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Fri, December 8, 2023
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Map Info

GametypeUT Capture the Flag
Date Added05-05-2005
File Version1.00
File Size2.5 mb
Player Count4-10
Map DescriptionIndrustial CTF map Low poly (100-250)
Review Rating8
User Rating7.5
Overall Rating8


ReviewerArcadiaVincennesAwe Score: 2.5/3
Date05-15-2005Build Score: 2.5/3
Review SchemaCast Score: 3.0/3
User Point: 0
Overall Score: 8/10

CTF-VaultCity (UT99)

Although I'm not quite sure what the map has to do with vaults, it's certainly one of the best UT99 CTF maps I personally have played in a long time.

AWE: 2.5

The author did include some custom textures by other community authors. Worked in together with retail textures the effect is a bit of a fresh take on a fairly familiar theme. The industrial/warehouse theme has been brightened up by some lighter textures that really remove the drab, monochromatic feel to a lot of that genre map. Although most of the colors remain earth-toned, the contrasts between lighter and darker colored textures really helps remove the feeling of homogeneity that most industrial/warehouse UT99 maps suffer from. Most of the textres are well-aligned with very few exceptions and these are minor. Some corner bricks don't fit together perfectly on the horizontal plane but you'll be hard-pressed to notice these. They're really very minor.
Lighting is very well-implemented through the map. Althought most of the lighting is white/off-white throughout the map, it's probably the best use of white light I've seen. More color variation would be welcome - especially to provoke greater contrasts between the light/dark textures by subtle hue illumination. There are some nice shadow effects and 'pools' of light spotted around the map. Some areas do tend toward a slightly ambient-lit feel but overall the light's used nicely.
Architecture is somewhat simplistic overall, but it's fit into the theme extremely well. It seems polished and well thought-out and flows from room to room with subtle yet significant changes that really help bring all the spaces together.
The texturing is very nice with lighter industrial/warehouse textures blended into the more standard darker ones to create a fresher look to the theme. The lighting is very well implemented but some more color variation would have brought off the theme better and helped define the areas better. The architecture flows through the map bringing continuity through the map's different areas.

BUILD: 2.5

The build is quite good. Although the arhitecture is simplistic there's some nicely detailed BSP work and it all fits together well. Not an HOM to be seen. The lifts work well and the bot pathing seems to be exemplary. The only build downside IMO, is that the ambient sounds don't stand up to the quality of the rest of the map. There are a few that are small/medium range and seem to be mostly locational. Again, IMO, a mix of general, locational, and triggered really help create a believable area - a map thatseems more 'alive' than others. And with the ambient sounds present here, it just doesn't live up to that.

CAST: 3.0

I must say this is the toughest UT99 CTF map I've played with bots in a long time. Perhaps I'm just a little rusty or maybe I just have non-1337 CTF skills but the bots were really all over the flag carrier. They performed very well and it was a pleasure to be this challenged again. I will say they mostly ignored the lifts but they were used now and again. The weapon layout is good with the usual suspects appearing in the usual places - like the flak in a semi-closed area and the RL in a slightly larger, somewhat open area and the shock rifle placed close to the flagroom - although not in it - which is a good thing. There's good flow as I found myself and the bots using pretty much every area and the pickup locations fit very nicely. I was a little suspect of the shield belt location - right in the middle of the map on the second floor. I suppose the risk vs. reward is that although it's very easy to pick up, it's right in the middle of the action. In general, I don't agree with this but IMO, it's a tactic that does work better in CTF matches than DM and it didn't really seem to be affecting gameplay balance so I'll let the issue go. The map is symetrical and although base-specific landmarks are therefore absent in terms of geometry providing directional indiations, the desultory flags do their job in giving direction just fine. Consisting of a simple two levels, there's plenty of z-axis for all and the map flows back and forth swimmingly.
In sum, the gameplay is where it's at. Nothing new to see, it's just standard gameplay done right and done well. I would like to have seen a little bit more/better connection between the two floors as the lifts are small/narrow. But I can't give this a 2.75 so I'll round up to 3.0.

VaultCity is a pretty map - not beautiful, just pretty - that plays with the industrial/warehouse theme and gives it a fresh coat of paint. The lighting is good, if lacking in variation, and the architecture supports the flow of the gamplay. The gameplay is some of the best UT99 CTF gameplay I've played in a long time and if you're a CTF fan, you'd be remiss in trying this map. Even for those that only play it occasionally, this one is worth the download.

Map Comments

05-05-2005 01:38 PM MDT
Another KaMi map... d/l... post feedback later

05-16-2005 02:08 PM MDT
Rating: 7.5 
hey cool - hey kami where u bin !?
looks fast n fun rom teh pix - will dl and comment later ... :)

pretty decent map k ... nice and clean - maybe bit bright, dunno - big plus is it ran fast on my old p3 pc so that's good for everyone, not just athalon/p4 peeps - this would be good online ctf too ... looking forward to your next stuff, especially teh 2k4 levels :)

ps - haha ripper sux, imo, gloop is always fun in high spots!!!

05-15-2005 06:01 PM MDT
Hey dude, i was making some secret maps for 2k4 that will come soon :)

EDIT:Thx for the coments :)
EDIT2:Wow! thanks very much for the review Arcadia :)
Btw Another ctf map is coming soon.

05-05-2005 05:51 PM MDT
Hey my favourite mapper is back. I'd love to see another UT99 DM from you, this map looks kick ass ill play it later.

05-05-2005 06:39 PM MDT
Rating: 7 
Awesome, another KaMi map, that alone should get a download, KaMi is a great mapper (one of my favorites).

Anyway, this map isn't too bad. It has great texturing, bots work well, some Z-Axis, nice lighting, good flow. Only problem i had was it wasn't really new it felt like i played it all too much before.

But it's still a descent map that everyone should download, just to check out.

P.S. - I hope KaMi keeps making UT99 maps, because he does them very good.

05-05-2005 07:29 PM MDT
Rating: 7.5 
hey very good KaMi...another good map... i prefer your old map but thats just a question of taste :P..
the shining point of your map is the texture's match and the gameplay...
the architecture is a little sample but excellent, very effective ...
the lightning is pretty good to but maybe a little too bright...
I dont like your sky ... I think it could be more original , but probably this piece match with the theme of your map...question of opinion here again.
Really like the gameplay and the simplicity of your map...Very Good! surely better than mine...:p

P.S= stay good , i cant wait to see another of your good work.

05-06-2005 01:25 AM MDT
Rating: 7.5 
very nice. looks pretty damn good. has a great layout for CTF. just good over all

05-15-2005 05:38 PM MDT
Rating: 7 
Yeah the layout isn't bad, but I expected a little more gameplaywise. You said the map is lowpoly and therefore I won't subtract anything for that. Texturing is ok, maybe a little repetive because of Lowpoly. Lighting was alright, found it a little bright and without contrasts, bots work well.
Overall a solid seven.
EDIT: You got no 45° ramps in there. Thumbs up!
EDIT2: I found the review overrated in terms of cast.

05-09-2005 08:29 PM MDT
Rating: 8 
Welcome back Kami ;) with your Old Unreal map :)

05-15-2005 07:53 AM MDT
Rating: 7.5 
i like Kami's maps, and pretty much liked this one too
but i dont like the absence of the ripper for example, i dont understand why people dont put ripper and bio in many maps, even if most people dont use them, some do use them, and besides in CTF i think all the weapons should be available :E

05-17-2005 01:20 PM MDT
Rating: 8 
Minus three points for having a random crate in your level, KaMi. :(

Just kidding. ;)

Another excellent level. Congratulations, KaMi.

Now that you've covered Deathmatch and Capture the Flag, KaMi, maybe you could bless us with a fantastic Domination map, too, followed by a mindblowing Assault mission? Maybe. :D

Keep 'em coming, kaMi!

It's nice to see that all the people who still play what is arguably the best version of Unreal Tournament can still enjoy fantastic maps. :D

05-20-2005 12:30 AM MDT
Rating: 9 
Excellent. Definantly a different style of play from the typical Kami map but still one of the best.

07-02-2005 03:20 AM MDT
Rating: 6.5 
This one is pretty similar to Gataka, not quite there in textures though. This map is oversized too. Really, it slows movement. Though I did have a lot of fun playing it. Way too much armor though, I didn't think flag runs were that tough.

Architecture leaves a lot to be desired too. Crates are and always will be a shitty excuse for real geometry. I'm glad there were less in Gataka.

But, it really was fun. Don't get me wrong.

11-13-2005 02:48 PM MST
Rating: 9.5 
ohhh .. niCe .. Good texture , good gameplay

01-06-2006 06:50 PM MST
Rating: 6 
... ok map. Nothing more...

01-07-2006 12:17 AM MST
Rating: 7.5 
Kudos to Kami for continuing to make UT99 maps. I have 2k4 but prefer the "in your face" game play of the original UT. And appreciate being able to get good framerates on my old system (1ghz), and I like the layout.

Having said that: Bots were formidable first time I played it, but after a few rounds I had 'em figured. On defense one can stand near your own home base with the shock rifle and get monster kills as the bots swarm in groups after the flag. On offense, sneak over the top route, grab the flag then go back on the top, a bot will take the lift to try to catch you but feed him a face full of rockets, then jump back down to the lower level and cap. Rinse and repeat. I'm not a great flag capper, but was successful with that strategy three times straight with bots on adept, 14 total players.

03-07-2006 02:15 AM MST
Rating: 7.5 
Classic UT CTF style....

03-07-2006 11:37 PM MST
Rating: 7.5 
Instant classic

05-15-2006 07:27 PM MDT
Rating: 8.5 
Another good CTF map from KaMi. I'm very picky about CTF map layouts and this easily made my list.

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