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Mon, June 27, 2022
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Map Info

AuthorVatcilli zeitchef
GametypeUT Assault
Date Added07-17-2005
File Version1.00
File Size978 kb
Player Count4-12 p
Map DescriptionFirst off I want to tell People that want a map with great graphics not to download this I KNOW IT LOOKS LIKE CRAP!
I made it for the gameplay even before DM-NoPaiNoGain. It is fun to play but the graphics suck I KNOW.

This map comes with some kind of story:

You and your teammates have been captured by Liandry corporation for helping a renegade Skaarj clan.
Knowing your execution in the tournament is at hand they send a team to help releasing you from this dreadful prison.

OBJECTIVE 1: Get out of your cell and reach the terminal to release the captured skaarj.

OBJECTIVE 2: Escort the tech-mercs to the main door panel so they can open the gates.

OBJECTIVE 3: Escape the prison into the tunnels all the way trough them.

OBJECTIVE 4: Blow out the barricade and hurry into the city.

OBJECTIVE 5: Go into the club up the two elevators to the roof where a Skaarj ship will be waiting for you.

OBJECTIVE 6: Escape with the skaarj ship by using the controll panel
(Hint: You might have to jump on them)

Installation: Unzip to the UT root directory
(The one called Unrealtournament)
Review Rating --
User Rating9
Overall Rating --


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Map Comments

07-18-2005 04:22 AM MDT
Rating: 9 
Hey saw it before the author!
I started and thought like: WTF? an INTRO cinematic?????
Really something And those friendly scarj looked fun too' Those mercenaries really went for that switch
If you played Unreal like I did you really feel everything again. I also liked the fact it had three diffent musics, lol just when one was starting to bore me it changed. Very 133t!
I wanna see the map ya are working on too!

You can walk through the people on the streets.
But any way they look fun.

Vatcilli zeitchef
11-15-2005 03:08 PM MST
Do not download this map for the Graphics Quality
IT IS BAD, I know that the ones who do this will only spam it, As I told This was my actual first map.

Moguhlz would you please not rate my maps that high.
Sure I'm greatful but this map does not deserve anything like that. It will only make it more attractive for people to spam it!!!!
They wil download it thinking it is a quality map and will disgust it becouse it is not!!!
REPEATED REQUEST do not download it for the Graphics but for the fun.

Known issues: Mercs sometimes are to stupid to stay focussed on the panels, If that happens just kill them.
Bots will do the same.
2 I did not believe this map could be played online due to stupid mercs. But every time they still managed to get to their posts in time.
3 The map is flat. AND I MEAN REAL FLAT
the only z axis fighting is in the tunnels and in the city.

___EDIT 2____
How do you know you came before me? There are plenty of maps on NC3 without a map discription!
Plz I know the lightboxes look bad, If anyone has a meshmaker please drop me a bone here and help me by making a 2'1 lightbox mesh!

___EDIT 3____
I see the revieuwers are Mass-Revieuwing
assault maps at this moment.
I would like to tell them reviewing this one is
not worth it (First map)

@ Gnome and Sapper
Since most of the map rating from Reviewers is
about graphics and my map kinda sucks at that.
I only had the luck that the few :( who rated it
Looked more for gameplay than for details
(which this map does not have)
I should say Download it yourself and see.

@marton xerxuon:
Hey Vincent I know I teached you how to use ued but that does not mean you are suppose to only
rate my maps. Make some yourself too
and comment some maps by other,
(more experienced) mappers istead.

Says the maker of AS-AndAction :P

Thank you for yuor comment
I'll make annother assault map soon with better graphics^^ I'm glad you liked it.

07-24-2005 10:46 AM MDT
Rating: 10 
I enjoyed playing this map! Objectives are not so difficult, nice video in the start, and nice monsters. Geometry shapes may be primitive,but the gameplay is exellent. Thanks author for this map!!!

Gnome and Sapper
09-02-2005 06:05 PM MDT
Vatcilli zeitchef,

Not to worry, Gnome and Sapper are actually in the process of reviewing Assault maps dated from 2000. Seeing as you uploaded GreatEscape just this year, they probably won't get around to reviewing this one for a while.

The question herein is that your map currently carries a 9.5 user rating...why wouldn't you want it praised?

{EDIT} @ Vatcilli zeitchef - If I might say, read my latest Assault review on AS-Area51beta. Visually, it was below average, but in an assault map, gameplay is paramount and I'm more than willing to add extra points to the Cast to make up for any failings in the Awe. Assault map reviews differ from DM or CTF because they are extremely rule specific and, in general, far more difficult to make well. I like to think I'm unbiased when I review a map (Gnome that is...Sapper is an extremely biased little monster).

marton xerx.
09-02-2005 11:31 AM MDT
Rating: 9.5 
the objectives are easy to do and the monsters looks very good for me you have made a good assault map and on the end that ship is good maded and the movie included. The parking placesare good to.

11-11-2005 12:34 PM MST
Rating: 8 
I think this was a very good map, and the monsters on the attacking team were innovative, to say the least. I never really noticed any bad points on the graphics, cause you tend not to notice that when you have 8 enemy bots on your trail. The Titan that did a little dance in the ending scene was nice, too.

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