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Tue, December 5, 2023
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Map Info

GametypeUT Deathmatch
Date Added12-16-2004
File Version1.00
File Size4.63 mb
Player Count3-6
Map DescriptionSmall Map using few of the richrig textures and Rorshach's ClockworkDroid textures. Have fun :)
There is a small story coming along with DM-Vrais:

logfile 12.12.2XXX
Today our sister corporation Vsys Corp. found something wierd, a large red glowing stone deep below the surface.
Neither could their borers nor explosives crack this thing. This will stop us for some time, I guess.

logfile 13.12.2XXX
Still nothing happened. This stone is still there, and because of the darkened sky we have to use lights, strangely the darkening is a happening that should happen in two weeks...

logfile 14.12.2XXX
Something crushed their tools! I can't believe it, most of their tools are broken because of the stone, and the other ones were destroyed somewhen in the past 6 hours. Those guards said they saw strange silhouettes of giant creatures impossible to be human.
The light returned, but now it is red, heavy red clouds cover the whole planet. I wonder if it has something to do with that stone?

logfile 15.12.2XXX
Workers didn't come to work today, after one of them was horribly killed. Too bad! Why does this have to be? Those shadows are getting more and more, and civilians are evacuated. To all exuberance the stone produced some kind of undescribable colored slime which uses to overcome our tools, machines, mines, everything.

logfile 16.12.2XXX
While colonies are evacuating, I am sitting here, waiting that the slime kills me as it did with so many others.
I know of one last escape shuttle which could bring a few people back home. Unfortunatly, there is not
enough space left for all of us, we are six workers here and there is only space for three.
I wonder what we will do?
Review Rating8
User Rating8.5
Overall Rating8


ReviewerMister_ProphetAwe Score: 2.5/3
Date12-21-2004Build Score: 2.5/3
Review SchemaCast Score: 3.0/3
User Point: 0
Overall Score: 8/10

DM-Vrais is a new map by Evil Swanky. And along with DM-Dinashar this map rockages my Death Match cockage for the winter season.

The layout here is all balls; with interconnecting passageways that accelerate the pace all over the Z-Axis and multi-layered ambush/retreat spots in all available directions, you can bet your pretty bottom that this map promises fun for the whole family. It's rare when I find myself using all the available weapons in the first 60 seconds of combat. The place is just made for its arsenal and item placement, with a player load from 3 to 6 you'll never be bored. There is alot of geometry used to enhance this pretty and rusted tech complex but nothing that hindered my performance. Luckily none of the structural design hurt flow for me either, but I only played 6 or 7 matches. Bots navigated the place as easily as I did and this is the first map in awhile that allows Monster Kills to pile up quickly in a non-gimmicky setting. This is true to art speed Death Match for you adrenaline junkies out there.

Visually the map looks alot like DM-Ochre. So much like it that the two maps could take place in the same facility. The location here is above the standard tech average and has a rather nice dusty, orange feel to it. I was reminded of a Martian mining colony. Windows and doors were added so it didn't feel too much like a nameless tech map but at this stage of the game these things are the new standard. I also felt the cold/warm lighting scheme was a little opposite to the theme going on and the touch of red light didn't help. The author could have done without the blue and red spectrum all together. No matter, the place still looks nice and comes equipped with sexy architecture to give the place a gritty sci-fi atmosphere. Even if your sick of tech maps the gameplay is well worth the price of admission. The track titled "Mayhem" has been used in other maps, such as DM-Empowered..or Empowered ][..whichever (I never liked either), DM-JewelofTheWarlord, and I've even used it too. The song sounded cool for those maps and it sounds cool here, really adds to the crude feel of the place.

The Prophet's Verdict: Addictive and fast-paced, this map will please any DM gamer with a soft spot for small, tight maps. Shockwhores and RocketSluts will find themselves forced to use more than one gun. Score: 8

Map Comments

12-16-2004 08:52 PM MST
Faux ? !

i laught when somme one use a french word to use it as the map's name

just imagine how mutch names is used ;)

12-16-2004 08:07 PM MST
Rating: 6 
Good map just all dark in places i dont know about the bots yet but i will download it. It seems like a good map

12-16-2004 08:31 PM MST
Rating: 8.5 
Just download it, excellent map!
One of the most playable ive seen, great stuff

12-18-2004 10:50 PM MST
Rating: 6.5 
It is a pretty cool map.

12-17-2004 06:23 AM MST
Rating: 9 
Wow! This is a great map. Nice use of Rorshach's textures, it is kinda like ochre (even the same music), however the map cleary has its own theme. Vrais has the best flow of any DM i've ever played (not joking), something that i thought nano was missing. You guys stepped it up a notch! Keep up the good work

Edit-Thought it was a group effort as i was confused by the multipule authors. Good work Swanky.

Sergeant Todd
12-17-2004 02:42 AM MST
Rating: 9 
Wow! These bots kick! Nice texture work also.

Todd out

12-17-2004 05:20 AM MST
Rating: 10 
Great work done, definitely your best map ever. Two thumbs up!
The visuals are great, every wall or ceiling very detailed. Textures and lighting are very good and the flow is perfect. Bots do their job.
I encountered no BSP-Holes, HoMs or areas of bad performance, so mapping was done very well.

Definitely a 10 from me

-Phearbot- aka Zel

12-17-2004 05:52 PM MST
Rating: 8.5 
one of the best dm levels released in a while! good, almost 1-on-1 layout, excellent lighting everywhere, beautiful recessed lights, and i love those dual layer wire covered walls. i couldn't believe how good they looked up close. this one deserves a permant place on your hd

12-17-2004 11:02 PM MST
real ochre like, but with some better architecture and flow stuff

lighting isn't quite to my taste though

12-18-2004 06:24 AM MST
Rating: 8.5 
superb architecture,
played nice as well, to bad i had to play against bots.(that did their job though)

imho a really nice job.

12-18-2004 06:39 AM MST
Rating: 8 
De quoi se faire de "vrais" matches !! hehe !!
seriously , really nice map !! bravo Swanky !

01-27-2005 07:54 AM MST
@ Mr Prophet - Hey you shocker, thx for the review
@ all others - thx for commenting and rating my map ;)
@ IN_tr_der5 - Richrig.utx is one of the best known custom texture packages for UT. I thought everybody would have this package, just look through some other industrial maps, most of them include this package... I believe it was in one of the originial BonusPacks, too...

12-21-2004 11:16 PM MST
Read the review and was left with a question... We're still worried about performance in Unreal Tournament maps? Is there some poor sould here that can't play UT 2003 and UT 2004? Because if they're computers can handle that I'm pretty sure they can handle ANY Unreal Tournament map.

Downloading now - more useful commenting later -
- Deathbliss

12-22-2004 03:11 AM MST
I've seen plenty of comments about playability problems with UT maps that run fine on most systems and the amount of UT2K4 performance problemm complaints is worse. I make it a habit to mention that in all my reviews so people don't mention it later...but some people will still insist it's the map...

I have very little sympathy for people who blame maps or even games for running slow when their computer is a decade old.

This map runs fine for me, online and offline.

12-22-2004 01:32 PM MST
Rating: 9 
"Sequels are bad, boring and produced carelessly."
That might be true for most movies, but certainly not for maps!
Why "sequel"? Well, DM-Vrais actually IS DM-Vsys, except not being set in open air.
But who cares? Architecture, lighting and textures fit nicely in Vsys, in Vrais they do perfectly!
Although knowing and liking all Swanky's previous maps, I was really surpised looking at this one. Being smaller than Vsys, Vrais is crammed full with details and eye-candies. 1590 brushes in an 3-6-players-map, other mappers would have done with 200 brushes, might be quite an impressive number.
Also the gameplay is great, simply fast and regardless action, in Swanky's other maps only to find in "legendary" DM-Ajanta.
Briefly, Vrais mixes the author's best looking map with his best playing map, and the result is fantastic!
So why do I give a 9 but not a 10?
Because there are NO 10-maps! I never rate 10, because nothing is absolutely perfect.
And why not 9.5?
Because I disliked some (very small) irregularities in itemplacement an weapon-balancing.
But all together, great work, truely your best so far. Congratulations! ;-)

12-22-2004 06:28 PM MST
Rating: 8.5 
congratulation on your mapping contest....

be honest , 1st place!

01-01-2005 10:42 PM MST
Rating: 7.5 
good map...good architectural works, good gameplay but , i dont know if it do this on your PC but in mine , this map is very dark... i see almost nothing:s ...but when i upgrade my brightness's level , this map is awesome...

01-05-2005 06:24 AM MST
Rating: 9 
Very good work, very good map...
One of the best I've ever played...

01-25-2005 01:34 PM MST
Rating: 8 
Looks like I'm the first to mention those orange pickup pads! Those things are SEXY! Other than that, the first thing I thought when I booted this map up was "DM-Ochre Jr." it even has the same music. Of course, that ain't a bad thing...

01-26-2005 11:46 PM MST
Rating: 9.5 
great map!
looks good
plays well
neet little history ;)
1337 gameplay
definatly the best map i've ever seen for DM.
but you see, it i gave it a 10, that would meen this is the best map of all time, and its not. its the best DM of all time, there IS a diff ;).

01-27-2005 07:15 AM MST
d/l it... clik on it... "can't find RICHRIG".......


01-07-2006 10:14 PM MST
Rating: 8 
Great map! Even though the minimum suggested player load is 3, this map works excellently as a duel map!

Just one gripe: why there is no Pulse or Sniper included? Would have scored more if they were included.

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