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Sun, June 26, 2022
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Map Info

GametypeUT Capture the Flag
Date Added09-16-2005
File Version1.00
File Size1.69 mb
Player Count6-12
Map DescriptionHere's an ancient temple map for ya. Enjoy.
Review Rating --
User Rating7.5
Overall Rating --


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Map Comments

09-17-2005 11:42 AM MDT
ill be the 1st

09-18-2005 08:43 AM MDT
Rating: 7.5 
This brought me right back to the original Unreal in terms of style, and the use of one of my favourite songs from that game. It's an oldschool temple, maybe not as big as I imagined (I thought cyclopean meant utterly humongous but then I could be wrong). The colour scheme was pleasant, a bit drab in places but I guess that's what you were going for, ancient temple and so on. I thought the sky colour was a bit weird though, it didn't really fit with the rest of the map.

There are several routes between bases and it's fairly easy to navigate although I found it confusing at times, certainly near the bases. There are lots of opportunities to switch between routes. I thought the jumpboots were an excellent addition, very useful when entering and escaping. Bots were pathed well, but they didn't seem to use all the map (e.g. the water tunnel). However they certainly kicked my ass enough when I tried to get the flag...

09-21-2005 03:41 AM MDT
Thanks for the feedback ctph, I appreciate it.

As for the meaning of "cyclopean"... well, according to my dictionary it's "Of or relating to or resembling the Cyclops", which isn't very clear. It might very well be a description of immense size. All I know for sure is that Lovecraft tends to use the word a lot in some of his stories about ancient, forgotten ruins, so I thought it was a fitting name. Maybe it really isn't, but... bah. :)

The sky color *is* perhaps a bit weird. I was aiming for that special moment at twilight, when the sun has set but the sky is still quite bright and makes everything blueish. Looking at it now, it maybe didn't turn out very good.

Bots *will* use the water tunnels, but only to get out of the water if they fall in. I could have made an AlternatePath or something there... but it really isn't a very good way into or out of the bases. When you're in that pool in the middle, you're pretty much a sitting duck. Or a swimming duck.

Edit: Come on, people. 50 downloads and only one serious comment? Maybe I should start making subtracted-cube maps full of redeemers. At least those get some constructive criticism.

Edit: Thanks for your comment, redfist, you made a lot of good points. I will try making it a bit brighter, and I'll definitely change the skybox. As for settling for daylight -- I tried that at first, blue sky and bright sunshine. But that very effectively killed the atmosphere of the map. It just sort of looked like everything was unlit.

09-19-2005 02:54 AM MDT
Well I been looking at those ultravivid screenshots ,so let me take a look.

Too Dark, as for texturing the floor and wall textures along with that lighting all more or less same color .
Add some white lights around in the mix,it seemed there was not enough difference from blue for blue side,nor red,all kinda blended.

Seems i was getting twisted and turned a lot ,walking around in there,kinda sorta.

Even though it's ctf, I would probably make the water able to get out normaly.As well as the bitterfish,I think setting them to off for the pain the pain ,chomp, hehe,i think you can set them to not bite.
That underwater path it pttch black ,not good I say way to black.

kinda might get lost at first,The steps are all textured wrong,but thats no biggie,,The ctf commenters can take over on gameplay.

Map could be a lot nicer by adjusting the lighting and trashing that sky,it just looks not right.Settle for daylight.And make sides more team colored some blue and red pillars .

There are some nice looking areas in there.

05-10-2006 02:54 PM MDT
Rating: 7.5 
Nice map. With Excessive and Monsterspawn, there are some massive and awesome firefights that erupt in the central area. The bots work well, although they really only have two path options (one side of the water or the other) between bases, but that's OK. Visually, pretty much everything looks fairly nice, and it reminded me a lot of Chizra in a good way. Good choice of music, too; especially when the irony of its calmness kicks in during explosive clusterfucks!

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