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Sun, July 25, 2021
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Map Info

GametypeUT2k4 Deathmatch
Date Added04-23-2005
File Version1.00
File Size6.72 mb
Player Count2-4
Map Description
Review Rating --
User Rating7
Overall Rating --


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Map Comments

04-23-2005 09:34 PM MDT
Rating: 8.5 
Another good map,very fun,easy to see bots,and that Zaxis everyone is belly aching about.
Very good map for servers,I would run it in a sec.

JUGG....Yes your right about that.
I seen the charcoal black effect as well,and a zonelight I set all my maps to a minimum of 2,but I didn't mention it here because if you think you can hide there or anyware for very long on this map,it didn't effect this level.And those areas are small enough to get past fast.

Also when you think about it,people are getting better at this editor,kinda like it's an outside map,that plays like an all inside map.
Therefore getting the niceties of good gameplay and ut2004 "outside" handling of graphics,compared to UT.

See,the drawback of BSP means you have a subtracted brush;you can..
1 walk on floor
2 bump into walls
3 create a "falling off" map
But if you need to create a ground and walk forever without falling off or ever bumping (walk endless loop)
hence UT2004 engine or unreal2 along with better skies.
So this map uses the best of both,(and others).it's placed smoothly in an outside looking area,but has some killer fraggen.

One last thing,I kinda like the dirty look of this map,it is original.

04-23-2005 04:39 PM MDT
Rating: 7.5 
I like it. Quick, fun, and the lack of a wide variety of textures was actually a bonus for me. Bad? I would have loved to have access to the roof... and the beach. Possible?

04-23-2005 08:35 PM MDT
Rating: 7 
its nice. nice layout, plenty of z-axis fighting, nice visuals. one thing that bugged me was in the indoor areas, it was almost pitch black. you should of placed toarchs indoors or turned up the ambient brightness because from how bright it was outside, it shouldnt be pitch black inside.

but the map is good :)

04-23-2005 09:28 PM MDT
Rating: 7 
i like this map, its got good gameplay and pretty ok visuals. the things that bothered me are:

-lack of detail, this could be mistaken for a (very good) ut99 map. need static meshes.

-almost no lighting besides the sky and 2 torches inside, you have lots of very dark areas. some blue-ish lighting in the dark areas with more torches would really add to the atmosphere.

-very few textures, its a bit bland with the same textures used over and over again. one thing that really was strange to me was the broken tiles, the texture under the tiles was the same as the tiles.

04-24-2005 12:09 PM MDT
Rating: 8 
I love the Mediterranean theme, and all the foliage everywhere. Very nice job, good flow, and action.

04-24-2005 02:08 PM MDT
Rating: 4.5 
Must just be me, am jumping off the high score bandwagon. Didnt like the layout or the lighting. Seems kinda unfinished to me.

04-24-2005 05:28 PM MDT
Rating: 7 
The floorplan is just great, you have to play it.
And the visuals are... different, quite realistic but definately not ugly.
Though there are some things that could have been improved, like the black dot in the sky. I always looked at it when jumping to the upper shield.
The terrain is extremely detailed, which isnt nessecary - you dont look at it while playing.

But still its a 7.0 because of the floorplan.

04-24-2005 09:52 PM MDT
Rating: 7 
i would have enjoyed this more had there been more detail, and a more varied layout. i didn't mind the monochromatic texture use but without extra detail, it falls a bit flat. beach access would have been nice, and better lighting indoors would have added more atmosphere. i agree that this seems unfinished, although hardcore players will probably enjoy the nearly mesh-less environment.

04-25-2005 01:58 PM MDT
Rating: 7 
The layout is good, but I feel all the platforms have almost the same width. The brushwork is excellent, but I miss more detail and more meshes, especially in the arcs. With more sounds and/or music it would have been much better. The waterfall emmmiter hurts my framerates, and the shock rifle room is a little cramped. No much more to say, not a bad map, worth the download...

04-25-2005 03:34 PM MDT
Rating: 5.5 

The layout has great potential, plays very good, best with 2vs2. Itemplacement is fine, however I'd welcome the bio instead of flak or link. (tbh I'd take out LG and put there the bio, but that's just my personal preference.)


The visuals are SERIOUSLY LACKING!!! It's almost ambient lit... It has a single lightsource (the sun), the dark corridors and corners are totally dark. Not a single torch, crystal or whatever. It's UNPLAYABLE without UTcomp, and that's a bad thing. It's very annoying that you don't even see the end of the corridor in the middle building in the dark, and you fall down in the flak floor.
The VERY dull, monotone and repetitive texture usage adds to the lack of visuals another hit.
The continous use of flat stairs instead of ramps, or even better, smooth terrain (hint, hint...) in the main spiral is not only annoying, but blocks dodgejumping.

Hint: take a look at ctf-aedes by bot40. You should have used a similar theme, lights, textures, sand, MESHES, etc. and it'd have turned this into a killer ownage map. What you have now is an alpha map. Finetuned gameplay, but with visuals that even UT99 maps top easily.

Gameplay: 7.5 (could be 8.5 with proper lighting)
Visuals: 2.5

The only thing that makes me add more than 5.0 is the quote from my favourite song EVER, however the correct title of it goes "Echoes", not "Echo".

Edit: a minor thing - remove that something (sorry 4 my English) around the flak at my feet. It blocks me when jumping down there (towards the flak from the shield).

Waiting for a visually completely renewed 2.0 version!

04-25-2005 07:55 PM MDT
Rating: 7 
In addition to above mentioned issues, I still liked the feel of this map. Look forward to more from this author.

04-26-2005 03:06 AM MDT
Rating: 7 
A good map for gameplay, the layout is pretty well planned. The look is simple and effective but I question the lighting in some areas of the map.

07-09-2005 03:23 AM MDT
Rating: 8 
Lottsa fun re gameplay, the lighting didn't worry me too much due to my enjoyment of the map itself... but do tend to agree it could be worked on further.

Good map.

07-09-2005 05:40 PM MDT
Rating: 7.5 
D-7 , i don't think the guy really need to use/reproduce the same stuff as CTF-Aedes...

I agree with manticore for the map, it's simple and it plays very well. The lightning is ok, don't worry. I had no problem fraging, everything is pretty visible.

07-09-2005 03:14 PM MDT
Rating: 8 
Any ancient tomb or Mayan level dealio will strike my attention. But this one imparticular acted like a magnet. I really like this map, although it could be a bit bigger and have more texture varieties. Good job, really!

07-10-2005 04:24 AM MDT
Rating: 7 
Liked the neat look and layout but not so much the weapon and shield placements. Oh well.

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