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Sun, June 26, 2022
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Map Info

GametypeUT Singleplayer
Date Added12-10-2005
File Version1.00
File Size54.54 mb
Player CountUnknown
Map DescriptionNone
Review Rating --
User Rating10
Overall Rating --


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Map Comments

12-10-2005 06:16 PM MST
Rating: 10 
The 1997 beta of Unreal 1.

Need anything more be said?

12-17-2005 04:01 AM MST
A true masterpiece. A lot of the content ended up in the Unreal expansion pack (such as the zm97Aztec.unr) and a lot of the content was kicked out of the game before release (sadly?). Many thanx to Zora for converting this to be Unreal compatible and for letting me upload this to NC.

Thanx to Nali City for not bouncing the package :)

EDIT: I *REALLY* don't feel like uploading the entire package again, so I just uploaded Flare.utx to a different location. Anyone that needs it can find it here:

Have fun.

12-11-2005 04:09 AM MST
Rating: 10 
Dear Lord! It's the Unreal 1997 Beta leak! :O Where did you guys find this shit?! This wasn't meant to be seen by mortal eyes...

To: FreedomSR
Yes, it's a beta. It's the complete Unreal 1 Beta content. It features content from the oldskool Unreal and content that never made it to the actual release. This is quite fascinating. The more since this '97 Beta of Unreal was NEVER supposed to be seen by the public world.

To: WhirlWindRabbit
Whirl, I remember a screenshot from of UnrealEd Beta. :) Any idea where it is right now? (The actual download for it I mean if such a download even exists.)

12-10-2005 08:45 PM MST
It's in Beta version and not Final?

Master roshi
12-10-2005 09:10 PM MST
I am getting a missing package. What do i need for it to work with the oldskul for ut? I think it was flair but cannot find it in unreal.

12-11-2005 04:04 PM MST
Needs an .int file or somthing, it won't show up in the SP menus, so all I can do is use rocket areana all maps.
So i quit ut ,then clicked on the first map, it said "flare", I do believe I have all of unreals files on here,(mabye not) but the menu thing it won't see the game.

Or tell me what to do. if it is an .int file or other, you could just paste the text here.
Kinda like to see and play it without trying to figure it out,and messing up my over packed ut folders heh.

I think I have like 3 or 4 SP and tons of other stuff.

Well I tried to make my own .int file, still didnt show up, but i put it to play "custome maps" still didn't show, I seen the refresh button, then I could see the maps in the list.
Clicked on one, then it said (in the screenshot window) "oldskool coulndt find xxxxx map.
But i hit play anyway. still had the flare package, but I know I am doing this wrong to fix things.

Well i dont know if that .int did anything, but i added that package to the editor packages, dont know if that did anything.
But I kept opening maps in the editor after that until one worked, just really strange seeing this.
But I hit another level with the "flare" package, then commenced to open more in the editor,played a few more levels.

Just make this work with oldskool, and figure out a way to add that flare pack and it should all work.
And was reading about this someware about the peacemaker gun? I know about the rockets, and also it ghave me ut default weapon models,wish i could see the other older ones through oldskool, and or another .u file, along with the old editor.
Thanx, i know it took a lot of fooling around to get it like this.

Still no answers? the readme is useless,c'mon ware are you guys.

OK update, I opend a map in the editor wich would open(don't think you need to do that) but i picked an arbitrary texture ans saved a utx called "flare".
(I would probably tell you to use the default engine texture) but if the texture name messed me up i was going to cross that bridg when I came to it.

Ok tried one that didnt work before in the editor, and it then loaded.
So I just started the game (UT) as well as oldskool installed and started "custome maps" the first level is Vortex2.
Well everything worked had the old weapons because I wasn't running from the editor.

You can see like 3 levels all in one wich they separated later, not sure whats all done (beta) or not done.
Seems to work now though, go check it out (especialy the ones familiar with unreal1.

And wtf is with these 10's, truly worth a 10 for effort for redoing this, but epic didnt use it.
I don't really see how a score should apply, but knock yourselves out.

OK, I found file flare.utx, not sure if it's the "official" file, but contains 2 lens flare textures.

12-11-2005 06:57 PM MST
redfist just run the vortex2 map, gahd

anyway, its a nice thing to see the beta up..for nostalgic purposes, and although nothing has been changed in the originals, there are some really really nasty errors that i think should have been fixed, no real excuses there :P

12-12-2005 10:58 AM MST
I got the maps to play by finding a utx in "Textures" named "greenflares.utx", renamed it to "flare.utx". When I play it from the folder, it plays as a Tournament DeathMatch. It's been so long since I played "Unreal", I didn't even recognize the level I was playing"Aztec". Something different anyway. Even though I have both 2K3 and 2K4, I still play UT99, and am always looking for new maps. BTW, using the ingame Editor, DefaultGameType=Class'UnrealShare.SinglePlayer'

12-12-2005 12:55 PM MST
... i don't like unfinished/faulty downloads, so, is there a possibility the uploader adds the Flare.utx (or whatever), and re-upload?...

also, all interested in following some more "in-dept" discussion about this (and SP in general) check:

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