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Fri, December 8, 2023
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Map Info

AuthorThe CTC Team
GametypeUT Other
Date Added11-06-2005
File Version1.10
File Size84.15 mb
Player Countvaries
Map DescriptionIt's finally here! The third and final installment of Unreal Playground's Community Tribute Classic mappack for good ol' Unreal Tournament is set to go! This pack features 4 Capture the Flag maps, 6 DeathMatch maps and 2 Domination maps, and they are:

CTF-CTC-Bparos by Nikita 'niX' Pigalov
CTF-CTC-Lurid2 by MortalPlague
CTF-CTC-Thadaus by Rob -=FraGnBraG=- Burns
CTF-CTC-WarpCore by Rob -=FraGnBraG=- Burns
DM-CTC-Croon][ by Lucas 'L.J.Paranoid' Hassen
DM-CTC-DevilVolcano][ by Cedric 'Derdak2rot' Pierron
DM-CTC-Eldora by Cedric 'Derdak2rot' Pierron
DM-CTC-Iraar by Christian 'Swanky' Ahlborn & Roberto 'Homeslice' Tobar
DM-CTC-Ravencross by HortonsWho
DM-CTC-Swoon by Lucas 'L.J.Paranoid' Hassen
DOM-CTC-China_Town by Will 'Uncle_Bob' Creighton
DOM-CTC-TheBishopsPalace by Tex 'TexasGtar' Brown
Review Rating7
User Rating8.5
Overall Rating8.0


ReviewerMister_ProphetAwe Score: 2.5/3
Date12-13-2005Build Score: 2.0/3
Review SchemaCast Score: 2.5/3
User Point: +1
Overall Score: 8.0/10

You all probably thought I was dead. Some of you may have rejoiced. But alas, I have returned. And returned with a vengeance! Today I give you The CTC Pack 3. Ok let's get the ball rolling. I'll start with Deathmatch, kick in the mid section with some CTF, and dust off with the DOM maps.


The sequel to what was the best and most memorable map from the first CTC set. L.J.'s follow-up outdoes the original in terms of layout and atmosphere but takes all the problems that plagued the first map and gives them forty hits of acid. I'll lure you into a false sense of security with some good things and then sucker punch you with the negatives because that's how I felt in the first ten seconds of combat. L.J. knows how to make his maps [I]look interesting, and Croon][ is no exception. This map essentially looks like a series of decaying structure consisting of vines, fractured stone, and splintering planks. This map shows you its ribs and they stand out to form various shadows that criss-cross the environment like white on rice. Why L.J. did not take advantage of this obvious overuse of shadow detail and and apply enlarged MyLevel texture variants to the target walls is between him and God, but I really wish this had not been overlooked. Following in the whole "What the Hell Am I?" concept, this map doesn't really have an identity. Instead, it just sticks with a strong visual presence that is soft on the eyes and makes you forget that the entire layout is aimed at making the place look pretty. There is no doubt about it, Croon ][ dominates the AWE category. But now we have to talk about the negative stuff. Naturally when you go through a lot of effort to make your map look good, you have to balance it out for the sake of playability. Croon][ doesn't ride the tide as smooth as it should and finding your targets can be a chore in this map. With so much going on and with so much detail in view at one can't always see your enemies right away. There is a lot of dark to contrast the beauty and it seems like its all in the playing area. I mentioned early on how the layout is good. Well actually, it's a little better than good. This map interconnects with itself so many times that that it can be called a self-penetrating, sexual extremist. Think pretzel man after ten straight Red Bulls. But the downside to this layout is that Croon][ has terrible flow. I criticized the first Croon for being heavy on the snag zones, as often is the case when mappers sacrifice gameplay for eye candy (always a no no, I don't care who you are). L.J. provided offers nookie but the rubber is left at home and that is the map's major fault. EVERY corner of this map has a snag location. Every light fixture branches out like a set of arms, every brick pile clips your wing, every doorway catches your sleeve, and there are so many rocket traps in this place I can't list them all. 90% of your game will be walking on eggshells to avoid the clutter and that really slaughters the CAST score for me. Bots do navigate the map well but are subject to the same snares if you knock them to close to any wall or surface. Weapons and inventory are branched out well enough and one noteworthy thing about that is that I found myself using guns like the Pulse Gun and Minigun over favorites like the Rocket Launcher, Shock, and the Flak. I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that using splash weapons is pretty discouraging in such a thorn-bush region.

Prophet's Verdict: Smart Layout and she has an ass you can bounce a dime off of. But the gameplay is really hurt by serious flow problems and playability isn't as good as you'd like. Are the fireflies really neccessary? This is deathmatch people! I can easily see L.J. putting his visual talents to their best use in a Single Player map, but UT Deathmatch is supposed to be fast and furious. This map's gameplay makes me a sad panda...and with a heavy heart I have to give the CAST score average results despite the nice layout and visual presentation. Visuals can only be fully appreciated if you are having fun.

AWE: 3
BUILD: 1.5
CAST: 1.5

Score: 6


Set in a towering mass of catwalks in the depths of hell itself, DevilVolcano][ utilizes an array of satanic textures from UT2K4 and pulls of an arena more brutal and fast paced then any 2k4 variation of the same theme. At first glance you'll think you're in a 2k4 map, but soon the hallucination fades and you realize there aren't any static meshes. It's a pretty simple map here and it delivers a great game. You'll be moving very quickly through this one since flow and playability are flawless. The author, Derdak2rot, managed to pull a visually pleasing theme using very little at his disposal, something that doesn't often work. Bots rock this map like they were Agents in the Matrix and the frantic nature of "gun-and-run catwalk" arenas like this one really keeps the gameplay interesting. Assault rains from the air as it does fly up from below in this Z-Axis warzone. Effective weapons are chosen and inventory is placed to keep you on your toes. The pace only dies down for a moment in the central structure as you take the bottom level lift to the top and you can frog hop it down, level by level, if you have to ditch the upper platforms in a hurry. The ever present hazard of liquid hot magma will make you time your jumps and the added danger puts every player on equal ground for a splash-shove into the flames. There really isn't much more I can say about this map, it scores positive in all charts. A fun showing from Derdak2rot. It's only real problems is that none of its categories really shine in that "Holy crap!" kinda way.

Prophet's Verdict: Prepare for some hardcore combat. Perfect for online fragging. Flow, playability, and gameplay get the best marks on this one. Maybe a tad on the generic side.

AWE: 2
BUILD: 2.5
CAST: 2.5

Score: 7


Taking the name from RTNP for a Nali God, Derdak2rot hits the set with his second DM. This map is, in one breath, a fan's homage to the Hourences style of tech and a it illustrates a direct resemblance to the underground Mine world of Xidia. Even a set of mesh prefabs used in Xidia (A few made by myself) show up here. Eldora also bears a close resemblance to DM-Redkin and its papa, DM-Rankin. And like the maps that obviously inspire it, it offers a pretty fun tech-formula for the gameplay. From a visual standpoint the map looks good, whether it's reliant on the Hourence's style over original style or not. I can relate as a mapper since it's hard to make tech look original. Nearly all tech maps look like the ones that came before them and most of them borrow right off the more legendary factory maps. Much of Eldora's charm comes from the fact that you've seen it before and it lives up to its visual association when it comes to gameplay. You'll like this map if you liked any other decent tech map, these maps look similar and play similar as well. The cave bit helps chop up the repetition, since a lot of the brick hallways seem underdetailed in comparison. It's a conglomerate map and it gives a good game. Not as frantic as DevilVolcano][, but Derdak2rot brings a better balance between style and gameplay with this one. There are some BSP glitches in spots, like for instance the handle to a tool and other things. The atmosphere is well realized here, and I especially liked the big piston. It reminded me fondly of some of the later-game tech maps from 7 Bullets and also of the machinery from Redkin. I like this trend with contemporary tech maps where mappers are starting to make their environments more alive and functional rather than sterile brick sheds like most David M.-styled levels have been in the past. Bots play a fair game and the item loadout is fine. No gameplay gripes here other than the fact that it's a bit standard issue.

Prophet's Verdict: Romp in an above an above average tech map inspired by Hourences's post-Xidia industrial mapping style.

AWE: 2.5
BUILD: 2.5
CAST: 2.5

Score: 7.5


Iraar is a compact little deathmatch number that consists of an outdoor segment and a multi-leveled interior room adjacent to it. It's a pretty quick map, meaning that games will be relatively short but sweet. The map boasts a limited set of weapons (obviously) ranging from energy projectile weapons like the Pulse and Shock to the explosive crowd pleasers like the Flak and Rocket. On top of those there is a Redeemer present that is reachable by a clever jump-pad system. Bots hold their own and that's basically gameplay in a nutshell. A bunch of gun-holding maniacs in a small environment. Homeslice's work for the previous CTC installements were, to say it bluntly, the less flashy showings. I noticed that Slice was very self-concious about his work for the last pack and I can tell him honestly now that this map makes up for ones like Quicksilver. He is teamed up here with Swanky and together they put together a decent map.
It's fun and perfectly ready for intense online fragging. Its visual presentation is a tad bland (very Epic-styled Egypt genre) but satisfactory. I did notice some things like an HOM in one spot but nothing that effects the player's movement or ability to play the game. There's also some non-sourced lighting in spots but only things picky observers like me will bitch about. Still, a little under-polished in spots. In Mapper speak, the authors didn't check many of the texture corners for over-usage of the brightcorner feature. But again, nobody interested in the map's fun value is going to complain, these are just Build blemishes. I will say that the outdoor lighting is well done even if the skybox is sort of lame. I'm not a fan of the textures, but they are used well and there are some nicely shaped pillars in the main room that would have caused me to roll my eyes if they were rectangular. So good job there.

Prophet's Verdict: Homeslice can relax, he contributed to a decent map this time and the pairing with Swanky worked out well for this duo. The map offers effective gameplay and fun factor with a working theme. Not an overly remarkable map by any means but it gets the blood flowing. About average.

AWE: 1.5
CAST: 1.5

Score: 5


RavenCross is a 1-on-1 deathmatch arena that is as raw and brutal in its gameplay as it is in its originality and visual scope. Every CTC pack has had that one favorite. For me, DM-Croon dominated the first CTC pack and DM-DeadlyWorship owned the second. DM-RavenCross is, in my opinion, the best all around DM CTC3 has to offer. Set in an Urban environment, the warehouse in this map is flawless when it comes to thematic execution. 90% of every tech map ever made resides in some generic, assembly-line region of unknown origin with no sense of functionality. RavenCross not only offers level design that satisfies the duelistic nature of 1-on-1 combat and frantic deathmatch interconnection, but it also provides a completely sensible location. If not for the guns, the healthpacks, and the scattered ammo, this could very well be some beat-down warehouse on the edge of some gritty city slum. The layout is very oldskool. Most maps nowadays go for the massively inter-twined, cardiac look. This is good, especially for deathmatch. But RavenCross sticks with older formulas combined with smart level planning to produce a really fun environment to play in. Some people might confuse this as Room-Corridor-Room at first glance, but furthure gaming proves otherwise. Yes, the design is based on realistic terms. But the author, Horton's Who, managed to make it work in such a way that the UT speed freaks will enjoy it just as much as any map in their rotation. I played twelve games straight. Despite some prefab use, flow is friendly and playability shouldn't be an issue for most players (I can see some lower-end systems not enjoying this map as much, which is unfortunate). The weapon loadout is well staged, weapons like the Rifle and Bio rifle are as effective here as the RL and Flak. The Shockrifle has a slight advantage in certain chambers, which is often a risk with layouts like this...but professional players will be able to go toe to toe with any shock whores that might take advantage of the weapon. The other guns, if used properly, can defuse any shock holders with applied strategy and knowledge of the layout. It's easy to get around in here, and for every major area there is enough room to move and escape if an attack turns sour. This map rocks my nuts, it's defintion 1-on-1 combat the way it used to be. I talked about unique theme application earlier. Horton's Who either avoids most preconcieved tech cliches or amplifies them to the point where they fit in the map and are owned by the theme. One particular thing he did, and I'm so glad this is catching on lately, is using specially sized textures for amazing shadow detail. It really gives this map an edge it may not have had with more standard lighting. Pop in a classic Industrial music file (the ever popular Mayhem) and we have ourselves one kickass map!

Prophet's Verdict: Engaging 1-on-1 gameplay in the oldskool vein. Massively effecting design and build structure. Playability might be an issue for older PCs but the rest of the gameplay remains uninhibited. A dead-to-rights keeper and the pack's best all around Deathmatch offering.

AWE: 3
BUILD: 2.5
CAST: 2.5

Score: 8


Swoon is L.J. Paranoid's second and better showing in the CTC3 pack. The map is very similar to Croon in appearance and architectural style. This author seems to have a knack for the whole village theme. Swoon shares the same problems as its sister map but in nowhere near the same degree. Yes, playability can still be a factor here and online matches may be rough. Yes, it can be hard to see your enemies much of the time. Yes, there are snag problems and rocket traps. But none of these are as bad as they were in Croon][ and the map is a lot more fun. The layout isn't as advanced as Croon]['s but still provides a frenzied time and the lessened gameplay bugs make it much more fun to play than the other map. You'll find the expected outfit of guns and power-ups with a damage amp hidding spot directly related to the one in Croon. Bots navigate the map but don't put as good a show as some of the other maps. The botplay in Swoon is probably among the weakest of the pack. They can get stuck in spots pretty easily and like Croon][ they are far more likely to have problems with rocket traps if a player decides to take advantage of them. Like I said about the visuals, Paranoid's maps tend to be very similar looking and still be kind on the eyes. It's very detailed and loaded with eye-candy, but Paranoid's problems with balance still show. It's a critical flaw but one of the few he makes. Otherwise he is an outstanding mapper and with some more time spent on making the maps playable for most people and with more time spent on creating a supportive visual display with an optimized backbone, I think he'll have a much bigger fanbase. Like I said in my review of Croon][, I see the potential for some great SP mappage here.

Prophet's Verdict: One of the best maps in the pack and along with Croon][ this is probably one of the best visual presenters. Like his other map, the gameplay doesn't hit as high a note as the looks. But with Chizra's Seti track loaded up and ready to roll, this map has a very thick atmosphere and the combat can be fun if you got the right computer. Just watch out for those rocket traps!

AWE: 3

Score: 7


Nix's CTF map Bparos is the kind of map that can be described in a sentence or two, but I'll wing it for the sake of keeping my reviews even. It's not a remarkable map in any way, but it works and works well. You have two facing bases set in generic concrete architecture that look good with as much structure as neccessary with as much lighting as neccessary. There are multiple paths and alternate routes and while the map start screenshot doesn't contain the information, this is a large CTF map. Player loads of eight to twelve will be happy here. The gameplay is pretty run of the mill and there are no bugs to speak of. Playability is perfect. The map does have a long distance about it, and treks between flag bases in wide open territory is what you'll expect. You get guns like the Bio Rifle, Flak Cannon, and Rocket Launcher, but they are only really useful if you are A) defending the flag carrier at close distance or B) either storming the enemy's flag base or defending your own. Otherwise, much of the jog will best be served with a trusty Minigun, Shockrifle, or the all powerful Sniper Rifle in your mitts. Botplay is pathetic, but not because they are pathed badly. No, it's because bots in UT just don't perform worth crap in such long distance environments. I beat six straight games using only my sniper rifle and shockrifle and with all my team bots defending my base while I went back and forth. I love it when I am forced to rush an enemy base alongside my bots rather than leaving them in the dust, but this map didn't appease that desire. But nevertheless the map is quite good and does the job. The author could have sexed up the visuals a bit with some more detail (though the architecture is good) but that's just me.

Prophet's Verdict: An all around average CTF map for larger audiences. Don't bother with botplay. Solid map by Nix, I'm sure glad he didn't add any BT ones to the pack this time;-)

AWE: 1.5
CAST: 1.5

Score: 6


Mortal Plague's Lurid][ kicks my balls. And yes, that is a text-book phrase. The layout in this map is clever and more fun than dropping acid at Wonka's Chocolate Factory. You'll be dipping and diving to dodge all kinds of enemy projectiles to and fro the flag base. The player count says up to 14 and that's really a surprise considering how small the map seems to be. But it fits them all comfortably and the botplay is pure brass. These guys are surgeons. Weapons and items are spread in flow-friendly dynamics and the pacing is on mach five in this place. Things like lift-jumping are important for flag carriers since large central structures in the main room can be bypassed by leap frogging it off the lift and over the top and once you're on the other side you have a wall between you and your pursuers. There's RL ammo up there, by the way. Weapons of all kinds can be effective here, even the ripper if used properly. The map looks tight as far as appearance goes, despite the genre flavor amp'd by the exhausted Rich Rig set. There are a lot of humorous in jokes pasted on the walls in the form of signs, but I only suggest reading them when nobody is around because you will get shot.

Prophet's Verdict: Kickass map that is heavily reliant on teamplay and offers some rough gameplay. Playability and flow are perfect. Great games await you with this one.

AWE: 2
BUILD: 2.5

Score: 7.5


Playing FragNBrag's Thadaus, I felt like I could sort of relate to a young Jennifer Connelly...trapped in David Bowie's Labyrinth. This place is massive. There are loads of passages that lead from your base to God knows where the hell what. You'll need to take some time to get used to it before your realize the staying power this map has. Although not visually stunning but not ugly at the same time, Thadaus takes the Shane Caudle Church look and turns it into a maze of stone, steps, and supports. Pillars are everywhere and enemies seem to come out of the walls. There are various death pits that I walked right off a ledge and into on the first run. You'll need a large and well rounded team to manage this volley, and believe me you will sure as hell have a tug-of-war experience with this one. Playability and framerates never stuttered for me and the map flows pretty well despite its size. Though, I wish those crates and barrels were collision proof. There were some strange design choices, like the gaps on the sides of the staircase spiral and some of the pits just seem to come out of nowhere. But there's no doubt about it, this is a professional player's map. Noobs need apply elsewhere, because you WILL get raped.

Prophet's Verdict: Large Map that will rely on large strategy campaigns and stress large team usage. No problems to speak of and Bots play well. Watch your step.

AWE: 1.5
CAST: 2.5

Score: 7


Speaking of rocking my balls, here's FragNbrag with another map. And this one, dear friends, takes the whole damn cake. WarpCore is an interestingly designed research facility type location with a layout that would make Hourences blush. With varying routes each with multiple levels, this map is gonna leave your fingers red after awhile. Playability never becomes an issue and even with all the eye-candy this map's flow never drops for an instant. L.J. would be wise to study how the looks justify the gameplay in this map, because this is what that balance I was talking about earlier is all about. Navigation is far easier here than in Thadaus, with blue and red signs or lighting around every corner. The weapons are standard fare and are easy to locate. Bots perform well here, like they did with Thadaus: always knowing the layout before you do. This map will be killer online for its sheer diversity and framerate friendly environment. As a mapper, I admire this map a lot from a thematic perspective. The place really has a depth, the same way RavenCross did...where the place is a working location and you just happen to be in one part of it. Its hard to get that feeling from a CTF map, especially if they are facing bases. Easily the best CTF map in the pack and my personal second favorite map in the whole pack. This much can be said about WarpCore: I may have liked RavenCross better from a gaming standpoint, but this map is certainly the coolest CTC3 has to offer.

Prophet's Verdict: Kick my ass and call me Betty. Fun filled gameplay with a pumped layout. Sense of location that is loaded with atmosphere. What the hell are you still doing here reading?

AWE: 3
BUILD: 2.5
CAST: 2.5

Score: 8


A large, open urban map made up of various buildings, streets, alleys, and just about every sensible city element the author could cram in here. I will say this, this map has a learning curve. Since Control Point locations are basically unmarked you have to spend the first round checking every building for them (it helps if you follow bots). My problems with this map stem from the playability root. It just isn't so hot. Much of this map had me stuttering and that shouldn't be happening. A large map should be able to host the player load it's boasting and this map just gets frustrating. It's mostly in the center of the map, or whenever your view is directed at the inner city. Bots know how to get around, which sucks for you at first because while you are trying to 1) get used to the playability issues, 2) look for nearby guns which are hard to get cus they might be spread a bit too thin in this map and 3) Locate all the Points...they are armed with all the good guns and are ready to rock within 5 seconds of combat. The map does have a good visual presence and the style is certainly Asian. The layout does involve a lot of jogging and this is also good. The learning curve + the playability faults are what tarnish an otherwise healthy map. And the music...uggh...I feel like I'm watching a bad Jean Claude Van Dam workout montage from some lame 80s kung-fu movie.

Prophet's Verdict: If you got a pumped PC, give it a go. But be warned, lower end systems will suffer. Takes a good exploration to get used to the unmarked layout.

AWE: 2
BUILD: 1.5
CAST: 1.5

Score: 5


What we have here is a large playing field complete with a central palace surrounded by a moat, several sniper towers, and a cozy dunegon thrown in for good measure. The map is a toss up of hundreds of ideas all stuffed into one map. And despite that, it plays. Really, this is a decent DOM map in the style of those large, spread out levels that focus on distancing the Control Points. Teams will be going all over the place to keep their Points secure and it's more fun if you set the maximum point limit higher than usual. TexasGStar's map seems to be composed of several texture sets. I see a stone building with wooden ceilings looking down at Skaarj tech floors. The architecture is also equally confused, being simplistic in some spots and then being complicated in others. This is basically three or four different themes all trying to exist in the same universe. To keep the place trendy, TexasGStar loads the map with tons of little tricks. There is some good use of fog in certain areas, interesting smoke generations, and good looking window rays coming from the sun. The map is still the LSD trip it was when I played it in the beta stage, only its evolved several grades since then. The gameplay is fun and well setup regardless of how anyone might interpret the map's visuals. Personally, I like it. It's different. When I think of all the mappers who have stuck with the CTC team since its foundation, TexasGStar is without a doubt the one member who has more than surpassed himself with each pack. I'm curious to what he'll do next.

Prophet's Verdict: Tough map, but fun for the whole family. Some funky designs going on here and they all keep the place interesting.

AWE: 2


Score: 6


In all, CTC 3 is the strongest of all the previous packs. Most of the maps here are pure class where previous packs had a much more unbalanced load of good and not so good maps. Levels like RavenCross, WarpCore, Lurid][, and Eldora stand out as the best in the set. No map on here is below average, the pack is well worth the HD space. Some maps may require more modern rigs to handle as the playability can get furious at times.

Overall Pack rating: 7 out of 9

Map Comments

11-04-2005 06:57 AM MST
hmmm vol3 downloading ;)

John DiFool
11-04-2005 12:17 PM MST
Strictly first impressions (of the CTF/DOM maps-I dislike

CTF-CTC-Bparos: Fairly open medium size CTF. My main
issue here is that the WORM replacer mutator doesn't
work-I get all default weapons except for the ones you
start with.

CTF-CTC-Lurid2: I dislike cramped maps, so unfortunately
I don't like this one.

CTF-CTC-Thadaus: EASILY worth the price of admission!
[Well the DL time] I feel like I'm spending a fortune
just standing around in the place actually. Absolutely
gorgeous Gothic architecture abounds. Huge with lots
of routes and nooks and crannies-I'll enjoy exploring
this one in more detail to be sure.

CTF-CTC-Warpcore: Alas doesn't boot for me-guess it
needs one of the bonus pack thingies (I think I'm
missing one).

DOM-CTC-China_Town: Just like the name says. Some of
the areas are kind of cramped, but still great fun to
be had here.

DOM-CTC-TheBishopsPalace: Not quite the equal of Thadaus
graphically, still wondrous to behold. I wandered
around for five minutes without once finding a DOM

Warning to those with older machines: a lot of these,
esp. the big ones, WILL chug for you.

12-13-2005 10:02 PM MST
to run WarpCore and Lurid2, and possibly some of the other maps you will need to have the following files already installed into your UT99:


These files (as i see now) were not mentioned in the mappack readme text file - perhaps an oversight by FK.

Hopefully most peeps will have these utx already so won't have a problem.

sorry for the troubles :)

ps - haha difool, i'll bet you're gonna hate WarpCore too (watch your head in there, lol ;) fear not, i have a few more big maps coming out this month (or next :)

@manticore - heh, try and tell me you don't already have these packs on your ut... !?

alas i didn't make the deadline for upload of "dirty sign" version of warpcore - LOL, anyone who cares too can see filthified wall-signs in 1 month :D

hope you all enjoy the pack!

@Prophet - Big thanks for the review proph :)
@KaMi - hey thanks for checkin out pack3 :D
btw - gj @epic looks like a _great_ map and bp !!

02-23-2006 06:29 AM MST
Rating: 8.5 
These days if maps are released without all the necessary textures packaged I just delete them.

@FraGnBraG. Quite frankly I haven't even got UT installed at the moment. I was thinking of re-installing just to play this pack (as well as CTC2 and a few of Angelh@rt's maps:)). If I have to install all of Hourence's tex which run into the 10's of megs just because I need one or two tex out of the pack to run these maps it's going to eat into my available HD space. I just don't know whether it's worth it or whether I can afford the space.

Unfortunately this texture pack business is also happening with a lot of UT2K4 maps as well, making them unplayable.....'s a shame because the CTC packs are really high quality gear.

*Edit* Now that I've got UT installed again I've had a chance to frag away on this collection. (I've just installed a second, 300 gig hard drive, so storage is no longer a problem.;))

The overall quality is of a pretty high standard and there are a lot of high points. Devil Volcano is very nice. Good job one and all.

11-04-2005 06:15 PM MST
Very strong pack. Overall easily best of the three in my opinion. Great work all. Croon2 is looking so good i cant describe it, with those texture changes i can finally figure out whats going on.

11-04-2005 10:55 PM MST
Oh Cmon getting all the files rounded up is half the fun, they arn't straying away too far by using those hourence textures.
Look at it this way, all the odd texture files will set you free, hehe.

11-06-2005 10:21 PM MST
Rating: 8.5 
Some of those maps are so awesome I could cry! :) Nice mappack!

P.S. The CTC Croon][ looks a little bland compared to the non CTC version. The non CTC version looked more colorful and I liked the lighting. However, the textures looked pixilated. If only something in-between could be made. (Maybe the non CTC version with "sharper" looking textures that have more detail but resemble the original.) Oh well.... When is Croon ]I[ being released? ;)

P.S.S. I kept on falling into the green glowing pits in Swoon.

11-05-2005 06:10 AM MST
Richrig is not an Epic or bonuspack file, its custom
The maps are 150 mb together, the two tex files 16 mb together. Wont kill you :)

I like Eldora, its pretty redkin like but it hangs together well and it simply works, my tex looks nice in it.
Croon2 has new textures apperantly, much better and nice map but the middle with all the pillars and bars is a little messy, its a bussy chaos, its going too far, Swoon however is more balanced and looks great.
Ravencross and Warpcore have potential but they have some stuff that makes them look more messy, Ravencross has nice ideas but the lighting should stick more to 1 colorpallet so its more 1 united, its random right now. Warpcore has nice looking areas but sometimes there are so many funky coloured signs around and a lot of different textures that it gets a little too flashy. I would have sticked to only a few colors for the signs, made them darker and experimentated with painting a trim on their edge or some damage.
Thadaus was also nice, nice big archi'
Those one I liked best, but the other ones were decent too

11-06-2005 08:22 AM MST
Rating: 9.5 
very good job guys
warpcore is just perfect, croon][ is fantastic and that map of the 3e screenshot too, dont know the name anymore
that mine map of derdak2rot is very nice
to bad you wont be making a fourth pac :(

11-07-2005 07:55 PM MST
i'll score and comment later, but these texture files are pretty common:
and easily acquired seperately. i swear, if i see one more map including Richrig in the zip, i'm going to looseth my cool. i use ut map manager, and it always stops 'cause RichRig is included,.. again... .

edit: RichRig is not in the major epic release pacs,
that much is true
but it is so ubiquitous, please, beat me,whip me just don't ever include this in your zips again:

11-07-2005 07:41 AM MST
@Hawkwind: the fixed version includes those texturepacks yes. There were quite a bit of problems with people saying they couldn't play some maps.

11-09-2005 09:27 PM MST
i cant play to swoon and ravencross because i dont have the SGTech1.utx pack, I dl it in BeyondUNreal and I cant read them because I dont have SGTech1 masked?


[Admin edit : Sgtech1 is an official epic bonuspack4 file. Could be the first bonuspack too. Download those)

11-10-2005 02:09 PM MST
Very strong pack, full of good maps.
Specially liked Thadaus for some reason :)

11-22-2005 11:44 PM MST
I haven't really played everyones maps thoroughly yet but i have seen them all and i have to say that this is my favorite of the three packs. Something for everyone and a lot of real effort put into the making of these fine works of creativity.

Special thanks to Flying Killer for all his hard work keeping the CTC together for 3 mappacks. I believe it was worth the effort. I had a blast doing it and couldn't have asked for better people to share the experience with. Great talented mappers and great people and great attitudes made this all come together.

Well, have fun everyone. This pack should provide you with several hours/days/week/years of fun.


Agent X
11-23-2005 01:07 PM MST
Rating: 9 
This pack is worth it just for Croon][, visually that map is stunning.

12-19-2005 07:24 PM MST
Thanks for the review....

....geez. Even paired with Swanky I can't deliver. If I'd have left Swanky alone on this it would've been an easy 7 or 8. I've failed again....but thanks for at least saying it's better than QuickSilver - what a joke that map was.

Yes, I'm discouraged but I know I shouldn't be. This pack is fun and the CTC overall has been a fun experience, even if I was the worst mapper. Ah hell, it was worth it to work alongside a whole bunch of talented guys. Wish you coulda joined, Proph, but I guess there's always another pack....another time....another name (this was the last of the CTC). Hope everyone enjoys it.

EDIT: To 54rum4n: Sorry, there will be no volume 4.

12-14-2005 01:01 AM MST
I don't mind, Homeslice. :) The map's ok right now, I would have deleted it otherwise. I still need to get the whole thing, damn.

Hortons Who
12-14-2005 07:24 AM MST
Thanks for the review, Prophet, much appreciated. @ "despite some prefab" what did that mean?

And @ Hourences, are you saying all the artificial light sources should have been of the same color palette? If so I'd disagree. I actually spent time wandering an old warehouse for inspiration and the lighting varied widely. I can see what you are saying- I was just looking for more realisim variety. By the way- thanks for your texture work lately; I have used them in a map but I've seen some good work (

12-14-2005 03:29 PM MST
nice review , prophet , thanks !

nice job everyone , its a fantastic mappack , with some stunning maps , swoon , ravencross , thadaus , warpcore , bishop , but all the maps have their own theme and different style in architecture that make them interesting to play and look . nice job !

special thanks to Texasgtar , he fixed a big problem on devil volcano . great he got rid of it , thanks again .

thanks also to all the people involved in this mappack , you did a great job guys so far .
cheers !!

12-14-2005 04:44 PM MST
@Homeslice: You should be happy with Iraar. The only real downside to the map was that it was a tad generic. As far as being an effective map is concerned, you and Swanky delivered.

@Hort: By "prefab" I mean of course decorative brushes, like boxes and such...which didn't hinder the gameplay like some other maps have a habit of doing.

12-17-2005 03:35 AM MST
Thanks Prophet, I'm glad you enjoyed Lurid 2. I've played a few LAN games on it, and getting the drop on that flag never gets old.

I've enjoyed many of the CTC maps by the way. Had a LAN party a few days ago, and we played a few games on Swoon][ and several other maps from the pack, don't recall which. It's been a pleasure to chip in on a pack this solid.

12-17-2005 02:38 PM MST
Rating: 8 
cool pack, better than vol2

12-18-2005 07:39 AM MST
Rating: 8.5 
I agree, realy nice. Had much fun playing these maps, especially CroonII. Waiting for Volume 4 ;)

the monk
12-19-2005 06:51 AM MST
looks cool will comment after ive played them all

12-20-2005 12:37 PM MST
Rating: 9.5 
Nicely done!!! :D:D:D:D 9.5/10!

Cyrss's Female Dog
12-21-2005 07:12 PM MST
Rating: 7.5 

...any more UT maps and my HD will cease to work

12-22-2005 01:09 PM MST
Rating: 7.5 
I really have to disagree with you on Thadaus Proph. When I opened that map my mouth dropped to the floor literally, it looks absolutely awesome, awe inspiring. Id rate awe a 2.5 if not 3

It's my fav map too

03-08-2006 02:52 PM MST
Rating: 8 
Great pack. My favs were CTF-Thadaus/Warpcore/Lurid and DM-DevilVolcano/Eldora/Croon][/Ravencross

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