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Thu, January 17, 2019
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Map Info

GametypeUT Capture the Flag
Date Added07-07-2005
File Version1.00
File Size7.11 mb
Player Count8-14
Map DescriptionMy latest and greatest.
Review Rating --
User Rating8.5
Overall Rating --


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Map Comments

07-07-2005 12:41 PM EDT

04-04-2006 11:01 PM EDT
Rating: 8 
Fun map. Fairly large, very attractive. The new textures are a welcome respite, and they are very well done.

The outside looks particularly nice, but the somewhat blurry texture and sharp angles in the terrain put a damper on the effect.

Great map nonetheless! Download it now!

07-07-2005 02:34 PM EDT
Rating: 8.5 
Nice map! The architecture and texturing looks awesome. The bots played the map well from what i noticed. Flow seemed pretty good. Lighting didn't seem too bad. Overall a very nice CTF map.

07-08-2005 09:30 AM EDT
I see no screenshots?
sounds fun?

07-11-2005 12:19 AM EDT
Rating: 8.5 
This map is awesome! Best one yet!

Doc K
07-15-2005 02:09 PM EDT
The screenshots and high ratings prompted me to DL this one. . Unfortunately it crashed UT the 2 times I tried to run it. Got a message
saying the game was out of memory, which was certainly not the case since I've got a gig of memory on board and other maps launched no prob. Any suggestions? I'd really like to play this one.

07-22-2005 05:38 AM EDT
Rating: 8 
great map, nice rtexture use and really awesome architecture.

07-23-2005 09:22 PM EDT
Doc, I have no idea what's wrong with the not enough memory thing. Maybe restart? This map isn't the most intense of all time, don't see why it'd crash a computer.

03-05-2006 10:14 AM EST
Rating: 9 
My fav UT CTF map.

03-05-2006 06:04 PM EST
Rating: 8.5 
There's nothing at all wrong with this map ... it runs great both my p3 and p4 - both have 512m ram - it's perfect enough !!! It is Crysaor's best map to date, imo (hopefully not his last one) the only niggle i have is the lighting in the middle around the rocks, i think its perhaps a bit too bright in that area... you will need a plan to get out of the base though, because it can get pretty rough (teams of 6, inhuman)... everyone who plays ctf should have this one :)

03-07-2006 02:14 AM EST
Rating: 8.5 
Good map. The layout and architecture are really solid. The textures a very nice as well.

04-04-2006 02:58 AM EDT
Most excellent!

05-10-2006 02:23 PM EDT
Rating: 8.5 
Fantastic visual quality and some great bot support. The game gets really intense when you're running across the bridges--and you get shot into the water. Well, I always end up dead in a few seconds when that happens, but there is always a struggle between the two teams to get their flag back and to take the enemy's flag home. The redeemer is probably a bit too close to the flags, but the slow-open door is a nice touch. This is definitely a worthy map; my only real complaint is that the layout isn't as varied as it could be.

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