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Mon, June 27, 2022
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Map Info

GametypeUT2k4 Deathmatch
Date Added08-29-2005
File Version1.00
File Size18.09 mb
Player Count10 - 16
Map DescriptionO que acontece quando a Liandri Corporation financia estudantes universitários? :)


What happens when Liandri Corporation gives some help to college students? :)


Review Rating --
User Rating6
Overall Rating --


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Map Comments

08-31-2005 12:40 PM MDT
Nice try,
though the scale is off, the player would be on his knee's to use the drinking fountain, and i could say this about a lot of the meshes.
next time, please import your textures and static meshes into mylevel so i dont have to place them in the right folders, to delete them afterwards.

lighting is kinda bland, try to spice things up with a little more color and ambiance.
i didnt hear a lot of sounds, while the map could ooze with the sound of birds and other critters, not to mention scolars you could frag lol.
also the doors are real bottlenecks becouse you almost have to aim just right to walk trouh them.
so basically no gameplay value, and since there isnt much to look at besides white walls and here and there one or 2 static meshes in the shape of a chair or a locker, its kinda dull.

but a nice try indeed.
( i do admire how much time you prolly wpend in everything you made )

edit: watch out with selfevaluation, some people dont like that lol :)

08-30-2005 02:04 PM MDT
Rating: 4 
bugs, and bad gameplay sadly make this map fail.

08-30-2005 09:37 PM MDT
Rating: 8 
Im giving this map a 8 cos it don't have "bugs"

Only the word of a new man to the unreal engine can say that. A BUG make the map un-operational, Helper. The frame rates are low but the rest should be converted to VCTF. With better frame rates of course.

08-31-2005 11:07 AM MDT
well. thank you for the comments :)
Now for my self-evaluation:

Visuals: 7
no big deal, but I have tried to make a good looking map, in a realistic way

Gameplay: 4
It is poor, because of the realism level of the geometry - tight doors and passages, etc.

Lightning: 5
A little better, but it could have some more impact; however, and again because of the map contents, I have prefered to kept a simpler ilumination overall.

Sounds: 6
You may not hear them, but they are there! Birds, hums, electricity, garage big hums, wind outside, and a few more.

Botpathing: 6
Bots go everywhere bt foot; the headache begins when they try to use vehicles. I have placed special vehicle objectives for them, but they are better flying the raptor, and sometimes the goliath. A few times they go and enter the scorpion and use it right; same for the hellbender. As for the leviathan, they just need a small push for it: the sentinel keeps them away (including human players), for a fair fight; bots sometimes enter the goliath and destroy the sentinel, thats a good thing at least.

Build: 7
My priority since I began to work on this map, was it geometry. I never release a map if I notice even a small HOM effect. If this map has any, I will make a version 1.1 or whatever in order to replace the actual map. I may also repair some other minor things meanwhile, but as it is, I believe its good enough for playing it. It is heavy, but still playable.

Altough this is only a general impression, I valorize people comments but, If you were an FAUTL student, maybe you opinion could change... My primary intention on this was to make a place for fun with friends from our college; its only natural that other people don't understand this, and I don't complain on that...

Finaly, thanks for having your time wasted on this map :)

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