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Wed, January 16, 2019
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Map Info

GametypeUT Capture the Flag
Date Added06-08-2005
File Version1.00
File Size3.36 mb
Player Count14-26
Map DescriptionDESCRIPTION :A large Skaarj hall with a water filled bottom and the usual Skaarj ramps. Swimfan was intended primarily for LAN use so the medium player count.Needs some decent team strategy and coordination to capture the flag.

CONSTRAINTS for design:
1) flag should be tough to get if your a one-man-army type guy.
2) Snipers cannot cover the flag - sp with auto-aim on
3) Action should be a bit in the centre rather than the bases
Review Rating5
User Rating6
Overall Rating6.0


ReviewerArcadiaVincennesAwe Score: 1.5/3
Date07-05-2005Build Score: 2.0/3
Review SchemaCast Score: 1.5/3
User Point: +1
Overall Score: 6.0/10

CTF-Swimfan (UT99)

An intrepid map that tries to do a lot and doesn't quite accomplish it all. A largr ctf map with a very exposed upper area, and a less exposed, but submerged lower area. An applaudable effort for a beginner but, like many beginner maps, is more of a dissappointment than otherwise.

AWE: 1.5

To begin, the author obviously put a lot of time into the texturing. A fairly good variety, competantly applied and aligned, with the occasional error, and in general, not a bad effort. Taking his inspiration perhaps from the Skarjj the author decorated the map with Skaarj-based textures and for the most part, it looks like a decent job. The main problem with the textures is based on how the lighting was implemented so I'll move onto the lighting section to address that...
The light was over saturated and overabundant. The various shades used did help landmark the map visually, but almost all the lights overpowered the textures so that the textures became the color of the light. One of the balances in lighting and texture work is how to play one off the other so that the light doesn't look like a boring white light, and the texture maintains is color and definition. The optimal achievement occurs when the player receives the impression that the light is colored, but the texture still maintains is color and yet blends with the lighting color at the same time. This balance was effectively thrown to the lighting side, stirred up, and then sflung over the textures in various shades of blue, red, orange, and green. Altogether a rather off-putting rainbow is created over the majority of the map with the green water forming a somewhat unappealing backdrop to the whole scheme. To be fair, not all the lighting cast such saturated color, but the combination of the colors, radii, and brightness created a somewhat ambient technicolor feel to the lighting through much of the map.
The architecture was fairly unique with truncated structures and sloping ramps featured heavily through the map. The overall gestalt was an interesting mix of perhaps Skarrj-based architecture and something postmodern. The largest form distinction being the upper areaís walls and ceiling. For the remainder of the map, one is reduced to somewhat of a mťlange of shapes used to form pathways, and pathway limitations that seem to adhere to function rather than form. On the distinctly down side, there was not much, if any trim to be had. Textures but up against each other with no visual separation and this chaffes both with the textureing, but also with the architecture. Not terribly great overall, but, again, a fairly good effort from a beginner.
In all, the texturing and lighting combined to make something that was more unattractive than otherwise. Combined with the ambitious geometry of the ceiling, and the broken, sunted geometry of the lower areas, the overall impression is that it is a good first foray into the editor as a tool to create beauty, but lacks general aesthetics in the combination of the three.

BUILD: 2.0

Despite non-alignment of many brushes, the build is otherwise pretty good. There are numerous triggers that all seem to work well. The lifts do their job just fine. The teleporters also function appropriately. The bots will use these, particularly the teleporters, but the lifts they donít seem to have much use for. Still, given the layout of the map, the bots do recognize that the quickest way to move from one side of the map does not involve lifts. There is a distinct lack of ambient sound however; not one actor. Instead, theyíre attached to the various movers as ambient sound. Granted there is not much of an opportunity for ambient sound variance here, it would have been better to attempt ambient sound actors instead of/in addition to the mover ambients. The botpathing is also fairly well done between the triggers, lifts, teleporters, and alternatepaths. However the author used too many pathnodes in general.
Overall not a bad build. The author deserves some credit for attempting triggers this early in his mapping career. Too many pathnodes, misaligned brushes, and odd implementation mar the build.

CAST: 1.5

The main problem with the gameplay is that the top area is too open and the snipers given too easy a task to take you down, and the alternate route, underwater, forces you to move too slowly thus giving your enemies an advantage in hitting you Ė especially with hitscan weapons. The lifts to help evasion a bit but they travel perpendicularly to the two primary routes so youíre always forced into a disagreeable alternative route. The second big problem is the framerate. Although the map is zoned, it does nothing to improve the framerate due to the layout so any advantage it may have given is wiped away by the overall level design. This may not be a problem on new PCs, but on mid to low-spec PCs, youíll likely see some FPS problems. The weapon layout is satisfactory. The location of the keg in the center is decent but the bots have a problem grabbing the shield belts, for some reason.
In general the map is a challenge to navigate but not really in a good way. Too open above and too slow beneath means youíll either need a whole bunch of excellent supporting teamwork, or you need to play with people that are horrible snipers. Add the low FPS to the equation and the map just isnít very interesting to play.

Overall, for a beginnerís map, itís not bad. The texture work is fairly good but the lighting and trimwork need a lot of development. The architecture is interesting but a bit helter-skelter. The build is good in some respects, but grid alignment and also pathnode spacing need work. As for the gameplay, itís a bit sub-par. Itís not bad, per se, but needs a new design to work better. For CTF addicts, who are starving for a new map, go grab it. For everyone else, I leave the final decision to you.

Map Comments

06-11-2005 05:59 PM EDT
BACKGROUND :This is my first map. It started as a box from the "a first functional map" tutorial on unreal wiki and evolved into this so there are parts of the map that are, well, beginner type.(Like the lifts)

[Admin : Author has been changed, you can now edit the map details.
Use crtl+alt+drag mouse in a 2d window to select and duplicate large amounts of brushes.
To jordi : SGTech1 is an official UT Bonuspack file. Install the bonuspacks.]

[EDIT] : Some Comments on the lighting, build/architecture, weapon placement and stuff are welcome so i can improve on my second map.

To jordi: .umod is not a map file. Double click it and keep pressing next.

06-09-2005 01:15 AM EDT
Rating: 4 
Well, it's unique in a way. It's well what you'd expect for a first map, this is a bit more different then some of the first time maps i've seen.

In any case, there are a few problems with the map. The first being the high poly count when looking down the hall. Second is the fact that it's too wide open, making capping the flag very difficult.

The bots are iffy but at least they work, they'll grab the flag and such, but due to the cramped level design, they won't make it very far with the flag, neither will you, so be prepared for some long matches.

Some of the textures kind of suck, like the one's on the lifts are just gross looking. Personally i'd rip out the lifts altogether and just make ramps.

Well it's not horrible, it's got it's quirks, but for a first time map, it's okay, i wouldn't say it's amazing or anything.

Also i think the map name is kind of odd, i don't think it fits this map too well imho.

06-11-2005 03:01 AM EDT
Where is the file for the package 'SGTech1'?

-I do not manage to install the file: UTBonusPack.umod

he have an icon of map but this one always shows mistake

Sicko Teddy
06-09-2005 12:21 PM EDT
SG Tech is in the UT BonusPack. (also in the UT GOTE edition)

06-09-2005 09:16 PM EDT
lol , that problem is getting odd...

06-16-2005 05:02 PM EDT
Rating: 8 
A very good team play map. It is very difficult to capture the flag alone but with the help from team mates it can be done. Only drawback is the large team size and high poly count. Good for a first timer.

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