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Map Info

File Namevctf-up-campersparadise][.zip
GametypeUT2k4 Vehicle CTF
Date Added09-12-2004
File Version1.01
File Size14.31 mb
Player Count8 - 12
Map DescriptionA medium-sized VCTF map located in the middle of a desert.
This level has 3 paths (2 for vehicles + 1 for pedestrians) and a lot of different defense points for snipers, AVRiL and other weapons.
Bot support: Bots attack and defend well. They can attack and carry the flag in vehicles.

Big thanks to 'Soma' for letting me use some of his textures and staticmeshes from DM-CBP2-Achilles.
Thanks also to those UnrealEd tutorials that let me learn how to map: Architectonic, Blitz-Botpathing & AngelMapper-Optimization.

I made this map for the UnrealPlayground VCTF mapping contest. I finally got the 6th place. I'm glad with it, I think is very good to be my first map...

Known Bugs: Some videocards have problems with the skybox...

This map has already been updated into VCTF-Antropolis:
Review Rating --
User Rating5.5
Overall Rating --


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Map Comments

09-12-2004 08:58 PM MDT
Um...i can't tell if that's a terrain in the screenshot...meaning i can't ell if i'm gonna download it.

09-14-2004 04:35 AM MDT
welcomme on nalicty

man .. just take a simple TGA file and import it to UED .. like a fog blend .. and then take DE-BONUSMESHE and take Osiris sky meshe and add ur fog to the skin of the meshe!!!!!


09-14-2004 05:12 PM MDT
Rating: 5.5 
Downloaded this elsewhere and the skybox rendered in one massive HOM error. Don't know why, but it could have something to do with the combination of my UT2K4 installation and graphics card.

That being said the map is only average for gameplay. It is a simple layout with a very circular route to the flagbases and flat terrain. The buildings re: sniping positions definitely are the best thing about the map. (Well d'er the map name implies that...)

Worth a look. As for the skybox, I'm still scratching my head.....

Edit: Thanks to the mapper for clarifying the possibility of skybox bugs on some graphics cards.

09-16-2004 06:32 PM MDT
Rating: 7 
Nice map.

11-09-2004 07:17 PM MST
Rating: 6 
A good VCTF Map.

11-14-2004 08:53 AM MST
Rating: 8.5 
This is one map that's just plain fun - we ran this one at a LAN party and filled it up with some determined campers. The real fun is in redeeming them. My suggestion; stationary weaponry would make this even more interesting. Ut si!

01-21-2005 06:52 AM MST
Hm....I hate the VCTF maps...

I do not understand your Opinion, if it is not pleasant to you mapa what for her to estimate... It is not pleasant to me your that you have invited on something competition, it not means that all of us should before you to admire... I shall not begin to estimate yours as it is not pleasant to me... For example I hate the RAP, therefore I shall not estimate it, what for... It to not like me, and here that you try to prove, I any more do not know!!!

2 Kantham - Because he comments my's ...and to VCTF - I have not any problems...

PS - Sorry for my english=) I'm from Latvia

[Edit] 2 G.Lector - something in this way ... Look guy - i'm not a professional map maker, I'm only a student - and your comment is offened me... this is my 5th or 6th maps only...I do not have some tutorials (experience) or something in this way, I just make maps which I like!!! At all...

"Known Bugs: Some (older) videocards have problems with the skybox..." - I have a FX5500+ but Bugs don't desapere...

02-11-2005 01:03 AM MST
Rating: 2 
For a beginner map, not bad but........
this is too help
1)Skybox has HOM, and no it is not older video cards only.
2)All rooms in map need more lighting, way to dark, i had to put my brightness to washed out mode just to see.
3)Item placement is waaaaay over used.
4)Outside area, shadows are too dark even with my brightness cranked up.
5)Poor implementation of sunlight actors.
6)Architecture is boring and cubish
7)Catwalks have no support and are unrealistic
8)Terrain is flat and boring
9)Lamps look "turned off" but emit spotlight onto floors, where's the corona's
10)Theme is ? Boring and undeveloped
11)No collision on bars in windows
12)Distance fog in skyzone actor is set incorrectly
13)Some meshes in map look out of place with ? theme
14)Huge over use of brushes. 1200+ for this size of map, bad.
15)Teleporters are overused and feel out of place
16)I hear a heavy gusty wind blowing but no sand being kicked up.
17)Lighting on outside-shadowside-of buildings looks like the buildings are lit at night instead of day.
18)Map needs some ambient lighting to help with overdark shadows
19)Overuse of pathnodes.
20)layout of map is ok, but felt very spammy
21)For a snipe map, i sure didn't have fun sniping

Because of all of the above i really did not enjoy the gameplay although the bots did play well. you did a good job with optimization using antiportals and zones.

keep on learning and mapping


your wrong about the path nodes im afraid, they do affect gameplay by affecting performance of the map. Every path node you add to a map is another calculation that needs to be handled. So when you over do the path nodes, it decreases the performance of the map. You could have achieved the same bot play with half as many path nodes in the map. Bots are stupid, but not as stupid as you have them pathed.
whoops, that came out wrong, but you get the idea. and i see what you were trying to do with the lighting on the outside architecture, but you failed to pull off the effect and that is what i wanted to point out.

When are you putting out another map? interested to see what you have coming out next.

ps. i know my score is rough, but the HOM in the skybox is so annoying it's like having your compter pop up with the BSOD in the middle of a game that you haven't saved in two hours. its bad and unplayable for me because of it.

02-11-2005 08:05 AM MST
beleive me, i really want to play this map through, it looks great but that skybox error (or what ever it is) really draws my attention from the game, is there a fixed version? if there is ill rate that :o)

06-20-2005 05:06 AM MDT
Rating: 5 
Since i am one of the biggest VCTF player on this planet, i have played your map online a good couple of times. The fps are very low, the brushes are really numberous.

The gameplay is not familiar at all, the camp points are not so numbered for the name of this map. The desing is not so bad. And the gameplay is not extra. At least there is 3 path in the same direction.

G lecter... Is that your last map? please make more, that would be cool, i play vctf alot on servers and we are always looking for good maps. Make sure your terrain is not bigger than 128X128 to keep the fps clean. And by the way , i have no problem with the skybox. Though i don't know what it is.

If you want to do somthing good , screw bot. Just think them burning in hell like ants inside a BBQ. Forget them , and desing a map for online gameplay like hobi-wan did for agressive.

And anyway. There is not a map on this planet apart maybe 2 that the bots play good in it, and no one enjoy playing them after 6 month of play online. Hell , trust me. I am giving you a good tip.

I mean , bots don't use tanks as deffences , they don't manta run , they don't use all the god damn vehicles , they don't use tactics , they ALWAYS know where you are , the Raptor got 100% accuracy @ Minigun turret. FORGET THE BOTS!

06-20-2005 04:57 PM MDT
Thanks for the comment Kantham.
The map is being updated and it will be ready next month (yes, The name will be changed, it's not really a camper map)... No more VCTF in progress, I am more skilled in indoor maps and I'll focus on them...
Everyone know that the real fun is online, but a simple bot pathing is never bad, the bots don't play bad this one, so they could be useful to balance teams sometimes... And some people don't play online, yeh, bots are stupid, but a pathing might make some people enjoy this level more than with nothing...

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