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Tue, December 5, 2023
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Map Info

GametypeUT Deathmatch
Date Added09-18-2005
File Version1.00
File Size1.5 mb
Player Count4 - 8
Map DescriptionNone
Review Rating6.5
User Rating6.5
Overall Rating6.5


ReviewerGnome and SapperAwe Score: 2.0/3
Date02-20-2006Build Score: 2.5/3
Review SchemaCast Score: 2.0/3
User Point: 0
Overall Score: 6.5/10

by MarkusW

AWE: 2.0
BUILD: 2.5
CAST: 2.0


GNOME: I love the's such a wonderful place! So full of information and ways to communicate with people around the world and things to do like play games and toy with little gimmicks. Someday I'd like to see someone try to make a DM map of the internet...would be interesting to see how people would translate the internet into a battlefield.
SAPPER: What the hell does that have to do with this map?
GNOME: Oh nothing. Just thinking.
SAPPER: Can we get started then?
GNOME: Since when are you the one to get straight down to business.
SAPPER: Since you started to get boring.

GNOME: Roughly translated, Sacara from Portugese means 'draw' or 'it draws' while Sacara from Spanish means 'remove' or 'it removes.' I suppose the references make sense when creating a map...adding here and removing there. In a literal sense of the map itself, it also seems appropriate. As we visit Sacara which might be described and a Doom-like crypt, we see knocked out walls and a tunnel cut into the Earth beneath. We also see tapestries on the high walls, traps, and other interesting hazards.
SAPPER: Not much of a story there Gnome.
GNOME: I'm not much of a storyteller as you've been so fond of pointing out in the past.

GNOME: I must admit I've seen this kind of map before. I imagine at this point it's relatively difficult to build something truly unique, but I am also impressed with the form that this map has taken. It is difficult to describe as a place because there are features about this map that at first glance to seem to make sense.
SAPPER: Namely the girded walkway that passes over a pool of green ooze.
GNOME: Right. But unless your looking at the map objectively like that, you might not notice it. Other than that, the theme flows nicely from one area to the next and texturing although variagated it consistent throughout.
SAPPER: It's too dark though.
GNOME: It wouldn't have the same eerie feeling if there was more like Sapper.
SAPPER: I know that...I just like playing with a little bit more light.

GNOME: Excellent build here. Sounds include a distant ringing church bell, wind effects, fire and other basic sources. Lifts function properly and various traps including a pit trap and a crusher which bots use to great effect add to the build here.
SAPPER: The only flaw I can see in the map which may or may not be intentional is the burning pool trap. The only way to get out it to use your impact hammer...and by then someone will have come along and killed out. Best to avoid this place. Three health vials aren't really worth taking the risk. Should've put the Flak Cannon there. Gameplay would definately be more interesting.

GNOME: Either we're out of practice or botpathing in the map is truly exceptional. We routinely found ourselves lying in pools of our own blood. Z-axis play is adequate but the bots definately know their way around the map better than we did.
SAPPER: I still don't think I know my way around that map. It's not really a place I want to visit again in the near future.

GNOME: An excellent effort here. I'd like to rate it a little higher but there are a few things that need to be adjusted. Namely the placement of something valuable on the other side of the burning pit, minor adjustments to the lighting here and there...anything else?
SAPPER: Yeah...the MarkusW needs to use an angled sheet in the skybox so the the moon is actually round instead of oval when you look at it.

Map Comments

09-22-2005 10:16 PM MDT
Rating: 5.5 
Hmmm no coments yet, ok here it goes, id say not your best work, mindkiller and cloudconnected make this plain and boring. Dont get me wrong its a cool map and there are some nice features like the traps :) but overall it seems average in all categories.
User Point:.5
Total score:5.5

Gnome and Sapper
02-20-2006 03:34 PM MST
Rating: 7.5 
I actually thought this map was pretty good. Challenging and creative. I would have rated higher but review schema wouldn't have allowed it.

03-01-2006 04:36 AM MST
Rating: 7.5 
Nice oldskool feel.Decent layout...

03-03-2006 10:41 AM MST
Rating: 5.5 
Archi is balnd theme is confused lighting is great texturing mediocre flow is bad item placement is fine bots are good.

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