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Sun, June 26, 2022
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Map Info

GametypeUT Deathmatch
Date Added06-01-2005
File Version1.00
File Size1.06 mb
Player Count7
Map DescriptionThis was the first map you see as you started the Quake1 game (the map running before you hit new game)And the 3rd map in singleplayer. It was also the "timedemo demo1" wich we all ran to check our FPS.The original author 8 years ago was
e1m3; The Necropolis -- by Tim Willits

I only wish I had changed the size for UT, however it's not too crampy, it is actualy ok. All the movers and sounds are in there,also I made it look like while in Quake 1 as much and as close as I could. This level is to keep Quake 1 memories around, and it's not too bad to play either, especialy if you were a Quake1 gamer. Check it out !!!

Special note for nalicity,this map was here before,but I had to fix a few bot problems,removed a few zones and changed the texture file but did not rename it,the map file is renamed.And this is 100% the way I want it to look.So please if you don't have GLquake on your desktop to compare this level,those comments will be less important.
Thanks to whomever checks it out.
Review Rating5
User Rating6
Overall Rating6.0


ReviewerGnome and SapperAwe Score: 1.5/3
Date08-16-2005Build Score: 2.0/3
Review SchemaCast Score: 1.5/3
User Point: +1
Overall Score: 6.0/10

REVIEWER: Gnome and Sapper
DATE: Tuesday, August 16th, 2005

by redfist

AWE: 1.5
BUILD: 2.0
CAST: 1.5


SAPPER: I'm a DOOM fan myself and I really didn't like quake at all. Gnome of course knew this which is why he picked a map to emulate that awful game.
GNOME: And unlike Sapper here, I like to try new things whether it turns out good or not.

GNOME: My compliments to redfist for an excellent rendition of the original Quake map. They're almost identical. Theme is obviously clear. Lighting was not as good as the original, but texturing was close to perfect if your goal was to clone it.
SAPPER: I am not impressed by remakes of things I've already seen. And I'm certainly not down with remaking something more than a decade old. Seriously, is there no originality nowadays?

GNOME: Definately the map's strong point. Imported Quake sound effects, tons of fully functional movers, quake-style teleports, hidden rooms and moving walls. Excellent brushwork and use of zones. It was like playing Quake.
SAPPER: Let me reiterate that I did not like that game! Anyway, for all the picky people out there, it should be noted that there were two minor HOMs that I think were the fault of a zoning problem as there was nothing wrong structually to create them. Surprisingly few polys. Should play on anyone's ten-year-old computer.

GNOME: I liked how the bots seemed to know where everything is and how to open doors and stuff.
SAPPER: I disliked how the bots in this map aren't the brightest of the bunch. When it came to collecting powerups and weapons and everything really, and when it came to killing, there were more than adequate to the task. But there are a couple of areas in the map where they get stupid and start firing their translocators at walls.
GNOME: Some more work needs to be put into item placement which leads to flow. The map did have a decent gameplay for what was originally designed to be a single-player start-to-finish type game. Not a bad job in my opinion.
SAPPER: One of these days NC will have a poll asking people whether they like your opinion better or mine.

GNOME: If you've ever played Quake and liked it, go ahead and download this map.
SAPPER: If you're like me and can't stand it, there are alot of other maps out there to choose from.

Map Comments

08-17-2005 02:45 AM MDT
wow 41 downloads,hope a few got good quick quake blast.
and for the critics,it was real hard to not improve it,to really use new 3d engine stuff,but I just kept it this way,as it looks in quake.

You might say I redid these quake1 maps with a thinking more of a museum type of restoration.

One last note,I purposly left those editor light actor sprites unhidden for the fun of it after all they are torches heh.

OMG........Thanx GNOME ,not to sure about that sapper guy though, hehe

06-24-2005 04:14 PM MDT
Rating: 6 
Hm this place is nothing but unfriendly and in no way constructive, wheres the spirit or do the most people here only map and are no players? :/ Quake (and Duke3D) doesN*t suck, remember our EgoShooter Roots
Welll first to say it plays nice, you are right it could have been bigger so the actual walk speed of Q1 would have been emulated. The ground seems slippery (did you change the tracktion? That*s fun ;))
Some flaws:
Everytwhere in the map, the bricks (walls) are all not deteriorating properly into each other at the next brush. I use to spend entire afternoons with that as I have the time - but not everyone can effort this time I know. However at the gate with
the metal stubs out of the wall, there are 2 light icons that must be set to hidden-true as they are visible. You forgot them I think :)

Once in 2003 I wanted to build the Palace of Hate (Quake 1s 4th World Level 4) as it would make a great UT map. But I did not knew how to transport it in proper properties and size.

06-24-2005 06:49 PM MDT
Rating: 7.5 
This is a classic!
This map along with the other Q1 maps is where we learned to play FPS !!!
Cool to be able to play them with the unreal engine....


Fodder McFly
06-28-2005 03:55 AM MDT
Rating: 5 
"So please if you don't have GLquake on your desktop to compare this level,those comments will be less important."


Not bad for a conversion, but I'm going to rate it accordingly, because it's a copy of a really old, bland looking map.

I would still rather play Deck40 and LastCrusader][.

Of course, who am I to say, I don't have GLquake, so this comment is less important anyways....right?

06-30-2005 02:36 PM MDT
Rating: 2.5 
boring and overrated architecture, lighting is aweful.
if ur making a quake map, atleast make it look like a quake map.

08-17-2005 10:58 PM MDT
Rating: 8 
I let the lack of oringanilty slide, because you can't exactly play quake with UT things, but you can play UT with quake things, which is all kinds of awesome.

I personally love playing remade things from other games, because most the default UT stuff has already gotten old, it's nice to see things like this to spice it up.

Maps like this remind us oldskool gamers to know our roots ^^,

Hoose Bin Pharteen
09-01-2005 01:30 AM MDT
Rating: 8 
Not bad at all! A pretty good remake Redfist! Nice use of original textures and sound effects. Made me remember the early days of fps.

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