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Fri, May 24, 2024
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NaliCity Mothership




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Map Info

GametypeUT Deathmatch
Date Added03-23-2005
File Version1.00
File Size521 kb
Player Count2-6
Map DescriptionNone
Review Rating --
User Rating7.5
Overall Rating --


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Map Comments

03-24-2005 04:16 AM MST
Rating: 8 
>Thsi map is awsome! I know there are some misaligned textures and I tried to fix them when I dl this map but they're the ones that don't like to go together sometimes. I don't know what else to say except dl this map now!

03-24-2005 07:14 AM MST
Hey thanx man,
im planning for es SE edition on this map
just to fix a few things,some textures(not much though)

04-04-2005 09:24 AM MDT
Rating: 8 
Hey, omdat je me een 8 hebt gegeven ;)
die 'lava-rivier' is goed gemaakt vind ik met die stroming lkkr sterk dat je er niet meer uitkomt
in veel maps is de stroming VEEL te zwakjes

Greetz GenMoKai (dennis)

That lava-river is well done made and the velocity of the river is nice and strong
some maps it is just to weak

04-10-2005 05:31 AM MDT
Rating: 8 
A tight layout but it doesn't take anything away from the gameplay. Looks good too.

Worth a download....

04-10-2005 11:49 AM MDT
Rating: 5 
This map is not bad, but I am not sure why it is getting such high scores when maps with more professional graphics and gameplay are getting less. Most of the lighting is not well sourced, and the architecture is very basic. While I like the overall connectivity of the map, too much of it is corridors, and there are some architectural elements that impede smooth movement. My favorite part of the map is the room with the flowing lava. It is a nice visual effect, and this room also shows more professional connectivity. Overall, I see potential here, but this map is still unrefined in terms of gameplay and visuals.

09-19-2005 12:52 PM MDT
Wow, im not sure about this one, i won't rate it, but the layout is really not doing it for me. Just take those random pillards in front of door frame, they are completely killing the map, same for the Narrrrow corridors near the flak pickup. and the colors/texture are very odd together.

The mucis made me fart for a while. I really hate that epic UMX file.

Im sorry but this is not a keeper for me.

09-20-2005 11:16 AM MDT
Im suprised that somebody still commented on this one
Its one of my first maps that I uploaded much later
but I think i can map better now,im working on some maps now that ill release sooner or later

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