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Wed, January 16, 2019
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Map Info

GametypeUT Deathmatch
Date Added09-01-2004
File Version1.00
File Size505 kb
Player Count2-4
Map DescriptionThis tomb like arena made of concrete and steel, earned its name by many merciless fast paced fights in which even the bones of the inferior combatants were crushed to dust.
Review Rating5.5
User Rating6.5
Overall Rating6.5


ReviewerMister_ProphetAwe Score: 1.5/3
Date03-15-2005Build Score: 1.5/3
Review SchemaCast Score: 2.5/3
User Point: +1
Overall Score: 6.5/10

Bone Mill is a mixed bag if I ever saw one. I've never seen such a good layout commit Bushido like this map has.

The author, MartinW, seems to put so much mojo into the layout but lets the map slide on other factors. Consider the layout: You have a Z-axis rich, inter-connected arena that flows from point to point with unrestrained ease. Yet some geometric details, like a very low ceiling on the upper area and an untrimmed support base, seem almost unfinished. Some gameplay elements also shared this un-polished feel. For instance, a certain floor portion dips down and then back up in the traditional RWP seen in a load of UT maps (a RWP is mapper speak for Random Water Pool. They are used in Deathmatch arenas for a brief shallow wet zone that causes loud splashes as players move through them. They are for sound related alert situations). Stuff like the missing in action RWP populates the map. And it bothered me as a player who generally prefers these types of DM layouts. The map seems to be set up to make use of warning-through-sound-events (woodenplanks, ect) but the only audio ambience I noticed besides the music was the two turbines. There was also room for lift-jumping and power-up placement that isn't made use of. Nevertheless the layout does in fact rock and truth be told, I had a fast paced game. While the lack of power-ups is a bit wierd, there are weapons and items scattered around in good locations. I just was surprised the author didn't include the Flak Cannon.

The map is set in a sterile concrete environment. It is enclosed and doesn't seem to have any definition or theme beyond that. It is very gray and comes with an array of bland lighting which seems overused at times. Alot of the textures aren't properly bright cornered so we get the black border effect at times. To be blunt, the visuals pale in comparison to the gameplay and just make par.

The Prophet's Verdict: Solid layout that is very fast paced and action packed...but the visuals and other small problems bring down the score to what would have been a truly kickass map by my standards.

NOTE: I contacted the author prior to uploading this review asking if the map could be finished with the changes I suggested. We seem to have made some progress in that conversation and there is a good chance a better version will surface some time in the future. I usually don't go out of my way to see a map modified and re-released, but I really liked the layout.

Map Comments

09-02-2004 08:16 AM EDT
Rating: 5.5 
... it's really tight, small-sized overall, and low ceilings at spots. Visually, it's bare, with absolutely no deco on most of the map. Polys stay usually aound 50 (!!) except on a deco, bigger-area, reaching around 200. Even not exceptional in anyway, i enjoyed it with 4 players max. Should go for 1on1 naturally too. :) ...

09-02-2004 10:28 AM EDT
Rating: 5 
A basic well constructed map. Stiil does need something special.

09-02-2004 11:26 AM EDT
Rating: 6.5 
Nicely constructed, lots of z-axis. Definately did a good job of making a stark, sterile-looking map. I thought that one white brick texture was kinda ugly though, and it was on the ceiling too in that room with the fans. And perhaps a bit too much of that blue light. Other than that, nice trim, and nice gameplay. Perfect for 4 players.

04-07-2005 09:39 PM EDT
comment,and score removed by me.

09-02-2004 02:13 PM EDT
Rating: 8.5 
Fabulous Brush work, awesome z axis skills (I opened it in Unrealed), this map shows that your are a great mapper, I agree with a few minor details with the textures and even the lights, but other than that this map is a good example of the mapper you are, great job.( I rate soly on Brushwork, he has done well! )

I am looking forward to your next map. Keep it up!

09-02-2004 04:31 PM EDT
Rating: 9.5 
OMG i love this map, cant find 1 thing wrong with it xcept 4 the fact that there are the same textures evry ware. i cant even think strait nor can i spel strait

09-04-2004 02:00 AM EDT
Rating: 5 
I think the theme is interesting, it just wasn't done very well. The visuals are too basic (with the exception of the nice lifts) and the lighting is mostly unicolor and too bright. There are too many weapons and too much health for such a small level, and FAR too much ammo. But I like the connectivity, flow, and z-axis. I think the small scale of the map could have made for a fresh DM experience had it been executed better.

09-03-2004 02:48 AM EDT
Rating: 7 
Well constructed map. Solid architecture and good layout producing some intense gameplay.

09-03-2004 09:19 AM EDT
Thanks to all of you for the feedback.
I will try to do things better with the next project, especially the texture choice.
I spent most of the construction time building the geometry and aligning the textures.
As I started placing the lights I grow impatiently and maybe that is why I just lit everything bright and blue.

09-03-2004 06:15 PM EDT
Rating: 7 
LOL, MartinW discovered NaliCity:D

This map is still a funny one, same rating as in the "legendary" contest;)

09-04-2004 06:38 AM EDT
Rating: 6 
Boring texture-using...great a steel-atmosphere, but not original to use that everywhere anyway...
Used the right trims...but it's boring...
You could do lots of stuff with detail...
maybe a suggestion for you next map?
and..take the time...

Have luck.

03-22-2005 12:42 PM EST

Like an ice-cube I must say.

Hurts your yawning eyes after 40 mins.

03-22-2005 09:26 PM EST
Rating: 5.5 
>Lots of action and along with Mr. Prophet, i'd like to see a second version.

03-23-2005 10:05 AM EST
Rating: 3.5 
Here is another one I just dont get, bland texturing in a so-so layout and it gets a review score of 5.5 by Mr. Prophet, come on Prophet how can this be a 5.5 when I've seen much better maps reviewed by you get less. I'm not saying this map is all that bad, but you cant say its a 5.5 and other maps which are far better are 3's and 4's, for example DM-Atro-Deck by Redfist, you gave a 4.5, I dont see the comparision, if thats a 4.5 then this is a 2.5 and if this is a 5.5 then I'd say that map is atleast a 7.5, atleast Nalicity lives up to the games title, UNREAL! lmfao.

03-23-2005 04:04 PM EST
AtroDeck getting a 4.5 is a point lower than what I gave this. The author of AtroDeck, Redfist, gave this map a comment rating of 7.5

So he thinks it is much better than an a 3.5 and better than my score of a 5.5 . So between the two of you my score is about in the middle. It is better than 3.5 but not quite a 7.5

And as I said in the review, a sequel map to this one is in the works to eleviate the issues I mentioned .

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