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Sat, March 2, 2024
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Map Info

GametypeUT Monster Hunt
Date Added07-14-2005
File Version2.00
File Size10.05 mb
Player Count6-10
Map DescriptionBasically a SP map i made converted to MH , with customs textures , custom weapons , customs monsters ect ....

Careful ; the map is hard , you need to have friends or bots with you !

Story :
During the terra-forming war , skaarj attacked the ZH-106 planet ,called "HellFire" by the colonized humans . They eradicate all the humans in the bases and beginned to build installations and factories . 20 years after the occupation of HellFire by skaarjs , You're send with your team on the planet to stole informations and plans of the skaarj installations . This way , we could organize a attack against skaarjs for recover the planet.

Update : several things fixed . mainly for online play optimizations . I also fixed the botplay and modified things here and here .
Review Rating --
User Rating8.5
Overall Rating --


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Map Comments

04-18-2005 05:09 AM MDT
Rating: 9 
This is obviously the best looking MH map so far. All parts of the map are visually quite pleasing.

The gameplay was quite hard, but not too hard in most parts. Only annoying fight was in the spinner cave where the queen has 20000 health but there's no place to fill Your ammo. I think it took me and my 5 bots 15-20 minutes to kill that thing.

I couldn't find any major flaws in the map either. It played good from start to finish. Definitely worth downloading this.

-edit: to nuttella-

Heh yea it might be a bit hard to some since I managed to die 5 times. Betatesters fault obviously :P

Master roshi
04-14-2005 05:37 PM MDT
Edome keeps giveing me a 0kb file and the other downloads eithor don't work or is getting ssssllllllloooooowwwww connection. 20 min on cable give me a break. the other servers must upgrade from their 56k's before I use them.

04-17-2005 12:38 PM MDT
Rating: 10 

Good Job,Derdak2rot!!

04-17-2005 02:40 PM MDT
Rating: 7.5 
Big map but is good

07-16-2005 08:39 AM MDT
Thanks guys for your comments !

For the Queen cave , i simply forgot to put ammo in , sorry about that !

thanks again !

Edit : LOL nutt and cardi !

edit to Liquidsteel : try to backup the mismatch files and download them from the server .
the last version of MH is 5.03 i think .
check this site :

07-28-2005 06:32 PM MDT
Rating: 9 
Jeez, Derdak, did you decide Xidia and 7Bullets were too easy? Beautiful map, but too HARD. Must be the beta tester's fault ;)

edit- Don't change the difficulty just because I'm a n00b. It's actually a lot of fun once you know what to expect.

04-24-2005 02:08 PM MDT
Rating: 8 
I played it quickly and noticed several moments when bots would run on place, run in circles or try to go through closed doors. You can do better. ;)

07-17-2005 04:10 PM MDT
Rating: 10 
I recently discoverd Monster Hunt maps. This map is my absolute favorite. I really wish I was talented enough to create maps, I would make a whole bunch of mh maps. I have tried to make maps, but there is noooooooooo way I'm going to submit them, or myself to serious and justifiable ridicule.


When I try to play Monster Hunt games online, I get this message that says "MH mismatch" and I am unable to play. Does anyone have an upgrade or a patch for Monster Hunt?

Added for Derdak2rot:

That worked, thank you very much. I have downloaded all of your MH maps........... 10's across the board. I can only suggest that someone make a "city" map with lots of monsters to kill. Id like to see something along the lines of Washington D.C. I know I'm asking for a lot, but walking into the White House and blasting monsters sounds like fun to me. Or some other historical building.

07-17-2005 01:51 PM MDT
Rating: 9 
It's a good one. Perfect visuals, full of action, and a lot of time to travel through.

ça c'est du bon boulot mon gars !

07-18-2005 01:05 AM MDT
Rating: 8 
I enjoy this map a lot! xD gogo!

01-04-2006 09:27 AM MST
Rating: 10 

01-04-2006 01:38 PM MST
Rating: 8.5 
oehhhh nice new gun :P

05-18-2006 05:30 AM MDT
Rating: 7.5 
I d/led MH yesterday and i was very disappointed bu the maps included and by the crappy bot quality but this map really turned things around. The visuals are great although your newer maps look better IMO and the lighting was very good and moody but a bit bland at times. The theme was perfectly executed and the sounds were very immersive. I agree, this map is hard but it's lots of fun. Flow was generally good but there were some long empty corridors that were a bit boring. The fights were great except for the cave with the spinners there just were to many damn webs and i just couldn't see anything.
All in all I believe this is what MH should be like. Now i'm off to check out some more of your MH maps.

05-18-2006 09:11 AM MDT
Rating: 8.5 
This is one of the best MH of everytime (but there aren't a lot of MH maps...).
It's a bit hard (especially because I play at high speeds...) and the final boss (Scarred One... who has never played 7B?) don't seem too dangerous. And I hate the Pupaes and the Spinners...

AWE 2.5/3.0
BUILD 3.0/3.0
CAST 2.5/3.0
USER +0.5/3.0

TOTAL 8.5/10

@Cooloola: all the MH maps have some small (or bigger) bot problems. Try to make a MH map and after taste the pain... In my MH you can find some example of bad bot-pathing (The bots follows some Waypionts, but you cannot link the WayPoints to the monsters. And they don't understand when there is a closed door. lol).

02-17-2008 11:26 PM MST
Rating: 7 
If you have played this more than once, it is a nice map, however I played this on a server the other day with around 6 newbies and no one knew where to go or to push the switches (okay the switches thing is their fault for being newbies and of course they "farm" the sliths). I just felt there was too much backwards and forwards.

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