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Sat, March 2, 2024
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Map Info

File Namedm-(docdoom)-lost-valley][.zip
GametypeUT Deathmatch
Date Added11-17-2005
File Version1.00
File Size7.27 mb
Player Count16-32
Map DescriptionA big Deathmatch map, originally created for sniper servers with a lot of people in it. There are 2 secrets doors in it...

Here u r a server where u can play this map:

Review Rating --
User Rating3.5
Overall Rating --


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Map Comments

11-17-2005 09:43 AM MST

John DiFool
12-01-2005 07:44 PM MST
Once again a big sniping map is released...WITHOUT PATHNODES! You do realize some people play this game offline vs. bots, right? Sorry to make an example of you (since this is an otherwise decent-to-good looking map), but my score remains a zero until pathnodes are added (by you or someone else), since I am gettting sick and tired of this.

E: My apologies to the mapper for making an example of him,
but the fact is I DO play sniping maps offline vs. the
bots (usually with the Assassins mod) and otherwise this
would rock. An attempt to create pathnodes got them
moving, but introduced other problems, such as mass
lemminglike walks off of the ledges.

I'll bump it up to 1, faint praise I know, but my
point is made.

11-18-2005 01:07 AM MST
Not all of us have clans, official online matches, or servers, dude. Please give your map some pathnodes.

11-18-2005 02:15 PM MST
I'm sorry for path nodes... i make this map dedicated to snipers server because i think sometimes people desire new maps in these kinda server... The server indicate up here is public... everyone who want could play the map in this server...

Only a question why the vote 0? I write in notes that the map is NOT SINGLE PLAYER so i agree if someone dislike it and don't download or don't vote it. But i think it's not correct to vote 0 only for this.

Build a map is not simple... need a lot of time, and love for this game... A vote 0 demoralize everyone...

Agent x i think this map is not a Big box... I spent a lot of my time to build it a big box is less difficult to problem if u dislike the map or dislike sniper mode.... simply don't download it. there are a lot of things in this maps... only path nodes and sniper are important to have a decent vote?

.... :(

11-18-2005 11:45 AM MST
lol... you give the map a '0' because it has no bot support? 0's are for maps that wount even start. An empty box with a player start in it deserves more than a 0.

Newsflash: there is something called servers out there with human players on it. If the description says that the map is for online play and you are not into that sort of thing - then simply dont download it. At least dont rate it, if bot pathing is all that you care about.


AgentX... 0's for a working map just because you dont like the style is just retarded, and shows that the ratings in here are worthless. Which was allways my view on it anyway. Most people in here only care about eye-candy, and/or never play online. Most maps that get 9's and 10's around here will never be installed on a server, have fps that make them useless for human players, and are solely made as masturbation-material for other mappers. Oh and perhaps speak for yourself in stead of saying 'we'.

11-18-2005 09:40 AM MST
Pizza-man have reason. it's stupid to vote 0 if there aren't path nodes. Everyone is free to build every kind of map that want. If I like to play with bot i dwnload a map with pathnodes if i like to play ctf i don't download a DM-map to give it a vote 0.

I think this is a very nice map. I'll try to play it online.

Now i give vote 10 to balance the 0.

Agent X
11-18-2005 09:49 AM MST
Rating: 0 
I beg to differ, if you're really lazy you can use the paths build command in unreal editor to build your path network. It's not the best way, but at least it gives you a path network. A simple command takes all but... 5 seconds.

Edit : enough with the sniper maps of THIS style. We're all sick of DM- BIG BOX WITH SNIPER RIFLE.

11-18-2005 04:24 PM MST
Sniper maps with no pathwork are never appreciated here... but everyone knows it already.

11-19-2005 07:06 AM MST
I can't rate this map, because I don't play on any sniper servers. There are no pathnodes, so no botplay. But the map was designed for online play, so why make a big deal out of it.

The map looks fairly decent. It's quite huge, very open. I guess it's just my old machine, sometimes the fps drops a little. There are nice touches on the map, though. Allthough most areas are a bit empty (in detail), others make up for that loss (small pools, statue area, some of the buildings, the faces in the rocks)

Skybox isn't bad either. Lighting: Nothing special, but I can't say it's worth complaining about. You're not shrouded in a cloud of darkness.
Overall there aren't many sounds to be heard, but the ones used are used correctly (pool, flowing water ,bird sounds (dusk) etc...)

Sometimes textures just seem to be slapped on, while you could've made a better choice (smaller building on the left, right -> textures which resemble the chicoruins ones) But it doesn't kill the map, tbh.
Though it wouldn't hurt, changing some of the textures.

Weapons can be found all over the map. The deemer is included, but taking it might be a little risky.

I wish I could comment on the gameplay, though.
But if it really is that easy to create a pathnode network.. well... all those who complain and rate the map a "0", you know what to do. And it only takes five minutes.
Out of your divine schedule.

I've seen MANY maps which are HORRIBLE compared to this one. Truly horrible. Maps which map skaarj crap look appealing. To rate this a "O", is truly beyond me.

Cyrss's Female Dog
11-20-2005 09:21 AM MST

Usually snipermaps with Bots are ok for 15 mins, lol ,until you find their camp-spots.. There seems no fun just sniping Bots (HEADSHOT!!...bah!) and I seem to agree with the Author that snipermaps are mainly for multiplayer gamers.

12-03-2005 03:34 AM MST
Rating: 7 
I agree with crys, no reason to play this map offline.

It's a goodlooking map to see don't know if playability is good because i never played it on a sniper server. Very good architecture something not perfect with texture but a good job and a very good fantasy.

My real vote is 7, but i think the other votes "0" are not correct, i agree with lexington.

12-01-2005 05:50 PM MST
The botpathing should allways be in a level, the trick is, is to get them to play as close to humans as possible.
I say a map is not done till the bot pathing is done, online map? you say, there is no such thing.

but a zero is a little stiff, and a ten , well that is also unfair to the mapper.

And the map name is overdone, DM-(doccomc)-cmom-dccm{omm}cdcd-[cdmb]obdmdm{cob}m-In-(the)-valley.unr

12-02-2005 11:43 AM MST
I am also fairly certain that the rules state that posting ratings to balance other ratings is not permitted.

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