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Sun, June 26, 2022
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Map Info

GametypeUT2k4 Deathmatch
Date Added02-22-2005
File Version1.00
File Size5.53 mb
Player Count2 to 10
Map DescriptionThis is basicaly a sniper areana map,I changed the classic sniper rifle for slightly faster refire rate and less smoke in first person view.Also I added the no adrenalin mutator and made the "use sniper" and "use lightning" gun mutators to not have any effect.There may be a bot glitch on the center pole and getting up the side tubes,but I am calling it done,hope everything works right.The lightning gun uses stock settings,you will have to play the map to really see how it is,all the weapons are in there though.
The idea is one must goto the center of the map to teleport to a pillar to get the sniper rifles,you could possibly control the game.
Check it out !!
Review Rating --
User Rating5.5
Overall Rating --


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Map Comments

02-25-2005 06:14 AM MST
Rating: 4.5 
A somewhat 'better' 2k4 map from redfist.
basically there isnt a real layout, just a giant (not 50.000 poly but almost 10.000 poly) dome.

the map is basically a fragfest with lotsa snipers, flakcannons and a deemer on the middle pillar/pole.
(yes there are more weapons I know)
You can get up the pillars/poles trough portals and kickers.
Most of the items are in groups of 3, so no need to worry about being low on ammo :)
On the outside of the dome you have two low-grav tubes that will help you get down without having to hurt your feet.
some of the spikes in the map have touch-damage while some dont, very strange.
Furthermore there are a few blocky thingies to add some height in the map.

Lighting is very simple, the pillars look like they are overlit in a green/blue/red color.
The map has 13 terraininfo's that could easily be reduced to one or two.

And the dome itself is so flat that its almost boring, id suggest to make this a hill-ish terrain as well.

in the top of the dome you have floating leafs for no reason.

When I looked trough the dome, I could look under some of the rocks outside becouse they missed alignment/poly.

Also some of the glas textures look really out of place, and the dome itself (becouse of the glas) looks very weird.

what can I say more.
Bots did their job, but thats no real wonder since the layout is very simple.

some pro's:
Afaik its not a quake/port map :)
it will be fun online (for about 15 minutes, depends on what kind of game you like)
Redfist tried.

Im gong to rate this map, but i have to say im scared that Redfist will see this comment and rating as a flame and rate my maps even lower, while im just being honest and write down what I think is wrong in the map, or doesnt look that good.
Good luck on your next map dude.

I hope he understands :)

edit: just walk around the lowest part of the dome and look outside, you'll notice some gaps.
Yes under the edge :) depends on how you look at it :P

06-06-2005 03:40 AM MDT
No cursed,tiz cool,and ya i did want to make the floor not flat,but I just went with that.Also ware in heck do you see these rocks?
Also I kinda sorta really don't go for this map,but a friend of mine is a sniper hider player so I basicaly did a level like this for them.Map will be fun for those who snipe,but it's really not my cup of tea.
The outside is also very basic,i wanted to add deco layers and things,but wanted to keep the FPS better cause of the large meshes.
But the low smoke classic sniper rifle and refire rate makes it worth playing alot more than the crapy ut04 stock rifle.
One last note ,I totaly despise weapon bases or any other base,so if you see one it's a mistake.

Thanx to whoever checks it out.

Are you talking about seeing holes in the mesh,cause there aint none,OR do you mean you can see under the edge of the terains outside ?

EDIT:: I wouldn't dare ask for a review here,but It would be cool to get G.LECTER and mabey Sandorski's take on it for gameplay.

WELL thanx for the normal comment this time kantham.

Also even though I say it's a sniper areana everyone,ALL the weapons are in there.

Well so far Everything here has bee allmost 100% logical and agreed upon,thanx ALL

it's a great map,to relieve any ut2004 stock sniper rifle crappyness from the stock rifle.Be scared,cause they will get you now heh

02-24-2005 05:19 PM MST
Seeing some promise here Redfist - keep up the good work!
- Deathbliss

02-26-2005 03:24 AM MST
Rating: 6.5 
now i tend to walk a different path and rate maps on imagination and originality, and this map fairs pretty well. i hate all these bloomin' warehouses and crass. if i wanted a warehouse id load up rankin. but here we have something very different, lots of intersting things going on here, i like the dome itself it feels very botanical. the plant life enhances this feel. the air tubes leading to the top of the dome provide releif from the teleporters. i thought having the redeemer an inch above jump height, at the center pillar was a nice touch. only found a few snags, bots found it a little difficult getting of the centre platform, under the redeemer. and when i first loading the map, i spent most of my time collecting ammo for the machine gun, but thats no real problem. all in all a very memorable map, well done.

02-28-2005 11:36 PM MST
Best map from redfist yet.
I am myself impressed by this one.

The plus

-Custom stuff
-Gameplay is maybe good online
-The backgroud

The minus

-Bots don't fit with the map
-The sniper rifle is way too strong the way you modified it , but i liked that you removed that anoying smoke
-The Weapon and shield placement is such spam , you placed the redeemer just over the AMP , and almost all the shield are on towers while i just got cheap 25 healt pad on the ground.

03-03-2005 01:53 PM MST
Rating: 5 
A comment request... uhmm... I felt like a reviewer... I don't want to be a reviewer...
I played it anyway, I hope you find this useful, but keep in mind I don't like very much sniping DM maps:
> The visuals are not bad, but not really good:
- I don't like that grid around the map, it hides the nice outdoor view & sky...
- I feel the buildings too coloured and not fitting with the theme.
- Terrain could have been not so flat...
> The layout is OK to snipe, but I did not have fun with the other weapons...
- I think the z-action is too high, and the walkways are too narrow to dodge, I often fall off and die.
- I would have prefered lifts instead those lowgrav zones.
- The second jumpad that kicks to the Redeemer does not work very well...
> I think there is too many ammo and pickups...
> Bots played well, even they sometimes camped. (I hate that strange ability the bots have to flak me while I am sniping... :D)
Not my favourite kind of map. However, there is a lot of work on it: custom visuals, weapon coding... I give a 5.
Sure this one will be fun in LAN parties...

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