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Thu, January 17, 2019
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DM-Rutilus Terra 
Map Info

GametypeUT Deathmatch
Date Added07-22-2005
File Version1.00
File Size6.8 mb
Player Count2 - 8
Map DescriptionThis is my first serious mapping attempt, so its kind of sloppy.

I strongly recoment to use D3D, turn dynamic lightning on and Oldschool (if you have it).

I don't know the first thing about NW (I'm an Instagib player), the reason I made a nw map is because its a lot more fun to make one. But because of my lack of knowlage about the NW gameplay there might be things that should be changed (like for example the amount of doors).

I like to thank jazzyb for making the best UT99 map sofar imo and inspired me to make this map. I also like to thank y0ni, Kaplan, Drazic and all the guys at #unrealed who helped me out with some technical advise and all the beta testers.

Btw, take your time to look at all the triggert lights (and some other stuff), they are in a lot of rooms, it takes some time untill they show sometimes though (upto ones every 30 seconds).

The map is partly inspired on a doom3 map, I dont remember the name though, sinse I have never owned the game.
Review Rating --
User Rating7.5
Overall Rating --


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Map Comments

07-22-2005 09:37 AM EDT
Rating: 6.5 
Awesome, at least at first sight.

The shieldbelt room is too high poly - 500+ polys, where the previous rooms are sub 200, is very dangerous.... The caching is rather painful, especially in an online match. Combined with a lot of transparency this is simply too much. Looks good, yes, but plays horribly.

I gather that it will run a lot better on my other machine, but if a UT map can't run smoothly on a 1 GHz pc with a GeForce, there's something windy, in my opinion.

The textures are a little chaotic, but well-chosen at the same time. They aren't really well placed though. I can't make out where some doors are untill i run through them.
Also, the alignment is not really visibly good - the usage of the textures is, as i said, chaotic. A little more attention in that area (not too many different angles and textures) might be nice, and it will also help with framerate, especially in the shieldbelt room.

I have yet to play this online, but from what i saw, it'll play well. It looks a lot like a stock AVP2 DM map, dun remember the name - that's not a bad thing though.

A special mention goes to the awesome skybox. Doom3, anyone?

07-22-2005 09:53 AM EDT
looks nice, comment later

07-23-2005 01:37 AM EDT
I like all the brushes and decorations of how they are made but you certainly need tons of more work for your lighting.

07-24-2005 05:08 AM EDT
Rating: 8.5 
Nice i like the gameplay here very original, looks sweet + kick ass layout. Hmmmm not sure about the lag, my cpu is only 750mhz runs like a dream had no problems.

07-24-2005 06:01 PM EDT
Rating: 7.5 
WOW, really nice tech level.
all sorts of recessed computer equipment. i LOVE those doors, they add such a nice gameplay element to this map. the bots are good fun. you have lots of good lift jump oportunities.
mostly, your geometry comes together so that the textures line up and make sense. in a few, a very few places, they don't line up at all, so i would suggest adding trim or changing the geometry.
i love the lifts, but mostly they don't look like lifts. i got used to them quickly, but a player should be able to just know what a lift looks like.
weapon layout is fine, though i would have saved the sniper rifle for the lift jump, and replaced the lower sniper rifle with something else.
a nice tech level, and there are so few. people should try this one for sure!
i go try it iG!

07-31-2005 07:55 AM EDT
Thanks for all the nice comments and advises guys, I just got back from holiday and it really made me feel good to see you guys like my map.
I'll keep all of your advise in mind on my next map, it will be a ctf map, with mostly the same textures, but a bit darker.

One thing:
'but you certainly need tons of more work for your lighting.'
You should open the map in editor;p I used about 700 lights, it was the part that I spend most of the time on.

05-21-2008 09:02 PM EDT
Won't let me download, says it's not there.

Makes me very sad. :(

EDIT: Never mind, found it using search.

Not sad anymore. :)

05-24-2008 04:29 PM EDT
and for those who can't find it using search, search for:

and you'll find this link:

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