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Sun, June 26, 2022
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Map Info

AuthorDaramus Research
GametypeUT2k4 Deathmatch
Date Added06-24-2005
File Version1.00
File Size4.54 mb
Player CountUnknown
Map DescriptionRemake of classic 1on1 UT map.
Seems to be tiny , fast duel arena for two players.

Weapons replaced , added armor.
Review Rating --
User Rating4.5
Overall Rating --


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Map Comments

Sicko Teddy
06-24-2005 10:56 AM MDT
wow, look at this! a spaceship with an organic twist!
got to check it out!
seems to be innovative!

06-24-2005 12:06 PM MDT
Welcome on nalicity By the way :)

06-30-2005 04:18 PM MDT
Rating: 3.5 
I didn't try this map yet,but the UT one is the size for 1 on 1,someone else said i don't know 1 on 1,they want big ass maps,but i will definitly check this one out,it looks good there.

oo ouch,still havnt tried it,but changing the weapon placement don't seem like a good thing,and a level that stops all the acrobatic ut04 sillyness,gets my blessing.Without it they can't play,if i could remove dodging would be even better.

Well,just tried it,and hate to be negative here,but it has lost the escense from the original.
The end rooms are too short stubby,and the side hallways directly eneters the rooms without the little alcove area.

It is an atypical ut2004 meshed to death looking map ,all gray,shiny crap,useless effects.
The lighting is a bit to bright,ruining the nice job for the outside space scene as well as the to bright cubemaped windows.

Get rid of 40% of those meshes,give it some color,make the end rooms longer and offset the hallways,and put the weapons back ware they should be,to call it "oblivion"it would be better playing and looking.

And 10meg for this map is not right either.
(score is relavent comparing to the original)

06-25-2005 05:07 PM MDT
Rating: 5 
I dont even play 2k4 because the maps are so huge and the dbl jump crap makes the game so different from UT(which is the game i consider to be the best ever for gameplay by the way) that I cant even enjoy playing, this map looks like it might possible bring back the tighter feel of UT, I'll give it a try, its nice to see people remaking some of the better original maps and no another version of deck, bring back the smaller maps and arenas that are proper sized please!

I will rate after playing.

Ok I checked it out and even tho the scale of the map is closer to what I like, i think the size is just alittle to small for 2k4 and the thing I really dont like it all the clutter, so many pipes and lights and so on just makes it too hard to pick out your opponent.

06-28-2005 05:47 AM MDT
Rating: 5 
first off, thx for remaking exactly this map :)
it's got some interesting twists but some problems as well. i like the idea of having all these plants around.
but it doens't fit ut2k4 gameplay - it's too cramped in places so you get stuck while performing somewhat normal ut2k4 movement, like the dbl jump or the dodge jump and stuff which is kind of annoying.
if one is used to the original oblivion then there's something else that causes problems: you changed the pickup layout. (i know you mention that in the descr.)
also, the front and back room of the ship look too similar at first glance.
now, this might seem all negative but it's not.
maybe you could take some of these points and make a new version or something?!

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