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Fri, May 24, 2024
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Anasazi Map Pack Enhanced 
Map Info

GametypeUT2k4 Deathmatch
Date Added10-11-2005
File Version1.00
File Size17.94 mb
Player Countvaries
Map DescriptionA map pack that contains all final versions of Anasazi and a bonus beta map called DM-Xigon. (Xigon requires the editor's Choice Edition, available to download at
Review Rating --
User Rating5.5
Overall Rating --


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Map Comments

10-14-2005 01:34 AM MDT
so basically a re re rerelease?
and why would you put in a beta map?
lemme guess, when its finished you put up another mappack with the finished one?
and a few weeks lateryou upload the whole pack becouse you edited a playerstart? :p

nahh j/k

just start on something fresh though,
get some more experience.
at least you are very persistant :)

ow, and ratings.. dont say a thing.
nothing at all.
Besides, that (7.5) rating is based on 1 person :p
And there is no such thing as enough experience ;)
Sure call me names, All i am saying is keep mapping.

10-13-2005 02:31 PM MDT
Rating: 6 
Hey goldfenix I'm sorry to tell ya but you will have to make a fixed version of this mappack cause your map DM-Xigon doesn't work!! It even isn't listed in UT and the Unreal debugger screams when I start it from my UT directory:
DM-Xigon.ut2: Can't find file for package 'Construction_M'
So I think something is missing, please fix this.

But the other maps aren't bad mapped because I like mass destruction and maps with HT* technology.

*(I actually mean hyper thraging or also spelled fraging)

I don't know what others dislike with your map but I like much people/bots fighting in an open arena so I think your map anasazi was built for this and I really don't care about the complaints of other guys. If it's about UT maps, they don't exist cause I got a library of over 1000 maps (23,1 GB UT is absolutely too large :) ).

10-24-2005 09:13 PM MDT

The pack contains:
DM-GF-Anasazi (final) Afternoon version
DM-GF-Anasazi-SE (Final) Sunset version
DOM-Anasazi (Final) Dusk version

I think you will like this pack over my other maps and original pack. Why? because this pack has the final versions plus a bonus map. Why Are the final versions good? Becasue their optimization is so well done that you can put 32 bots in and have a blast.

The Bonus Map: The bonus DM map contained in here is not finished, so don't rate it, but you may comment on it. It also doesn't include a readme file. It is almost done, and will be released in a few weeks as DM-Xigon.
Thanks and enjoy the final versions along with the bonus beta map Xigon!

(All Anasazi maps have a built in movie. To view it, go to the log window and type causeevent movie. The movie is exactly 50 seconds.)

If any of you have these maps already (besides Xigon) then just save these over them, for these are the elite versions downloadable. I forget to mention... You'll need the Editor's Choice edition to play DM-Xigon, as well as my ONS-Khardin, coming soon. You can download it from, so I highly recommend that you do it.

he he he.. I understand

Wow, I just downloaded this map pack and Xigon goes incredibly slow. The version I have of it, the real version is much faster.

Now you all have a better view of what the maps look like with these new screesnshots.

10-11-2005 11:06 PM MDT

First, he made that map which is pretty basic and dark, it was dom map, then he made a dm version with a bad gameplay regarding the spawn points and weapon placement, frame rates. Then , he just didn't gave up and made a SE version of the DM.... Then he made A mappack of those 3 map (which are the same) AND NOW he make a SE of that pack.


EDIT: don't comment harshly? I was just putting my opinion here on a map pack that you updated of the same old levels inside - with no rating. I thought it was what the 'comment' button was made for.

['b' letter to be placed here]Now, can we have something new?["out" 'b' letter to be placed here]

10-14-2005 02:32 PM MDT
Kind of sad tbh, you should be able to take getting criticised for re-posting a single map with only minor changes 5 times.

I agree with CursedSoul1, this pack doesn't make sense.
Just don't upload anything untill your next map is really finished.
And don't care so much about rating you get, thats not what mapping is about.

10-14-2005 04:43 PM MDT
For me I never have a map name till the map is done,more or less.

10-19-2005 02:46 PM MDT
Rating: 5 
cool, im glad you understand.

Overall the se version of anasazi was the best of the bunch, terrain needs smoothing but as you become more comfortable with the editor you will get the idea of what terrain in the editor should look like to play smoothly and look good. Also pay attention to the stretching of the textures when painting the height. The architecture of the temple was pretty good, but would have been a little more interesting to have more passages, for instance using the space inside the temple. The sky box was pretty good, gave a nice feeling of being outside at dusk. The map needs work, but i believe the author will keep improving and show us up on future releases.

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