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Tue, October 22, 2019
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Map Info

AuthorD R E W
GametypeUT Singleplayer
Date Added10-10-2004
File Version2.00
File Size18.11 mb
Player Count1-8
Map DescriptionA two-map series called Skaarj Tower - Shadow and Fire, which contains the maps Skaarj Tower and Skaarj Castle v2. These maps are for Single Player or Cooperative play (all difficulty level settings are functional) and can be played on Unreal (using the 226f platform or newer) or Unreal Tournament (with Oldskool Amp'd installed). These are big maps, with lots of work to do before the end will be presented and filled with secrets. If you are playing the maps on Unreal Tournament, then you will need to copy three of the files from the Unreal Music directory (DigSh.umx, eversmoke.umx, and Warlord.umx) and paste them into your Unreal Tournament Music directory. If you don't have Unreal, then you can download the Unreal Music directory from the following site:

Storyline (brief):
You find yourself stranded on a planet neighboring Na Pali after skaarj ambushed your parties tarydium mining vessel. You must navigate through vast underground and surface skaarj territories in order to make your way towards your rescue point.

Changes since the previous version:
-The d3d driver error when opening the map Skaarj Castle V2 in Unreal Tournament was corrected.
-Placed a series of teleport systems on both maps to save time once an area has been cleared (only for coop play).
-I enhanced the properties of the boss (will make him more challenging to fight) and added multiple bosses to each map for coop play.
-Maps will play on 226f (Unreal), 226b (Unreal Gold), and Unreal Tournament, but will not work for 224 or 225f.
Review Rating --
User Rating8.5
Overall Rating --


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Map Comments

04-29-2005 04:42 AM EDT
Rating: 6 
(Updated Comment)

My verdict, 60%.

60% on the UnrealSP schema means "Above average". In many ways, this excellent piece of work is *significantly* above average, and it's definitely remeniscent of Unreal. The sizeable environments bring Bluff Eversmoking to mind. In others, such as smaller scale detail and texture alignment (largely on the second map), the build is not so accomplished.

Overall a nice piece of work. I look forward to seeing more maps from the author.

08-25-2004 05:39 AM EDT
for COOP play on the internet :)

10-24-2004 05:42 PM EDT
Rating: 8 
The first map is a huge one, with a good unreal1 mood, very impressive. It's a hunt for Skaarj, with various way to kill them.

Now the whole pack is available ! I prefer the first part. Just finishing the second map, my god, it's a long way ! Basic architecture, in the style of Unreal1, but very good suspense. I've had happy hours with the whole so thanks to the author ! Hip hip hip Hourrah !

Good and refreshing job. Thanks.

09-04-2004 09:34 PM EDT
Rating: 10 
Sometimes I run a coop server with this maps. I think... I know that is one of the best map-packs. It offers very good game for players. For hours of course. Thx a lot Drew.

10-30-2004 09:59 PM EDT
Huh...Drew....there's only Unreal.rar on my do i make them to put a folder on music ( unreal tournament directory)

10-10-2004 12:01 PM EDT
Rating: 10 
Hi drew ;)

awesome map(s)
i have really enjoyed playing them

10-10-2004 03:46 PM EDT
Rating: 8 
Nice to see you've taken the interest/time to improve this even more. As I've mentioned elsewhere, this is one hell of a massive environment. If one is looking to rush thru a map or two, don't load this up. These maps are meant to be explored and played for a sizeable chunk of time. I had a *bit* too much armour/health many times, and some of the back and forth can be tedious in sp, but overall this is kewl stuff. Good to see people still releasing quality material for this game.

Sergeant Todd
10-30-2004 12:22 PM EDT
Rating: 8 
I have Oldskool Amp'd installed but couldn't play it....."can't find package 'eversmoke'"...any ideas?

Todd out

update: got it...Ah yes.....very nice map...good job, Drew.....

10-30-2004 07:08 AM EDT
The file EverSmoke.umx is from the Unreal Music directory. Just copy all the files from the Unreal Music directory and paste them into your Unreal Tournament Music directory. If you don't have Unreal, then you can download the Unreal Music directory from the following site:

12-08-2004 04:31 AM EST
Rating: 10 
totally great , on and off line with long hours to play them . I have a little preference for the first map . Very great work Drew !!

04-29-2005 02:55 AM EDT
Rating: 10 
These maps are like a whole game in itself. I have a lot of fun playing them. Very challenging to get through the caves! Great stuff! No complaints here.

06-27-2005 03:55 PM EDT
Rating: 8.5 
Yes,I like it,a lot of work too.
Somthing DM mappers can take heed,these kind of levels puts all the online stuff to shame as far as I'm concerned.As far as map making is concerned,wish I learned more to do maps like this.

06-27-2005 05:49 PM EDT
... might be a good start, then...

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