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Mon, April 15, 2024
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Map Info

GametypeUT Deathmatch
Date Added10-14-2005
File Version1.00
File Size1.11 mb
Player Count12
Map DescriptionSmall/medium sized Deathmatch arena for the experienced players.
Fast paced "run&gun" type of map yet still some room for strategy play.
Playerstarts, weapons and pickups "carefully" placed for fair play...
Works best in TDM I think...
Bots don´t visit the upper level much but I´ve seen a couple confuzed up there.Hope U like it...
Review Rating --
User Rating5
Overall Rating --


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Map Comments

10-14-2005 08:46 AM MDT
It looks decent and clean, You've yet not regained my trust though so I'll let someone else take the first shot.

10-14-2005 11:14 PM MDT
Rating: 5.5 
No probs with this one for the way I like to play ut.The onliest thing is mabye the top area It is little snagy,like wider openings and such.

Thing is regardless of how or how good or bad you make maps,you have your own style developing wich says a lot from all these ut2004 funky terain ,or ONS crappy things people are making with all those stupid meshes.

Map is good for some pillar dodge fighting,movers should be speeded up a tad,top should have wider halls especialy at corners and stuff.I would say you did what you were trying to do,map doesnt look that bad,mabye a little gaudy ,but it is what it is.

And I know about bots and pathing, but I don't think they make it to the top areas.
Oh no fps probs this round,it ran good.

Sicko Teddy
10-15-2005 04:17 PM MDT
Rating: 6.5 
OH! Mell is definitely getting better at mapping stuff!
I mean look at his early stuff and what he presented now!
Congrads, buddy! Keep up the good work!

01-12-2006 03:03 PM MST
Thanks for your comments !

This map is "almost", It "feels" prettygood (but not quite there elsewhere?)
hmm...Maybe I should do some changes and add music.
It might end up in a "playable map".
EDIT: @MartinW Thanks 4 the feedback, U got lots of points there, but is this map really only a "2" ?

EDIT2: @Petrus Thank you very much !
Although I usually don't give a ****, it's comments like yours that makes mapping worthwhile =)

10-16-2005 11:03 AM MDT
Rating: 2 
- why do you always have to molest the users with your preview shot? What does mellis rule? Is it something relatet to Ued? I dont think so, and here is why:

- the bots get stuck on the health vial benches

- it would be better if you had stored all the texture of the mellb.utx in the myLevel package, coz most likely DM-Mellburn is the only map in my map folder to use your package

- half your map is one brush. why the heck have you intersected everything? thats one of the worst things one can do concerning the technical side of leveldesign.

- the above mentioned brush is off the grid. I can't get how you managed to place it off the grid coz the only shape you used is the cube so you nearly only have rectangular angles everywhere.

- better set decorations like the trapezoid brushes in the center to semisolid

- rules concerning item placement:
rule 1: never ever place the supershockrifle in a map,
rule 2: never ever place the supershockrifle in a map (yes, i stole that one from fight club),
rule 3: never ever place uber-items like the Udamage, the redeemer or the supershockrifle in a secret area, coz that gives an unfair advantage to players who know the map
there are many more rules but most of them are quite natural

- [me quotes davidM]the lighting is gay[/me quotes davidM]

- your layout is not what i call sufficient: the fighting takes place on only one level, the second level with the uber-items was not a good idea either

for your next map:

- make a screenshot of the main fighting area of your map and use it as preview shot, never ever insert: skulls, boobs, rappers making offensive gesticulations, phrases written in unreal-ttf or britney spears

- let one bot play the map and monitor him in spectator mode to find ares the bots can't navigate properly

- store your texture in the myLevel package

- try to create an interesting layout before you start to decorate it, connect multiple levels via ramps and lifts, don't use teleporters

- use the grid

- don't place the supershockrifle

(most of the mistakes you made have been mentioned by others long ago, if you'd have payed attention to their comments you could have done a decent map by now.)

12-26-2005 11:34 AM MST
Rating: 5.5 
Just had a look at this.

Although the layout is very simple, to me the architecture indicates that Mel has considerably more ability with UnrealED than he is usually given credit for. The lighting is strange, but is also competent.

Easily his best work to date, at least that I've seen, this would tend to suggest to me that Mel works best on original projects, rather than attempting to imitate other material as such. His style certainly isn't the norm, but that is where developmental progress generally comes from; those individuals who aren't afraid to try something different.

I hope you continue mapping, Mel; I've been watching your artistic development with great interest.

01-11-2006 11:10 PM MST
I'd like to say that I disagree with you saying to never place powerups or superweapons (hopefully the redeemer and not super shock,) in secretive areas. It may be kind of a disadvantage for those who do not know the map, but why say that? Is the weapon or power up not a disadvantage and unfair itself? Besides the bots know where everything in the map is by using the navigation points. That is very unfair to human players, especially those who are new to the map, and mainly, it's sort of traditional to hide the redeemer, but mainly not udamage and powerups..

Sorry I dont have UT so I cant comment. I have UT2004, which uses Unreal Engine 2, so I can download UT2003 and 2004 maps, but cant download UT maps because they run off the first Unreal Engine.

02-23-2006 12:28 PM MST
I'm not going to review this as there's just too much wrong with it. Mell, please, please read everything MartinW posted and take it to heart. And here are a few more things:

- Read DavidM's tutorials. Pay particular attention to the ones on lighting as you really need help there. Make sure you look at the one on flow too, since it starts out by talking about exactly what you've done with your Health Vials in this map.

- Don't use dynamic lighting effects unless they make sense in the context of the map, and then don't give them such huge radii that they affect the entire map.

- Your item placement and selection is still ridiculous. Two Redeemers, two Shield Belts, a Big Keg of Health, two UDamages, and a Super Shock Rifle? A map this size should not have any of those things, maybe one at most. And to reiterate, never use the Super Shock Rifle. It exists so the InstaGib mutator can place it in your inventory, and that's all it should be used for.

- Corridors should be big enough to move around in unless you have a good reason to make them as narrow as you've made them in this map. Having to put yourself in a spot so tight that you have no room to dodge incoming fire just to move around the map sucks.

- Go to the UnrealWiki and read up on the proper way to path lifts and jump paths. You can't just place a LiftExit and expect the bots to know what to do with it. Read the following page, then if you still need help, open some of the retail maps and look at how their lifts work.

This is an improvement over the last map of yours I tried (Melfunnel, I think), but you still have a long way to go before these maps will be playable. Read up, and keep trying...

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