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Fri, December 8, 2023
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UT Classics2k4 
Map Info

GametypeUT2k4 Other
Date Added11-25-2004
File Version1.00
File Size87.21 mb
Player CountUnknown
Map DescriptionNone
Review Rating6.5
User Rating7
Overall Rating6.5


ReviewerArcadiaVincennesAwe Score: 2.0/3
Date02-04-2005Build Score: 2.0/3
Review SchemaCast Score: 2.5/3
User Point: 0
Overall Score: 6.5/10

For my 50th review I decided to do something special. I’ve been reviewing for 3 months now and have reviewed 49 maps. Hopefully, they’ve all been good, fair, and honest. I’ve decided to ‘outdo’ myself and am doing 9 reviews in one.

Thus we have Yournan’s UT Classic Mappack with 9 maps from UT99 remade for UT2004. Some are good, some are not quite as good as the others, but if you have fond memories of any of these maps, then you should download this and let Yournan take you down memory lane.

Now, since these are remakes I need to look at them slightly differently than a normal map. First, the author could take the remake and do it in 3 different ways. They could either make it as close to the original as possible in every way with the only consideration for UT2004 would be to alter the general size of the rooms and corridors of the map for UT2004 gameplay. Or they could throw out everything except the core essentials which would be layout/flow and weapon placement, and build theme, visuals, and everything else from scratch. Or, finally, they could combine the two and make a mp closely based on the original but with updated theme/visuals.

Yournan, in his mappack, I believe chose the first method. I got the impression he was trying to make these as close to the originals as possible but with a little bit of added visuals thrown in.

Choosing this method demands that I alter the scoring a little bit. After all, I’m supposed to be reviewing the author’s work. However, the theme is already chosen for his as is the map’s layout, flow, and weapon placement. So I cannot truly critique these as a creation of the author. Therefore I have done the following with the review:

AWE: Despite having a theme chosen for him, the author must still pull it off. So this score is based on the combination of lighting, texture work, and architecture. Pretty much the usual scoring here, except that the final score represents a value that is closer to ‘is the theme the same/similar to the original’ rather than, ‘does the theme make sense’.

BUILD: The author, when building from scratch, still need to assemble it well. Nothing really changed here.

CAST: Layout and weapon placement is chosen for the author so I cannot comment on these. Therefore I am scoring this in terms of how good was the gameplay as if it had been ripped from UT99, sized up to account for UT2004 moves, and then played.
A 3 would be a perfect transition, and, of course, a 0 would be a redeemer heaven gameplay.

So there we go. Are you ready?

CTF-EpicBoy (UT2004)

I remember this map from its intriguing redeemer placement and it’s frenetic gameplay. Yournan has given us the same gameplay here and upped the visuals to UT2004 standards.

AWE: 2.0

The texture work stays true to the original with the same theme and feel. An old European? Courtyard with cobblestones and limestone brick walls. The texture work is pretty good with nice choices and application. There are a few misalignments but nothing that will cause you pause.
The lighting is good here with nice colors, brightness, and radii. Nothing’s oversaturated and the colors really set off the stone and woodwork well. There are some shadowy areas that are a touch on the dark side but they compromise gameplay that much.
The emitter work is nice and harkens back to the UT99 version but manages to look updated. They’re nicely placed and match the lighting well.
The architecture is very true to the original and so its looks fairly nice. Not much was altered to enhance it from the original UT99 version but Yournan didn’t really need to do that because the original architecture was so solid to begin with.
Overall a faithful reproduction of theme. The textures and lighting work hand in hand to create something more despite some misalgnments and overdark areas, and the architecture is true to the original.

BUILD: 1.5

Despite the quality theme reproduction, the build leaves a lot to be desired. The BSP work is very nicely done except that most of it is not aligned to the grid – not even at a scale of 1. This probably was the cause of the major complaint I have. This is the two large HOMs on each side of the courtyard. Not overly obvious but still hard to miss, they don’t affect gameplay but should have been addressed.
The other major complaint is that there’s no ambient sound whatsoever. This really hurts the map and its atmosphere.
Otherwise, the map is well-zoned and the meshes are integrated well into the map.
In sum, solid BSP work mauled by non-alignment and HOMs and no ambient sounds hurt the map.

CAST: 2.5

The gameplay holds true to the original and there’s enough room, just barely, to add in the special UT2004 moves. The map was scaled well and still provides the classic base entry choke point. The redeemer is still in its odd place enabling those surprise ‘deemer blasts that level everyone in the base or courtyard. The bots were well-pathed although, like the original, I didn’t see them go for the Damage Amp and they didn’t snipe very much.
As for FPS, the map ran above retail pretty much everywhere so no one should have trouble running this on whatever their current settings are.
On the other hand, there was some stickiness around the map. Most noticeable on the lamps, dodging around can sometimes find you suddenly dropped in the path of oncoming rockets that you were dodging to avoid. Simplified collision and blocking volumes should certainly have been added in.
In general true to the original gameplay hampered by some stickiness but still managing to be good.

Put together, a very accurate remake in terms of visuals and gameplay. The lighting, textures and architecture work well together and the map plays the same as the original. If the BSP had been corrected and sounds added, the map would have been an almost perfect remake.

DM-1on1-Oblivion-2K4 (UT2004)

The tight little one on one to get you ready for battle. This remake, unfortunately, gets you ready to get to the next map in the mappack.

AWE: 2.0

The textures are well-chosen and competently applied. There were a few misalignments but not too bad. The textures, like in EpicBoy, tie in with the lighting well.
The lighting mostly uses shades of blue, green, and white. Blended together fairly well and mixed with the texturing the light and textures together round out the theme well. The lighting overall almost was oversaturated in a few places but stopped just short of being obnoxious. There were a few overbright spots but they were quite small and mostly unnoticeable.
The architecture remains very true to the original but dressed up with meshes and emitters. This is too bad because the original was so plain and simple that to remake it affords the opportunity to enhance as well as reproduce. So the architecture was done well, and there are afew nice touches but so much more could have been done with it in this respect.
Overall the texturing and lighting is good and they play together well. The architecture is true to the original but in such a simplistic map, the Yournan could have done so much more.

BUILD: 2.5

The build here is quite good. The brushes are aligned and assembled well and the static meshes are placed well inconjunction with them. The map is zoned adequately and thoroughly.
The ambient sounds are decent but a little bland. The same general ambient sound is used throughout the map with a few locational sounds mixed in. A variation on the general ambient sounds would have been a nice enhancement.
Overall it’s well built but the sound is a little disappointing.

CAST: 1.5

The gameplay is just like the original: grab a high-powered weapon and use the tightness to your advantage. Therefore the gameplay is a little basic and a bit too tight in places. The corridor with the shield is particularly small for UT2004 gameplay and the side passages could have been widened to better suit the wider UT2004 gameplay.
The bots know their way around well but the default of 2 bots is too high. A map this size is truly one on one and playing with 2 bots was too much.
On the other hand the framerates stay above retail the entire time so kudo’s to the author for that.
Overall, the gameplay is true to the original which is disappointing because a remake affords the author opportunity to rework and change as much as they want in order to surpass the original.

Despite the nicely updated visuals and good build, the gameplay is still too much of the same thing to be really intriguing. Little to no z-axis, areas that are too tight for UT2004, and the gameplay is left wanting as a result.

DM-ArcaneTemple-2K4 (UT2004)

One of my personal favorites from UT99, we have the old supposedly Nali temple spoiled by the tournament. In the remake, the temple is even more overrun by plant life than I recall but the effect is pleasant. The gameplay here is very close to the original and is satisfying. If only I had a ripper…

AWE: 2.0

The textures here are well aligned throughout the map and well chosen as well. The only texture I would have some issue with was a cinderblock wall with green streaks. However, it’s used in a darker place and so what stands out is the bricklike quality of it which is good for the map.
The lighting is fairly good overall with nice brightnesses and radii. The were some lights that were oversaturated, IMO and there were some very dim areas which could have used some more lighting. But there was some nice shadow work done, most notably with light coming into the temple from the skybox. Despite the author’s choice of a desert skybox scene, you can’t see the desert area so it does work well. If only it moved….
The architecture is very close to the original with some subtle changes throughout. Again, opportunities to enhance the simplistic UT99 architecture abound – especially in such maps as Arcane Temple. However the author decided in general to use meshes to achieve the change rather than alter the BSP itself.
Overall, well lit with some dark areas and well-textured with some msalignments. The architecture was solid, but missed the ‘wow’ factor that it had the potential to create.

BUILD: 2.0

The BSP work is solid and aligned well. The meshes chosen all seem to work fairly well with the theme and setting and are integrated well with the BSP.
The terrain inside and out was, well, one was well done and the other not. The inside terrain was fine. However, for the outside area, the author chose to use an extremely detailed (read: high Poly) terrain. And he didn’t use it for the entire area, but just as an accent to BSP that he used as the main terrain segment. Instead of having a more realistic pool with sloping shores and terrain layer texture blending together from the water up onto dry land, the shoreline is a BSP shelf and one must ‘travel inland’ to get to the terrain used to accent the BSP ‘terrain’. This is a odd application of the terrain not only in terms of the design implementation but also in terms of the poly size of the terrain. It’s extremely small, appears as an almost solid object when viewed from a small distance in rmode 1/wireframe view, and drops the framrate horribly.
One other problem is with the sounds. There are a few spotted around the map but they do nothing to amplify the theme, which is what ambient sound is most commonly used to do. More soundwork in general should have been coordinated into the map. Both in terms of location-specific sounds as well as general ambience sounds.
On the BSP and zoning side of things, the map is quite good in terms of construction. But in terms of terrain and sound, more work is clearly needed.

CAST: 2.0

The gameplay is as good as the original and there’s generally enough room to whip out the special UT2004 moves. The bots travel throughout the map although, like the original, they prefer to spend a fair amount of time in the central area under the shield.
The gameplay I hampered a bit by two problems overall. The first is the dark/dim areas which inhibits aiming at the bots who can see in the dark. The other is the video-card breaking drop of FPS outside with the extremely detailed terrain. The map, in general, ran at FPS greater than retail. For me that’s generally 60 – 70 FPS or more. Outside, my FPS dropped to 30 – 40.
To sum it up, the gameplay is almost as good as the original. If there was a little more light and the terrain outside have been implemented properly, gameplay would have been as good as the original.

Overall, there are some aspects the pull down the map. From the oversaturated lights, some dark/dim areas, and some very basic architecture, to a lack of sound and wonky terrain, the map disappoints a bit. But the gameplay basics that made it popular rest intact.

DM-Gothic2K4 (UT2004)

Another personal favorite of mine, this one wowed me pretty well when I played it. The 2004 version doesn’t quite have the same wow factor for me and suffers a bit from borked lighting.

AWE: 1.5

The texture work is good overall. There are some misalignments but nothing too striking. The texture palette is very limited, however, with the same brick texture used on what ends up seeming like every single wall. Although, as far as memory serves, this is accurate to the original, it tend to blend all the areas together and, like the first, caused me to take some time to re-learn the map layout.
The lighting in many places is overbright and too saturated. Most noticeable is in tight corridors shining onto the red carpets. The author chose a bright purple light that, although it looks fairly good on the walls, causes the red in the carpet texture to bleed all over itself. Where the light is not overbright, it is done cometantly and there’s a little bit of nice shadow work around the edges of the map areas.
The architecture stays true to the original in its blocky form. This is too bad because a remake with a newer engine affords the opportunity to enhance the previous work. Here, it does not enhance – it simply replicates and although this was done competently, it makes the map look simplistic and chunky.
If the lighting had been toned down, the textures better aligned and some variety thrown in, and the architecture updated, this would have put the ‘wow’ factor back in the map.

BUILD: 2.0

The map is mostly BSP work with some meshes thrown in for pure decoration purposes. The brushwork is solid and only a few were off the grid.
The zoning work is good and really keeps the framerate up and the teleporters work well.
The sound use is adequate for the localization sounds but the inside areas are pretty much silent. This is a shame because a more lively soundscape would have helped put the wow factor back in as well.

CAST: 2.5

The gameplay is very close to the original. The bots congregate around the sniper rifle teleporter and the flak cannon. I tended to meet them in all the places I used to back in the original. However, like the original, the z-axis gameplay is limited and most of the fighting occurs on flat ground.
Some of the lamps and other meshes sticking out did cause some stickiness. Again, simply blocking volumes would have done wonders to remove the sticky.
Finally, the FPS were above retail levels everywhere I looked so no one should have a problem with FPS slowing down their fragging.
Overall the gameplay was pretty much the same and my only big complaint with the remake would be occasional stickiness.

One of the most visually appealing of the UT99 DMs, I found the remake a bit disappointing in terms of AWE. The lighting was way off in too many areas to be forgiven and the texture work was a bit monotonous. However the map was built well and the same gameplay is there.

DM-Grinder2K4 (UT2004)

One of the more industrial maps from UT99, the remake stays true to the theme. The dreaded Rocket Launcher spam area is still there so fire up the rockets and go to town.

AWE: 2.0

The texture work is good if a little generic. The same cinderblock walls stare at you from every wall and look a little generic. Not many misalignements at all, the texture application is good.
The lighting is a little oversaturated in some areas for my taste but not excessively. There is also a little bit of nice shadow work but not enough to make it really pop out.
The architecture remains the same but the blocky feel is reduced by the mesh application. Two curious architecture changes are first, the rounded flak area is now squared off – however the ‘pillars’ lining the walls will still get you suddenly stuck as in the original. The other ‘big’ change is that the ramps to the Bio Rifle were replaced with horizontal ‘bridges’ with a short flight of stairs.
In general the lighting is a bit off and the texture work is good but too similar wherever you are. The architecture is basic like the original but the mesh work added to it keeps it from being too blocky.

BUILD: 2.5

The build here is good – the BSP is aligned to grid and everything fits together well. The zoning is good as are the movers.
The ambient sound is a bit lacking in the variety of larger area ambience, but there are some nice locational sounds. One nice touch is the use of triggered sounds on the wooden ramps, however, there were one or two cases where the wood creak was also used on metal/concrete.
Overall a good build. If the sound had been fleshed out more, and the creaks removed from the metal areas, it would have been top-notch.

CAST: 2.5

The same gameplay as in the original is still intact. Whoever rules the rocket launcher area wins the map. I do miss the ramp to the bio-rifle but the z-axis spam dumping on the rocket launcher is still there so I guess I can’t complain too much.
The flak area is still quite dangerous and the squaring of the area doesn’t make any gameplay difference.
Overall the gameplay is very true to the original and the bots will harass you well. If only I had had the ripper to fire down that corridor into the rocketlauncher area… *sigh*.

DM-Malevolence2K4 (UT2004)

The tight little industrial/warehouse map that, if I recall correctly, first introduced the player to Loki. The map returns with some flaws but leaves the all-important fun factor intact.

AWE: 2.0

The texturing is adequate overall. There are a fair amount of misalignments, mostly on curved walls, and some of the texture choices are a little questionable. It almost seemed like each ceiling had a different texture applied to it. Also, the wall textures of simple cinderblocks could have been switched up a little more.
The lighting was a little mixed as well. The white lights also had a colored light attached to it causing the walls to reflect back a mixture of white and yellow or green. This does add a little bit of needed color but doesn’t look quite right. There is some nice shadow work scattered around but nothing too special. There is the de rigeur lights from under stairs at one point and the shadows from those combined with the shadows from the skybox do look good. However, this same shadow work quality is not followed through the rest of the map.
The architecture is fairly good here. Staying close to the original it remains somewhat blocky but with the dressing up with meshes the overall blocky effect is reduced.
In general the texturing suffers from some misalignments and questionable choices. The lighting if decent overall and the architecture remains blocky but the effect is diminished by the static mesh placement.

BUILD: 1.5

The build here is a bit off like the texturing. Some of the brushes are not aligned to the grid, but they fortunately don’t produce any HOMs that I saw. The actual brushwork is good overall. The wood walkways do have a collision issue, however. The author toggled the incorrect settings when replacing their collision with blocking volumes. The result is that projectiles pass right through the walkways. Fortunately, player don’t. Also, I noticed some floating flak ammo.
But the author did put some nice triggered creaking sounds on the walkways which work fine.
The zoning is good and everything seems separated well. And the mover in the map moves extremely quickly. Granted, it was not built for lift jumping but if you do try it be prepared for a very quick headache.
Finally, the sound is of a moderate quality. There are nice locational sounds, especially the rain areas, however the overall ambient sounds lack variety.
Suffering from lack of alignment, collision mistakes, and lack of sound varience, the rest of the map is built well.

CAST: 2.5

The bots work well and I tended to meet them at all the old rendez-vous sites. The map scale was sized up fairly well for the new gameplay and it was interesting to see what ‘connections’ one could meake between various platforms/ledges using the greater lateral movement options. There were a few places that remained a bit too tight for UT2004 gameplay but overall it was good.
The default player load was too many, however, which means that you’ll never get a rest and I usually got pig-piled when I was in the damage amp room.
The FPS is above retail everywhere so those with older machines need not fear.
In general the gameplay was quite good. A few tight spots but nothing that will really upset you.

Put together the map pleases on the gameplay level but some of the visual aspects and the build are a bit disappointing.

DM-ShrapnelII2K4 (UT2004)

The rusty classic returns looking crisper but still as oxidized as ever. Too-tight areas mar the remake but the classic gameplay still remains.

AWE: 2.0

The texturing is mostly well chosen, implemented, and aligned. There were some odd ceiling texture choices but overall the texture palette flowed together well.
The lighting, on the other had, was overbright and/or ambient in some areas, and oversaturated in others. I also saw some greening in one or two spots but they were only evident upon close inspection.
The architecture stayed true to the original and was blended well with static meshes.
Overall the texturing is mostly good as is the architecture. The only downside is the lighting.

BUILD: 2.5

Not much unaligned to the grid, the BSP was simplistic but still well made. The map was well zoned and the movers worked fine.
There were some areas where simplified collision on some of the meshes would have helped decrease stickiness a bit. Blocking volumes are definitely in order.
The map had triggered sounds which were nice touches and the ambient sound was quite good. There were locational sounds that were implemented well and the large area ambient sounds provided a nice variety of metallic clangs as one moved through the map. I’m not sure if this was purposefully conceived by the author or just a happy accident but the overall effect was quite nice.
From the BSP to the movers and sounds, the map is built quite well. If the all the brushes had been aligned and more blocking volume work done, it would have been perfect.

CAST: 2.0

The bots traveled around the map quite well and consistently grabbed the Damage Amp before I could get it. The default playercount seemed a bit high but manageable.
The FPS is above retail wherever you go so no worry there.
The main problem was that it was too tight for UT2004 play just about everywhere. Scaling up the lateral distances, and a few of some vertical areas, wuld heave left more breathing room for the UT2004 gameplay. In general, I found the sizing to appear to be almost exactly the same as in UT99 – which is bad for a remake into UT2004.
My other issue with the gameplay is some residual stickiness interfereing with movement here and there throughout the map.
Overall there’s good FPS and the classic gameplay of the original. However, it’s brought down by improper scaling and some sticky places.

The visual aspects of the map and the size are very true to the original. There are some flaws in lighting, collision, and scaling for UT2004 but the gameplay is instantly recognizable as that of the Original Shrapnel.

DOM-Cidom2K4 (UT2004)

The classic subway Domination map returns looking like time has not scratched it during the past 5 years. The gameplay’s still the same and it still looks like the cinderblock apartment tenements from UT99.

AWE: 2.0

The textures are pretty well aligned through the map with only a few discrepancies. The texture palette was well-chosen overall although application I sometimes had an issue with. Sometime what looked like the same building had a cinder block texture and another portion of it had a brick texture.
The lighting was good in general. Nothing was really overbright but there was some oversaturation spotted around the map. The shadow work in the subway station was particularly nice. It’s a shame that it wasn’t continued throughout the map.
The architecture was blocky and simplistic but this was somewhat unavoidable considering the overall theme of apartment buildings.
As it is, a little more texture continuity, and reworked lighting would help the map out a lot. The architecture is okay, and it looks like Cidom UT99, but I still feel it could have been improved upon – I just can’t put my finger on it.

BUILD: 2.5

The build is good with nice brushwork, most of which, if not all, seems to be aligned to the grid.
The map is zoned well and there’s a good assimilation of the static meshes into the BSP.
The sound is a bit disappointing in that there are plenty of large area ambient sounds but not many locational.
Overall the map is built well with only a little more work on the sound necessary.

CAST: 2.5

The gameplay is very close to the original, which is a little unfortunate. There’s not a whole lot of usable z-axis, especially for the DOM point that’s not in the subway. However this does stay true to the original so it’s not really the author’s fault.
The bots work fine, but again, their attack methods are extremely simplistic because of the map’s layout.
The FPS is above retail levels everywhere so you won’t have a problem checking out Disco Stu.
In general the map is true to the original in terms of gameplay, which is a little unfortunate because the gameplay could have been improved very easily with the addition of z-axis opportunities as well as other design options.

Overall the map is strikingly similar to the original in terms of visuals, architecture, and gameplay. There are some lighting problems and the map is well built, but the gameplay suffers from the same aspects as it did in the original.

DOM-Cinder2K4 (UT2004)

The hot DOM map that was my personal favorite for DOM maps back in the day… It’s still hot, and still carries the theme off, but some hefty lighting issues bring it down.

AWE: 1.5

The texture work here is fairly well aligned with what I would consider some odd choices in terms of ceiling textures. All the lower areas seem to have the same texture while all the ceilings in the upper area seem to have different textures. Something to be said for consistency of design. Also, the texture chosen for the lava in the various depressions throughout the map pans in one direction. From whence is it coming? And where is it going? Some indication of source and exit is necessary when working with a moving liquid.
The lighting is oversaturated in almost every room. The most common offender is red which spills out too far and too strongly from the lava and various red lights scattered throughout the map. There’s also a feature with some hot orange plasma moving through clear pipes and two bright white lights. The lighting spilling out onto the walls and boxes just looks wrong. It doesn’t look like the orange plasma could spill that much light onto the scene, it’s overbright when combined with the white light, and it’s just bad. Contrasting the oversaturation and sometimes overbright lighting, there is some nice shadow work dotted around the map. It’s a shame that the lighting and shadow aren’t balanced better.
The architecture for Cinder, IMO, always relied more on the rusted metal girders and supports than on the BSP work and again, we have the same architecture. The BSP is simplistic but quickly becomes nicely complicated with the addition of all the trim and meshes.
In general, the textures aren’t bad but do have a few odd choices. The lighting is fairly foul in my eye but the saving grace was the BSP and mesh combination that really brought the cinder feeling home for me.

BUILD: 2.5

The build is good here. The brushes are well assembled and well aligned to the grid.
The movers move at a decent speed and have a reasonable sound attached to them and the map is well zoned.
The mesh application is good but did cause some stickiness from time to time. More collision/blocking volume work is necessary.
The sound is a little disappointing with a smatter of locational ambient sounds that largely sound the same. The larger ambient sounds coulduse some variation as well.
In general it’s well constructed but the sound and collision could both use some work.

CAST: 2.5

The gameplay is pretty true to the original and I tended to meet the bots in the locations I met them fie years ago. The travel the map well and tended to travel in pairs.
The FPS was above retail so you should have no problems running the map.
Finally, the mesh stickiness did become a gameplay issue as I got unexpectedly hung up in certain areas.
All in all the gameplay is quite true to the original and quite nice to go back and visit.

The visuals are unfortunately overlit and overcolored but the architecture brings the visual score back up a bit. The map is well built and the same gameplay is present.

Final Scoring: An average of all the maps’ individual scores rounded to the nearest 1/2 - final result is:

AWE: 2.0
BUILD: 2.0
CAST: 2.5

Map Comments

11-25-2004 06:24 AM MST
Rating: 7 
Some of the maps were good, some of them weren't, but they're all nice remakes! Try this one out for yourselves!

11-25-2004 08:10 AM MST
Rating: 5.5 
ok... as souldividersjosz already said: some of the maps were good and others weren't...
some of the maps (especially grinder and gothic) were somewhat out of proportion (i know you gotta think big for ut2k3/4 because of the double jumping ability but still you can make things have acceptable proportions).
and think about the level of detail ut2k4 is capable of - some of these maps looked too much like their ut99 counterparts which means too few detail in there for ut2k4. some more custom stuff would have helped here i guess to achieve some... yeah... facelift ;)

11-25-2004 06:00 PM MST
Rating: 6.5 
I downloaded this mapack a long time ago & I recommend downloading it if you are looking for good UT99 remakes.
I only played DM-Gothic in UTClassic & it is my favourite one of this pack (the best Gothic remake I've seen ever...) The other maps are good, but I did not like them very much...

11-25-2004 08:04 PM MST
Rating: 8 
Uhhh.. how did you download them a long time age? they were just added to NaliCity... Anyway, it's a good set of remakes, I'm glad this isnt like other remakes where people pump a ton of new statics into them to make them look acceptable for 2k4.

11-28-2004 09:49 AM MST
this pack was originally released for ut2k3, but only had half the maps. i updated it for ut2k4 with new skills i've learned and also added another 4 new maps, so its quite different from the ut2k3 version which was on here a few months ago.

thanks for the comments guys, appeciated



UT Classics2k4 2 re-make map pack is in the works, the final map list if still being deceided.

11-27-2004 11:21 AM MST
Rating: 8 
This is a good pack. Just took the time to download on a ISDN and the maps rock! Keep up the good work and do a second pack with Hydro in it!

11-28-2004 08:59 AM MST
Rating: 8 
I agree with nOObkillin and DarKGamer. This pack rocks. I have played the originals and these are great. A lot prettier as well. I was pretty much pwnd in these as i was spending to much time sight seeing. Play is fast and furious. The bots will give you a good fight as well. I did not notice any FPS issues at all. We put the DM's up on a small personnal server and played with a few buddies. Had a great time.

Great work - a real nice bunch of conversions and a great pack. Thanks for all the fun.

Any more coming??

02-04-2005 07:51 PM MST
Rating: 7 
You can read the UT2k3 review here:

ArcaneTemple is my favorite too :D

02-05-2005 03:34 AM MST
Rating: 7 
Holy cow! Respect for this enormously long review!
And thanks yournan for the maps! =)

02-05-2005 11:46 AM MST
Rating: 5 
I liked some of the maps quite a lot, and I just got that "UT feeling" when I played tehm. You know, the kind where if the weapons werent nerfed and you could only jump once you might be playing UT classic. The other half though just felt like I was playing UT2003, and that kinda sucked the enjoyment out of it for me.

02-05-2005 02:44 PM MST
arcadia ,

you rock

Fuzzy Logic
02-12-2005 10:52 AM MST
Rating: 7 
Worth the download just for Gothic, one of my all time UT faves. The rest are pretty good too. A welcome addition to my map collection. Now, if it only included... hehehe

03-13-2005 07:36 PM MST
Rating: 7.5 
man I wish I could have rate a ns 1 ! ( it mean 10 )

03-13-2005 10:07 PM MST
Rating: 6.5 
I thought my UT99 days were over but along comes 24 minutes of d/l time and a great selection of maps.

Old Man Peterson
05-04-2005 11:25 AM MDT
Rating: 6 
It was ok, but there were issues with some of the maps.

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