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Tue, December 5, 2023
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Map Info

GametypeUT Deathmatch
Date Added06-13-2005
File Version1.00
File Size1.88 mb
Player Count6-9
Map DescriptionNone
Review Rating7
User Rating7
Overall Rating7


ReviewerArcadiaVincennesAwe Score: 2.5/3
Date07-06-2005Build Score: 2.0/3
Review SchemaCast Score: 2.5/3
User Point: 0
Overall Score: 7/10

DM-Neozealoth (UT99)

An abandoned comlpex of unknown origin in a hybrid industrial/temple theme - I think. It's difficult to define where the location is. Still, it's a nice theme with some nice gameplay.

AWE: 2.5

The texture work is nice with a mixture between stone trimmed off with metal and some wood and metal platofrms/walkways thrown in for good measure. Most everything that can be aligned appropriately is, although some of the brush shapes used rendered this impossible. Still, it's there where it counts. Most everything is also nicely trimmed off with only a few areas/edges lacking. A fair camount of creativity was put into texturing, especially considering the forms the author used. I like the overall impression produced by the texture work.
The lighting, like the texturing, is also competantly applied but with a few inconsistencies. The contrast between the cool blue and warmer yellows and oranges was nice with the occasional red accent thrown in. I did notice a few spots where blue light fixtures were tagged with white lights and one or two sources that seemed to not have an associated light actor. But most of the lighting complaints are superficial. There's some nice shadow work that I think could have been elaborated on a bit better but, again, in general done well.
The architecture in most areas is good with nice slants and interesting details. There were a few problem areas for example, the ramp that connects badly causing an HOM, and the wide open multiple-angled floor where brushes were abruptly cut off to keep the slant true and not provoke HOMs. Although I understand the author having left them as is in order to get the forms and connection he wanted, I think taking the time to revise the form design would have been a better alternate decision because they end up being quite noticible. I'm not so sure the 24-sided 'balls' really fit the theme, especially with their brilliant white texturing. It's an interesting touch but thematically really seem out of place. There is some subtle brishwork forming dirt mounds and the views to the exterior are nicely conceived and implemented. I did particularly like the circling birds, and the stairs integrated into the angled flooring, though.
In general the texturing, lighting, and architecture are all competantly realized. Perhaps a little more attention to detail, and willingness to restructure the design in specific locations would be the key to improving the architecture.

BUILD: 2.0

The BSP work is really nice here, full of complicated angles and imagination. Unfortunately, as mentioned previously, this causes 1 HOM and a few un-seamed brush joints. There's some unaligned brushwork as well, although I can certainly attribute some of it to the angle work the author has used. The lifts and teleporters both work fine, are appropriately pathed, and the lift has an appropriate sound tagged to it. The sound here is actually quite nice. There are large radius ambient sounds, more location specific ones, and even some nice triggered sounds. A well-rounded ambient sound package in general. Also, the circling birds work just fine. Finally, the other down-side is that map only contains two zones - the main play area and the skybox. I understand that the map design lends itself against zoning, but it really should have been attempted. Without it, the map is pretty much completely rendered at any given moment.
Overall, a very competant build with a few 'on-purpose' BSP errors, and completely lacking zoning issue.

CAST: 2.5

The gameplay here is both good and bad. There's plentiful z-axis and it's used well. No complaints there whatsoever. I'm a little dubious about the use of the teleporters, however. Very difficult to successfully use without interrupting flow, and without encouraging teleporter camping, the author made a bold decision in their use. I'm not sure they interrupt flow here - usually they're most efficacious on opposite sides of a map, or in areas that have very few connections otherwise. However, I am a bit suspicious of their use here seeing as there are two pairs used here. One connects the center bottom of the map, and a middle (vertically) edge that's not very far away. The other pair is very close together horizontally but lying on different 'floors' of the map. Also the two lower ones are quite close together horizontally and vertically. Add to this that there's a lift quite close to one of the others, and I'm not really sure their use is warrented. At least, not both pairs. Now, the bots do travel everywhere, and so does the player - so the map does tend towards good flow. Perhaps using the teleporters was the author's answer to getting the bots to travel to these locations better and thus increasing the flow. The weapon layout is also fairly good. I would say that despite the overall 'largish' size of the map, that the relatively 'close' feel for most of it does not warrent the presnce of a redeemer. But it's not placed badly - I think a more difficult location would have been better, however. I did like the placement of the RocketLauncher. But there's adequate health, ammo, and weapons scattered about that it holds the 6 - 9 player count fairly well. There were times I felt it was a bit cramped in terms of player count to map size but overall it was fine. Compared to the rest of the map, I did think the long wide hallway containing the pulse gun was a little too wide open and a little too different from the rest of the map. IMO, closing it up would have been a better design decision than leaving it so wide open.
Put together, there's nothing new and exciting about the gameplay. The z-axis is good and there's a solid mix of close and far range fighting, with the close getting the larger percentage. It's balanced and the bots will challenge you. I'm still not sure about the teleporters - perhaps I'll leave that for you to decide.

In sum, it's a decent map overall. The theme is a bit indistinct but is certainly not unattractive. The texturing, lighting, and architecture all have a few flaws, but none of them, aside from the aforementioned odd brush decisions will interrupt your gameplay. As for the gameplay, it's solid overall although not perfect. Still, if you've been looking for a new DM map, this may be what you're looking for. Those in search of perfection need not apply but for everyone else, I'd reccomend spending some time in Neozealoth.

Map Comments

06-13-2005 11:00 AM MDT
Looks really tasta, will give it a wirl in a few.

06-13-2005 12:46 PM MDT
Rating: 7 
This map has a very cool layout, how you pulled off the wierd angles without major problems I dont know, everytime I try stuff like that I get either BSP holes, HOM effects, or super slow fps, anyway the layout is nice and it flows ok, a few snags but not to bad.

The bad points to me are: #1) the hexagon widows should be blocked so you cant teleport outside, the other roofs are ok but you should put a sniper rifle and some ammo on them for the campers. #2) the lights dont seem to fit the theme you went for, torches and glowing crystals would have been better I think, the glowing ball lights are ok but the rest dont fit the map.

Overall not bad tho.

06-13-2005 01:30 PM MDT
Rating: 6.5 
Firstly, architecture is pretty good, simple, yet effective. But... Trim, baby, trim. :) Even though the basic floor texture (chequered) you've used addes a fairly tidy edge, it would still look much better with a neatly trimmed edge. Only other architecture problem I noticed was the area by the Pulse Rifle, where the ramps all meet. I understand that you have awkward angles here, but the join just looks very ugly.

Secondly, layout is quite nice, I found my way around the map fine and didn't have any obvious problems navigating any areas.

Now, on to the problems. ;)

Two HOM errors, one underneath the sniper rifle, next to the light as you look from the Pulse Rifle, the other on a pile of earth below the Ripper when you stand in the corner under the ramp.

BSP problems: One (the biggest) was underneath the wooden ramp by the Redeemer, you can see straight through the bottom part of the ramp. :P Next was on the grills/bars you used throughout the level, it looks like you've tried to make a thins ( 1 or 2 UU) thick shape, then used a masked texture, or transparencies, which have led to these. Usually, this is done by creating a 2-sided sheet and an Invisible Collision Hull. If you're already using this method, then I don't know. :P Speaking of ICHs, the should add one on each of the windows as mentioned by IndySkyz above.

One last niggle. :) The large blocks that are scattered under the Ripper, to represent a broken floor are partly in the wall. It's nothing major, but I noticed it. :)

Sicko Teddy
06-13-2005 01:50 PM MDT
Rating: 8.5 
i like it when people add together greenish grass and archi! definite download!
It looks so classic UT! awesome!

well if you make those twisted angles in 3Dmax and then import brush - you woun't get any BSP holes.
it is a problem with the UED brush that creates some wierd tesselation that you don't see.
I made a giant terrain with twisted stuff and textures in 3DMAX and imported it as 1 huge brush and added it. after rendering I got 0 BSP holes - even though the construction of the brush was so awkward in geometry!

06-13-2005 04:28 PM MDT
Rating: 7.5 
>Cool map, especially with the dirt mounds and angles. A few things though, I saw a few small HOMs on a dirt pile but it wasn't enough to effect anything, the minigun ammo was partway into the floor, and there was too much power in the middle. I mean weapon wise, the redeemer, RL, mini, and thighpads? I think it is a little too much. The bots do thier work well and in the end it is a well built map.

07-08-2005 01:30 PM MDT
Rating: 9.5 
this map does rocks , I was wondering if anyone knew of any DM- Maps based on u.s.a city's like N.Y. cailfornia etc. if so lemme know please

Keep Up Da Good work


07-08-2005 06:23 PM MDT
Try these,some city maps and stuff.

07-10-2005 01:23 AM MDT
Redfist............ Thanks for that listing of maps. They totally rock! Why arent these maps here on Nali?

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