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Sun, June 26, 2022
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Map Info

GametypeUT Monster Hunt
Date Added02-28-2005
File Version2.00
File Size6.25 mb
Player Count4-10
Map DescriptionVersion 2.0
You are teleported on the planet Gryphon with Your team and Your mission is to infiltrate the
Krall base and rescue 2 prisoners. But things don't go as planned and the Krall manage to
interfere the teleportation device onboard Your ship. Now You must find an alternate
way to get back to Your ship.

I fixed the problems which the first version suffered from and tried to get the botsupport better. Unfortunately the map is too "tight" since it was designed for SP gameplay so the bots sometimes have a hard time trying to navigate through it.
Review Rating --
User Rating8.5
Overall Rating --


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Map Comments

03-02-2005 07:49 AM MST
Rating: 9 
Yeah ! Nice Job Card ! good use of Skaarj and Decayeds textures . I loved the part with Queen textures and those pupae jumping on you . Architecture is pretty nice , curved corridors , detailed walkways , nice ! Lightning is well done in indoor parts , just the blue is a little oversatured in outdoor ( maybe its just me ! ) . Gameplay is good in all part . I found the map a little easy to complete and bots have a problem after the skaarj lift ( mentioned in the readme ) but apart that its a pretty well constructed map . Good Job , Card !!

Edit : Im glad you fixed these lift , nice !
but the bots dont follow you to the end boss arena ( which is a pretty cool arena ) , it appears they stuck before the old boss room ( due to the tight espace between the pillars and the walls ). anyway , good job Cardi !

Edit 2 : I modified my rating because i like this map with a very nice atmosphere and pretty nice archi .
cant wait to see your sp-pack finished !

05-14-2006 05:39 AM MDT

Version 2.0 is here with all the worst bugs removed and a completely redone bossfight. Bots are still rather dumb at times and tend to get stuck but they work better if You order them to follow You... Still I recommend to either play it alone or online with other people.

-Edit 2-

Redfist, the botsupport on this map is poor because the map was designed for SP so it has a few too tight spots that doesn't support botpaths. Only way to fix it would be to rebuild those parts.

I suppose the last comment is about 3's monsterhunt server, which isn't my server in the first place. The server belongs to 3 and he decides how it is set up and what is run on it. I'm just the other main admin there.
We have forums for the server on so if You have any questions feel free to ask there.

02-25-2005 10:22 PM MST
I didn't download this version since you are going to make some changes to it in the form of fixing it. I'm anxious to get it so please name the new one with a 2 at the end and post a comment saying the fixed version is up, name it and tell us it's ready. Thanks!

05-09-2006 02:41 PM MDT
Rating: 9 
This is one of the few maps i can never forget. This has good adventure, good story, music to suit the enviroment, everything (exept diffuculty) is fantastic. I lost this map on a different computer that i used to use. Now i found what i was looking for. Memories. Great level!

05-14-2006 12:22 PM MDT
Rating: 7 
Seems like a lot of work on the mapping side of things and it's more of a single player map to me, than MH.
I did get into it,lets say 65% adrenaline feel.
Map is better than it needs to be for MH, and I think it neede a few more and some bigger harder monsters.

Yes the bot has a problem allright, whats wierd is i ordered, attack and it went all the way down to the lift krall room all by itself.
I gave it order to follow and I could lose him somehoe and it would be hanging back not doing a thing.
You did get it to go through some odd spots, ,but the second playerstars it wouldnt come down there at all.And I coudn't die because I spawnd down ther and no way to get him to follow.
The biggest prob is the bot there is definitly somthng funky going on, you might ask Mr Prophet to try it, he might know right away whats up with that bot prob.

Oh ! ADD
I wish you would setup your server slightly different to at least have the enforcer instead of the unreal default gun.

AH, crap, he was on there the last 2 times I was, wish I know that.

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