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Sat, March 2, 2024
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Map Info

GametypeUT Deathmatch
Date Added09-05-2005
File Version1.00
File Size10.8 mb
Player CountUnknown
Map DescriptionThis map is based on a "cutscene" from clive barkers undying. I thought it would be good as a DM-map.
The music is all played with real instruments by myself...
Review Rating --
User Rating5.5
Overall Rating --


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Map Comments

09-06-2005 08:51 AM MDT
... Mell guy didn't "improve"... this map is a take (more a rip) of a map of highly underrated U-Engine game Clive Barker's Undying (i recommend this game to any SP buff + a thing for horror/occult). Mister Mellis didn't bother to notice this "small, insignificant" detail in the README. Apart from that, the map kinda works, but has some BSP flaws (just like when converting BSP), and a bunch of other mistakes of broad kind - of wich i'll refer when i review this. Enough is to say you'll have ESR and Redeemers along normal weapons...

EDIT: nice to see the author acknowledges at least the main base of wich the map was taken from. That should be part of README - despite our disagreement with RedFist's point of view about copyright.

Even so, the map has many a small flaw from a technical stand, also affecting gameplay a little. There's other map that also takes this specific area of Undying into UT - though better/accurate with texture work, it behaves worse with the BSP part:


Mellis... its nice you effort to make a good map, and even use inspiration or all-out port of other map, but please remember in doing so with the author's permission, or acknowledgement of the source if its another game, and GIVE CREDIT where credit is due. That's all a good mapper's conduct asks for, and it's nice for everybody :) ...

09-06-2005 08:00 PM MDT
10.8mb zipped....Must be all in textures or sounds/music judging by the size of the map in the screen shot. If the map is "ripped" as nehand says then it really doesn't deserve comment.

What's typical is that we have yet another reviewer chomping at the bit to review another map not deserving of one. When will it end?

Edit: As I suspected map weighs in at just over 3mb with 20mb of textures/music. No thanks.

He even has the balls to put a copyright notice on this map while ignoring the rights of the original author...I'm betting the textures are "ripped" too?

Edit2: Thats all good mel but taking texture packs like that then putting your name on them is wrong. You should include the whole texture pack "unmolested" with it's proper name otherwise you are in violation of the same copyright you use in your map.

I will check out the umx as I appreciate good music as well as anyone else, but I suggest you correct the issues that have been addressed and re-upload a new zip with a proper readme included.

The map does look nice in the screens (I dl it but havn't run it yet) but I'm still somewhat concerned to what extent it was "ripped" Is all bsp done by you or did you import the level from the undying game?

Oh and please don't use file directories inside the zip files. When you go to extract the files it creates a new folder inside the destination folder, and then you have to move it again for ut to see it.

Edit last time: I liked the music. Could stand along side any of the UT stuff. Fits the pace of the map nicely too.

09-19-2005 03:57 PM MDT
To: "Nahand" This map is not "RIPPED" IMO.
It is heavily modified, and almost all polys are re-arranged.
You R right ´bout the "readme" though, The zip i upped had an unfinished "readme.txt" sorry about that..All credits to original mappers anyhow..

Does anyone like the music?


to: "GOD__AM"
Yes about 50% of the textures comes from the undying game. The rest is mine. and as I said before the "readme" was not finished, I don´t care for no copyrights concerning any map I made but for my MUSIC I feel I´d like to have some credit...
(The NC3 "Readme-generator" prints that bull in the end of the textfile.... NOT my words.)

EDIT2: Thanks for comments, ALL of you (especially redfist).Good points, I hear U. :)
My biggest error is that I seem to be in such a hurry to upload whenever a map get close to be playable. I don´t give it the time it takes to complete it.
Not to mention finding bugs, flaws and errors.
(I guess that´s why I have more than a 100 unfinished maps that will never be used for anything.)

"MartinW" :Have you compared the so called original map with this one? (don´t think you have).
The differences are IMO enough to call it modified, "based on" or inspired by instead of RIPPED.

Solar! > L.O.L ! (btw, CLPMP1=Nice1)

"GTD-Carthage " , of course you are absolutely right.(again)
It seems I´ve been kinda lazy lately... :/
-Except for the "prize" and "crown" stuff...
-That has never been my "goal" or intention...

09-05-2005 10:00 PM MDT
Rating: 5.5 
Hell I will give you credit for getting the textures out of undying,it was either that or Wheel of time,I coudnt get those out at all,and when i did they wouldnt import or somthing.

Allright just tried it,it's a kinda lower grav map but still not like a low grav match per say.
Lots of edges to land on and getting accross the top of the map is fairly fast,not because of the jump pads,i mean just jumping around rooftops and ledges.

The redeemer is kinda overdone,but that gun is highly over rated anyway,because you can easily get out of the blast path,even though there are like 4 or 5 redeemers in there.

You will find that people won't proabably play it as much mainly on account of all the ledges and nooks and cranys ,and weapons needing to be harder to find,most just want the gun, instead of looking,even for a second.

You have kept the style your aiming for since your ctf map pack thing or maps pack waay back,for colors and strangly placed geometry,but it's not bad,looks ok.

As far a copying another map,so what,it's a non issue ,issue,we all copy somthing from someware,wether it be idea,or somthing we seen,or textures and other things,besides Undying needs more credit than it got,was a good game.
The music is there,however it shouldnt of had an ending,sort of like in game you want like an endlessloop so one don't notice it playing like a song ,then end otherwise it's tight and rocking music man.
Better map this time,your getting there,

Remember too the FPS drops when you see the whole map at once, to try to make maps that are ,somewhat, seen ,per view,otherwise it gets a lag like when you look down after the jumppad,or teleporter up high,it goes slow.

Gamplay be kinda convoluted
other map features are better than your others so far.
Oh ya, your screenshot this time is actually good,fits the map,not obnoctiuos looking like other ones you did before.

PS. I wouldnt care if the whole damn thing is ripped,....pffffft,Way I see it,it's a compliment to the ones who know ware it's from and the original authors,besides he didnt steal the map Geeeez.
if clive is undying then mels in trouble ,youl be haunted man LoL

Files? directories? zips? toss your computer out then,just drag and drop,sheesh !!! and the readme is the last thing i read,if ever.Plus complaining he put the texture files in the zip ? man I dunno
I use winzip95.

09-06-2005 10:52 AM MDT
Rating: 4 
its better than your usuall stuff. sadly, thats all i can really say. i found a ton of bsp errors.

09-06-2005 04:37 PM MDT
hey Mellburn

Nice music, i like that

but in your map is the redeemer and stuff DAMN easy to get, and there are to much of them
please make a map without or less of them

09-15-2005 04:55 PM MDT
Rating: 6.5 
This is your best work yet, in my opinion. I can only encourage you to get better.

Added to MartinW:

Have you played his other maps? (No disrespect Mell)This is phenominal (awesome) compared to Mell's previous maps. This is his best so far. And if he did borrow any brushes, who hasn't? Are we talking about a copyright infringement here? I don't think so. Only if Mel was making $$$$$ off it.

Keep improving Mell!

09-08-2005 06:53 AM MDT
What are you doing guys? He copied a bunch of brushes from another game and you say "its the best stuff he has done so far". You encourage him to go on ripping from other people's maps.

@ Mel: Start creating own stuff. Its not as hard as you may belief.

09-16-2005 09:29 AM MDT
Mel, ripping from some other guys' maps especially from another game won't make it any easier for anyone. People who don't know about it will let you get away with the prize but people who know about it will certainly refuse to give you the crown. You should move on from these types of maps and build something better with your own creativity because we know you have it.

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