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Map Info

GametypeUT2k4 Deathmatch
Date Added05-05-2005
File Version2.00
File Size22.17 mb
Player Count3 - 9
Come on in frag- lovers, here you find everything you love, what we don´t have, you don´t want.
But if you find a better map- just play it!

As you might guess, I tried to make something "From Dusk till Dawn".On the one hand,I tried to stay close to the original from the Film.On the other hand I invented some other rooms (with ideas from other films like Van Helsing - the vampireeggs) and added inside the main room a balcony for z-axis action. You can open additional ways by shooting the windows. I played arround a bit, so there are a some moveable and destroyable things. If you have troubles with framerate, you can lower the physics and world detail, this will let a lot of the decoration disappear and give you a boost in fps. Also the textures are mostly high detail, lowering the texture detailscale works the same.

Update Version 2: This update is mainly for servers, which means all the custom pickups (holywater, garlic, gogo-girls) and emitters are now working in networkplay,too.
But I also improved the botpathing of the doors and on the roof.
+ Some more minor tweaks.
Review Rating --
User Rating7.5
Overall Rating --


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Map Comments

Evil Snack
03-28-2005 04:18 PM MST
You know, I'm kinda glad that there isn't a screenshot....

Sorry, it's just the name that made me somewhat glad there was't one but now there is!

03-28-2005 04:16 AM MST
is it awfull then ?

05-05-2005 04:56 PM MDT
Rating: 8 
I've been coming to NC for a long time but I've never been inclined to register until now. Something about this map has inspired me to the extreme. I'll let you know later if it was worth it.

ok back again.

gotta say-- very creative, visuals are good, interesting map. I like it. I'd give it an 8

what I like:
-played this normally and on instagib with low grav. was fun either way.
- the whole theme is great, it's a good change from what we've seen so far.
- the bots played pretty good but they were weak, they only killed me when I stopped to stare at the adrenaline.
- played pretty good on all axes- there is plenty of up and down and side to side.
- I thought the holywater health viles was a great addition. fit the theme well.

what I would like to have seen:
- the vehicles outside are ok but it would have been great if you could have blown them up. that kinda goes for some of the decorations inside too. I like breaking glass and stuff like that. I could also imaging the fun you could have blowing up the water tank but that could be a huge undertaking.
- the map is small, more than 4 or 5 players gets really crowded. maybe some additional rooms in the basement or the top floors.

what I didn't like:
- I played this a couple of times like I said, it got old after that. that's probably because it's such a small map.
- the bots were weak. I played at masterful and only died twice.
- no redeemer? that's a shame. I could really dig nuking the bar patrons at least once in a game.

In all it was a lot of fun. reminded me a lot of a map someone put out years ago called Adult theater. (I loved that map- still play it from time to time) This one is really in that category as well. I really like it but I probably won't play it that much. Still it's definately worth the download. great work dude, keep it up!

03-28-2005 10:33 PM MST
Rating: 8 
Pretty much agree with Mozart, this Map is very nice with lots of great detail from Decorative Items that fit the theme to Sounds and Music. Everything in this Map fits the theme and nothing seems to be missing. Also includes some very nice Emitters, at least one well done Projector, and at least 1 good implementation of Karma. Custom Adrenaline(took me awhile to figure that out ;) )and Health Vials add to the theme.

There are a couple of things in the Map that some will find offensive(strippers and Pentagrams), but if that stuff doesn't bother you Download this Map for sure.

03-29-2005 12:01 PM MST
Rating: 8 
Brilliant, good to see proper custom content on the scene, reminds me a little of DM-DangerousCurves and that map ownes aswell!

I am all for originality and you've got it, i aim at this with my mapping too.

My comments on why it didnt score higher:


Too dark, lights' radius' are too small, and on the outside, it is at night, but i can't see much, a full moon with lighting to match would have been a nice touch.


Could have improved with say, some of the upper roof hatches on the sides being open, and a redeemer on the roof:)

I also feel it lacks a little polish.

P.S. boo to ayone who comments without a rating!!!

03-29-2005 05:03 PM MST
Thanx for all the comments and ratings!

I was thinking over the lighting (darkness) a while, in the end I decided to keep it as it is (there are also some guys who like it darker), if it´s too dark, you can ajust the brightness,gamma, contrast in the game settings.
Hope that is not to much effort for the players.

I didn´t put in the ´deemer cause there is already the ionpainter, think one superweapon is enough for the size of the map.
I choose the painter cause it doesn´t work inside, one redeemermissile in the mainroom and everybody is dead,
outside you can run or hide, so the chance are better.
But,yes, I know there are a lot of people who would like the deemer more...

03-31-2005 09:22 PM MST
Rating: 7 
Well,,,the bats are cool,i like the outside area for fighting,the level does have some cool things done to it.At the price of filesize and FPS it aint worth it,seems to me you could do singleplayer maps better for the way you have the effects and things in it.
Map is a tad to big considering the halls and rooms and such then adding that to the outside.
Not a level I would play,I wish the inside had diferent colored walls or somthing,between the red brown orange,outside and the red brown orange inside kinda degrades the cool things you have in there.

Just to clarify,a 5 is a good map,the scores around here are way to high,so dont think I am rating it "average" but .5 added seems about right.

Also the filesizes of these "DM" maps are way out of line,man i downloaded 3 fricking maps,wich was 100 meg unzipped is rediculas.

ok i give,you did do some cool stuff 7 should be about right.

05-06-2005 06:35 AM MDT
Rating: 8.5 
Cool Map!
Always loved the film!

There are a lot of gimmicks and funny details, I got nearly killed as I laughed about the toilet and that farts from the neighbor. The moving lights are cool, but in Invasion, they kill performance (lots of monsters shooting arround, lights are moving wild...)

to mozart: Rate the maps in the box on the right, I saw you several times only rating in the text.

to redfist: accept your rating, but 5 is average imo, also you are right, that ratings a bit high here.

But this map deserves it!

To update:
Bots are much faster in the siderooms.
And of course its funny to see the stuff during LAN play (and I can use them for my maps,too ;-) ).

05-11-2005 05:42 AM MDT
Rating: 9 
One can see, there is a lot of effort put in this map.
Lots of details matching the theme (like the holywaterhealthvials and the adrenalingirls).
And still some good gameplay, only the swinging doors are not the best for flow.

Really a great map, luv that song and the entrysound.

@update: Good job

05-05-2005 01:04 PM MDT
i cant download it ,! im getting dead links :(

i love the film so i must play this!

05-05-2005 10:18 PM MDT
Rating: 10 
I Rate 10 I really like that movie too and this map is one of best looking & fun map ! thank you !
I hope you will make more nice & fun Movie map like this ;)

Fuzzy Logic
05-07-2005 10:47 AM MDT
Rating: 5.5 
An OK map in that it plays well enough. No where near some of the ludicrous ratings seen here though.

05-09-2005 01:00 AM MDT
Rating: 9 
I rember this map from ut99 it was 99ish now its 06ish very nice work. took some effort, I play it on instant action and I never ever play instant action. nice work. they are right could have been a bit bigger, but still very nice.

01-27-2008 06:50 AM MST
Rating: 3 
where are the tits?:D

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