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Tue, December 5, 2023
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Map Info

GametypeUT Deathmatch
Date Added11-04-2004
File Version2.00
File Size2.35 mb
Player Count2 - 6
Map DescriptionSmall map for furious battle .
4 players max. is recommended but you can play with 6 ( mmh , hardcore )

History : This is a deathmatch arena build for the tournament on the Hellfire planet .

Ouf !! the framerate issue hava been removed . i also change some brushes issues and lightning . the map is more playable !
Have fun !!!
Review Rating6.5
User Rating8
Overall Rating7.5


ReviewerVertigoAwe Score: 2.5/3
Date01-11-2005Build Score: 2.0/3
Review SchemaCast Score: 2.0/3
User Point: +1
Overall Score: 7.5/10

Another 1on1 map. Yes, I like 1on1 maps, they're small and you can add tons of details without having to worry about the fps. This one is no exception. It's small, has good archy and runs very smooth.

This one is set on what appears to be a military building of some sort placed in a desertic planet judging from the skybox. Derdak used custom textures packed into MyLevel. I guess I've seen them before but I right now I'm not able to say where still the author did a good use of them and he managed to keep the theme throughout the map.Every texture was placed where it has meant to be placed, or that what it seemed to me. There are metallic bit on some walls, oxided pillars, some bricks here and there etc, and they're don't seem any obvious misalignements. Good job on the texturage. Unfortunately, the lights doesn't perform at the same level of the textures. There aren't neither oversaturated lights nor greenings, is just the color blending, it doesn't work for me. The red sky doesn't seem to throw much light inside the map, and I think it could add a bit of atmosphere as it could cast some shadows here and there. And overall the lights could need sharper radius IMO.

The geometry is solid overall and there aren't misaligned brushes anywhere. The archy is also very neat, you won't get stuck with it and still the whole place keeps looking good. Everything is trimmed soyou wont see any sudden texture changes. About the sound setup I must admit that needs more work. First off, there are few sounds and second they should havebigger radius or higher volume. Even playing with th music turned off I couldn't hear any sounds other than the lava. Some huming on the lights or some beeps heree and there would be nice. A thing that it's just not right is the elevator. Its one of those triggered elevators that can go up if you stay near them. The problem is that the radius of the trigger is too little. just make it bigger next time. Oh and the jump spots placed for the bots to get to the redeemer are well set up and bots know it but what i dont know is why the hell there's a redeemer in a duel map...

Given the quantity of ctf maps Derdak has done before its obvious that he likes CTF and looking at this map's layout I'd say that maybe this map started as a ctf but something went wrong at it ended as DM. Yes, this one is one of those longer than wider and I found myself running from point A to point B all the way, just like in other maps as DanielS or Hate and that's no good thing for a 1on1 map. That's the only thing that truly bothered me while laying the map. Oh before I forget it... the rocket launcher room is big, squared and empty, I guess you could have added something to dodge arround or something to make it more interesting, something like a pair of crates or any other stuff you like. The botmatch here is good. Those bastards were stealing my belt all the time and so they did with the amp ( i suck at timing anyway). Flow was good for the most part but there are some items that are totally outta place like the tight pads and the vials on the other side of the same room. They're not woth getting if your foe is arround. I guess thats all you need to know about this map. It has solid architecture and plays fine. It could have scored higher if the layout were more extense but its a nice map after all.

Map Comments

11-05-2004 02:16 PM MST
Rating: 9 
Pure class!! Everything about this map is enjoyable.
Great work. D/L NOW!!

11-05-2004 04:25 PM MST
Rating: 7.5 
Decent look and a good layout for gameplay.

11-05-2004 06:52 PM MST
Rating: 7.5 
...Excellent map from a consistently improving mapper.
Good looks, GREAT flow, & adequate bots - what more can you ask for??...Recommended download!!
...Hey Derdak2rot; you are really getting good - but with that said, high expectations are now your burden!!
(Just Kidding!! - or not, doh!) SpitFire....

01-12-2005 02:38 PM MST
Thanks a lot , guys !! for the people who download the first version , you can delete it , the second version are better optimized !!
thanks again !

Big thanks , Vertigo !! nice review ! i agree with you for the lightning . layout is a bit simplistic bur in 4 years of mapping , its only my second Deathmatch map . I will work on other one ,will be better !! anyway , thanks !!

Edit: Hey Vertigo , you're right , there is UT2003 textures and i made some others ( like pillars )

11-06-2004 01:51 AM MST
Rating: 8 
i give up!! whatever, i'll download it!

EDIT: Looks like the DM version of DOM-Hellfire. Only i like this'n better. I do think it can accomodate more than 2 players though.

11-06-2004 04:14 AM MST
Rating: 8.5 
I think this guy is the next elite mapper.
We had Desperado#2, Hourences, DavidM and more recently, L.J paranoid. They were the ones of UT mapping. Now There is another... Derdak2Rot! Stay faithful 2 UT and then we will always have a good mapper!

Sergeant Todd
11-06-2004 10:20 AM MST
Rating: 8.5 
Very nice texturing work, Snoop. Wish you were doing maps for UnrealSP, my latest craze.

Weapons were plenty and the pickups a blast. Reminds me of another map, a good one, but yours is better.

Todd out

11-06-2004 10:54 AM MST
Rating: 8.5 

11-09-2004 12:03 AM MST
Rating: 8.5 
Awesome work you got here. It flows and looks nice, and I love how you used music from Streets of Rage 2, an old favorite of mine for the old Sega Gensis. =)

11-09-2004 01:16 PM MST
Rating: 7.5 
Very nice 0_o

11-21-2004 04:41 PM MST
Rating: 7.5 
Really nice, solid architecture, unique look and stlye and the lighting brings it to life and its fun to play!!!

01-12-2005 09:14 AM MST
mmm, can only comment on screenies so far but the architecture certainly looks quite interesting, some nice ideas there. Seems like it could look a lot better with some light colour variation, looks very 1-toned from the screens, I'll have to download and play though.

01-12-2005 11:57 AM MST
btw... are these textures from ut2k4 or something? geez i cant remember where i saw them :S

01-13-2005 11:19 AM MST
Nice map! :)

@Vertigo, yes the textures are from UT2004...

01-13-2005 11:07 PM MST
Rating: 7.5 
Excellent work, I enjoyed this immensely! The 2k4 textures add a lot too.

03-28-2005 08:47 AM MST
Rating: 7 
Architecture is very good, but there are some flaws in the gameplay:

First of all, the layout is symmetric. This isn't the best thing because I find symmetric maps to become boring more quickly and it also takes away some of the the intrest value. he layout isn't too complex either, but fortunately there are Z-axis involved to some extend.

Another thing is that it is filled with special goodies. Redeemer, Udamage and Belt in a small map is not the best thing. but hey, you can always switch them off (as the majority of duel servers do).

Third flaw is that all weapons are not included. Bio rifle would have been a good tool in the upper middle room, to shoot down to the side rooms. I understand that as the level is small there might not be room for all the weapons, but in this case there is. Also it does not hurt to make more complex. It should be a golden rule that a map should be at least as big that it can hold all weapons in a reasonable manner.

Fourth flaw is the botplay. I am not a too good player, but I still managed to get a score of 18-4 with masterful bots. Usually I get kicked by them, so something isn't right.

But all in all the map is quite good despite the flaws. Especially archi' is very well done. So I recommend people to at least try.

09-09-2005 12:57 AM MDT
Rating: 6.5 
The only map you have I would play,MH is cool but these 9 and 10 scores,hell from when I played MH no wonder.
Anyway the inside textures on the beams by the translucent floor are misallighned.
The gameplay is ok,but because the particles and map is kinda over colored and darkish it don't feel plaesing to be in there.
The dull funky red-pink coloring is farcy,those top textures used for light sources are duller than the lights.
Ever use a white light,before?,Too much color,too dull,geometry is nice,game map is slightly too much for 1on1, but not totaly,it could be fun,but still not the right layout for a snappy 1on1.
Then we have the redeemer,well it speaks for itself 1on1? I don't mind it,but ya got to kinda stick to a standard in some cases.

Basicaly,very nice mappage,funky lighting,some snags,weapon layout or ammo is kinda off to the side in ways.
It don't feel right in there,I use open GL with the compressed textures.

Worth playing ,definitly worth downloading,but kinda dullish looking and slightly too big for fast 1on1.

09-19-2005 12:42 PM MDT
Rating: 9.5 
one of the best 1on1 i played yet, you really got the hang of UED 2.0

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