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Tue, January 22, 2019
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Map Info

GametypeUT Capture the Flag
Date Added12-21-2005
File Version1.00
File Size411 kb
Player Count2-10
Map DescriptionThis map is a very simple arena for the players that like "andAction". There is a kicker in the middle that gives way for fast captures...
I know most of you will hate it but some people actually likes this map.
Review Rating --
User Rating5
Overall Rating --


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Map Comments

12-21-2005 09:58 AM EST
"Globe" is apt description. Not much of a challenge.UTX bigger than UNR.

John DiFool
12-21-2005 09:00 PM EST
Rating: 1 
Mel, I've witnessed the various flamewars you and other
people here had have, and have acquired a certain
sympathy, but oh Lord this map blows. Wads. Hard.

A simple small circular lo-grav arena-that's it. Bots
can't handle some of the manuevers required here (like
accessing the flag, which hangs on the wall, from the
lower level-heck even I had to TL to grab it). This
makes Andaction (which I drag out every so often for
grins and giggles) look like a masterpiece.

Erika 'Olga' Bal
12-21-2005 08:39 PM EST
Rating: 3 
As this map has no screenshot I can't tell if this is one of Mellis's maps with slightly more than decent architecture or something along the lines of Hellfunnel. Judging by the above comments it sounds like he just subtracted a globe or something. Oh well, off to test later.

Well I've just now played the map and it appears to be a lowgrav instagib map judging by the low gravity and lack of pickups. You play in a small squashed sphere with a ring around it acting as a platform, two flags sideways through holes in the platform on each end, and a floor with a kicker in the middle which lets you get to each flag quickly but at the cost of getting instagibbed or whatever. The architecture is somewhat original, but I don't know how to judge it. It's built out of a sphere, a couple cylinders and boxes, and what appears to be some prefab doorways present in most of mell's maps, but I can't confirm if they are indeed prefabs and not made manually in the 2D shape editor or through cutting. I'll give it a 3, for lack of bot support, smallness, and the mediocre lighting... and effort.

12-27-2005 09:09 PM EST
Thx 4 comments and special thanks to MassChAoS for manually forcing my crappy map into NC3.The truth is that this map is pretty old and somehow the NC3 scanner just would not load the map...

(as if there was a "crappy map-filter" or something...)

I know this ain't no piece of art but please try playing it 1 on 1, 2 on 2 or whatever...
THEN you can flame my ass...
EDIT:You R right "Cyrss's Female Dog"
"Crappy map" is a better word than "bullshit"

Cyrss's Female Dog
12-23-2005 07:11 AM EST
(as if there was a "bullshit-filter" or something...)

12-24-2005 12:46 PM EST
Rating: 6 
I think its actually funny...
altrough the design is a bid poor.. but it just funny to play :)
With insta.. or Zarksniper its just pure fun with more than 12 players..

Vatcilli zeitchef
12-24-2005 07:01 PM EST
Why do I feel the urge to press the request revieuw button and try to get gnome and sapper to revieuw this?
Berhaps becouse I know the revieuw on this will make me go LMAO... Empty that's all I can say.. Nothing more than a big room with hardly any cover and a deco planet and tw flags in it..

12-24-2005 11:08 PM EST
And look who stays in the list, Chrismass eve, by the time at his earliest convenience, and does make a totaly serious map.
It's gonna be the whip for gameplay.mel start messin with that 2d editor thingy, just extrude a shape, like 16 high, or 512 high, keep all your math within the realm of "8" like 16,32,128,1025,4,256, and your maps will not give you much trouble for bsp holes and other ued funkyness.

That trenchdog map is one big extrusion, the whole maps outer shell. I did it in the 2d editor, and is tricky making a big brush but small other stuff nott hard, you HAVE to keep the grid count perfect, but it's kinda hard to see and move the mouse so exact, but you can do some easy and cool brushesh ,just go read at least one tut.

02-16-2006 09:47 AM EST
Rating: 9 
FUN map I LIKE it(almost a 10)Not becoz youre swedish but becoz I like andaction

02-16-2006 01:33 PM EST
from the screenshot looks like sh*t :)

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