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CTF-Keson mountian Base 
Map Info

GametypeUT Capture the Flag
Date Added08-26-2004
File Version1.00
File Size2.57 mb
Player Count4-12
Map DescriptionThis map is for 4-12 not 4-16
after Steven mountian base was taken the reds moved on to Keson mountian base where it was better made bluiding with med bay on each side allow players to heal on the beds if they jump up on them then the reds to make more fun destoryed the middle room to placed a wooden bridge sequel to Steven mountian just like that center bridge you knock off someone and they're toasted plus a armory on each side and a custom flag design for the dust raiders side
Review Rating --
User Rating4.5
Overall Rating --


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Map Comments

08-27-2004 08:45 AM MDT
Rating: 9.5 
This map is quite good. love the moving screenshot. i can only find one problem with it. When in eitheir med facility there was an invisible barrier blocking me. Other than that it is really fun. My fav is the armory with the sniper rifle. it is very useful on this map.

I am what you guys consider a nice commenter. I rate the map on the play time and fun of the level, and also flow, not as much on bad usage and misplaced items. i cant even create a mover, so thats good for me with the doors. I never really noticed anything bad except for a couple texture misalighnments around the center wall but thats normal in every map.

08-26-2004 03:22 PM MDT
I think that the author did a good job!. But the bots have big problem in there, only one strait way to the flags. The mouvers have some problems. Some brushs are not ok, and I could go on. But like I said good job!

08-26-2004 03:33 PM MDT
Rating: 0.5 
within 2 mins of play this map i noticed 7 mis-aligned
brushes, 3 homs and a few textures out of line.

the author hasn't taken advice from any of the comments made on the other mountain base!!

9.5?? whatever.

Evil Snack
02-09-2005 02:17 PM MST
Rating: 5 
It was okay but nothing special.
keep working ntwarr. I like the secret music idea

What happened to the author?
Hmm...Probably go tired of complaints

08-27-2004 03:14 AM MDT
Rating: 2 
I dunno,is it me or..I didnt see the flags there just 4 health vials.
But I will tell you,the movers-(doors) use a trigger to open the door instead of having to bump them,the door will open via the collision radius of the trigger
instead of having to rub your nose on the door.
(think of how that would look on a startrek movie hehe)
beam me "ouch" up scottie hehe.

As far as the HOM I didnt see any but up by one light texture in the long hall,Also you don't need a zone there for the very small water thingy to small to barely get in.Nice plan for your med room healing zones.Another thing is ware your floor or cielings change texture,put some kind of thin brush to have the texture have flow instead of an abrupt texture change,look much better.Also mess around with "intersect" and "deintersect" that will help on smooth brush seems.

As far as "CTF" I would shrink the length down a tad and add a left and right passage as well.Instead of a bullrun for all.And you dont need that many pathnodes for the simple floorplan,reduce those by 1 half and zig zag them down the hall a tad.And you dont need as many right by all the player starts either,they are pathnodes allready.

Also the pit,why have a zone at the bottom? just add a "triggered death" and increase the radius to cover the area,also just use a trigger for the text,the more zones you add the more funky things start going wrong with HOM and invisible collision probs.You will regeret using zone when you start making more complex maps.

I didnt see all this bad texture allighnment,but if so you know what to do for that.Possibly make those lights textures on the cieling "unlit"
Oh i did'nt try your other map,the screenshot was freakin me out to much.

And how or why are you nameing the map name this,"CTF-Keson mountian Base"here,then when I want to play,it's this "Ctf-underground2"? all thats going to do is get people confused.

And whats up with littlebunny scores,mabye he thinks it goes to 100 ?,Mr Littlebunny ! not only does it make you look kinda goofy,it really does'nt help the mapper evaluate how they did.It's better to leave NO score and comment than leave a misleading score.for the viewers as well.

08-27-2004 10:51 AM MDT
Hey thanks for your postive comments/ theres a bsp hole in that room littlebunny erdfist there is zone down there so if you knock someone off they will die but the person who knocked you off gets uno points
fyi i had mader maps for a while not knowing you can place them on the internet but they were sucky...
note the secert music room door is busted thats what ver 2 is for if i get to it most tex i got for this map were from deus_ex and unreal Dm-bathroomSE music from DOOM's hangar map and area51bunker_music from deus_ex

Edit: oops i'm started to work on Alex mountian base (name placed by Bot_40) i need help go to the forums to help note:all mountian bases will have the center bridge (name: maphelp[may contain spaces])good luck mountianers



09-05-2004 07:03 PM MDT
NT , this map are 10 times better then first one
good improvement , keep it up.

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