skinny

i realy like this map, its good to play and its original. I hope other people will like it to
I was from the world for a couple of hours ;)

I hope you will be happy with the rating, its a christmas gift :P

Vatcilli zeitchef
12-25-2005 01:05 PM EST
This is a fixed version, I changed it so you could no longer get stuck by decorating the second tree before finding all the presents plus I added some monsters and health... You will need the monsterhunt files to play

If you need to register to download stuf I'm srry, please notify me of that.

Thank you for your comment GenMoKai, glad you like the map, Merry christmas! And a happy new year.

12-27-2005 08:28 PM EST
Rating: 8 
I hate Christmas, so best thing for me would be... Keep Santa imprisoned!!!^^

But the map is really nice, had much fun playing!

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